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My weekend tune early…..

By Patrick Van Roy On November 9th, 2018

because people like me ain’t ever gonna change….

6 Responses to “My weekend tune early…..”

  1. https://www.wsj.com/articles/democrats-plan-to-pursue-most-aggressive-gun-control-legislation-in-decades-1541791440

  2. More country rock reflections of America:


  3. a depressing song Paul, but I liked it.

  4. How come no one has covered the wormless wonder, turnip, being too delicate to go out in the rain to honour the US marine corps

  5. The sane ones Won’t make that big a deal about it

    And the Trump cult don’t care.

  6. Again, can you imagine what the local cultists Would have said if Obama or either Clinton had blown off a visit to the military cemetery because of some rain.

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