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By Pete Moore On November 8th, 2018

The European Union’s Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has called on pro-EU forces to defend the fragile union from populism, saying there is now “a Farage in every country”.

In a speech at the conference of the powerful centre-right European People’s party (EPP), Barnier did not go into details of the deadlocked Brexit negotiations, but warned the EU project was “under threat”.

“We will have to fight against those who want to demolish Europe with their fear, their populist deceit,” he told more than 700 EPP delegates in Helsinki, before naming the former Ukip leader Nigel Farage.

Farage said: “I thank Mr Barnier for the compliment.”

Gosh, what a threat Sir Nigel and his minions are. How dare people long to live in an independent, sovereign and self-governing country?

Such extremism must be fought against, according to Barnier. I suspect he’s speaking more literally than he lets on. The EU is happy to leave national police forces alone, for now. But here me now and believe me later – before long Brussels will be demanding supra-national paramilitary powers. When arms are under the direct control of Brussels they will be turned against what it considers internal threats. Chief among them will be the patriots, the anti-EU dissenters.


  1. No one ‘wants’ to destroy Europe.

    Just the Brussels institutions.

  2. Of course there’s a Farage in every country. There’s an idiot in every village too.

  3. Meanwhile,

    Holy fuck is the only thing that can be said when the Brexit Secretary admits he had not realised the importance of the Dover to Calais crossing to UK trade :


  4. No one is listening!’ EU chief Barnier IGNORED during speech and EVEN Merkel ‘walks off’
    THE EUROPEAN UNION’S chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier was humiliated during a speech on Thursday where some members of the audience simply ignored him, with even German Chancellor Angela Merkel “walking off” halfway through.



  5. Unlike the farce that the Credit Secretary didn’t realise how important the Dover – Calais crossing is to Brit trade this isn’t funny:


  6. * Brexit Secretary

  7. What’s a credit secretary?.

  8. Unlike the farce that the Credit Secretary didn’t realise how important the Dover – Calais crossing is to Brit trade this isn’t funny:

    Were doomed, doomed I tells ya!.


  9. ‘What’s a credit secretary’

    It’s like a correction only different.

    ‘Were doomed, doomed I tells ya!’

    Yeah, laughing at some poor sod losing their job is hilarious.

  10. I’m still waiting to see the UK’s imaginative and flexible solution for the Irish border using state of the art technology.

    2 years on and they’re still keeping it a big secret.

    Oh, the suspense…

  11. I want everyone who resides at the palaces of Brussels to lose their jobs.

  12. We know, but why are you laughing at some poor sod in Wales losing his?

  13. Paul

    Get over yourself.


  14. https://youtu.be/nR0lOtdvqyg

  15. Yeah, I’m sure if they have mortgages too you’ll absolutely piss yourself.

  16. Get over yerself man.

    Get a grip.

  17. Barnier is making is bid to be the next EU President. Good luck to him I say, I am sure if does, he will seek to integrate the rEU27 even further. Harmonising corporation and personal taxes, and building a common EU defence force. 😉 Of course,Sir Nick Clegg of Brussels shall still be denying all of this.

    What concerns me is the language and the belief that it is all the fault of so called populace parties. They haven’t connected the dots for the real reasons why BREXIT and these so called populace parties keep getting elected. It is because of them ! They are the architects of their own destruction. It will not be the Nigel Farage’s of this world that will destroy the EU, but their refusal and inability to act.

  18. Mark B

    Barnier, i believe has some serious stiff competition for top snout in tbe Brussels trough..

    Blair, Possibly Selmayer “The Beaxt” and now Merkel, which is a probablity.

  19. *beast

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