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Walker, Trump, Foxconn : Crony Capitalism at its Worst

By Phantom On November 9th, 2018

One of the surprising ( to me ) election results was the defeat of Republican Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin.

Governor Walker was first elected in 2010. His two terms in office have been tumultuous, largely due to his efforts to curb government union worker power. The government unions tried to recall him, failed, they tried to keep him from being elected in 2014, and failed.

But this time around, Walker lost, 49.6% – 48.4%. Didn’t lose by much, but he lost an election that he was favored to win, at a time when the Wisconsin economy is doing well. Why?

Apparently, there is great anger there about the deal that Walker cut with Foxconn, the big Taiwan based contract manufacturer, a deal brokered by Jared Kushner and strongly endorsed by Donald Trump

Wisconsin will pay at least $4.5 billion in subsidies for a Foxconn plant that is being built in southern Wisconsin. The plant would already have been tax free, because manufacturing is tax free in Wisconsin.

This was to lead to 13,000 jobs — a state subsidy of $346,000 per job. But since the announcement, Foxconn has changed the design of the plant to one that will require far fewer workers. The subsidy may now be $1,000,000 per job. ( Many jobs are expected to go to out of state residents, or to Taiwanese )

This looks to be an astonishing waste of the Wisconsin taxpayers’ money. It generated great anger among conservatives and liberals alike. And that’s how you lose an election that was always gonna be close anyway.

Walker bears primary responsibility for his own defeat, but Trump bears great responsibility too, since he strongly endorsed the now unpopular Foxconn deal as part of the bring jobs back to America effort.

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  1. BTW

    Both parties play this crony capitalism game.

    NY state has massively subsidized a Tesla battery plant in Buffalo, many states are vying to subsidize the new Amazon ( second HQ ) operation.

    Sometimes these things work out – the southern states did very well by subsidizing foreign owned car plants in Alabama, South Carolina, etc – but very often they are an millstone around the neck of the taxpayers.

  2. What’s interesting about the election is how linked it is to Trump. Normally there is a swing against the President. National conditions to impact on elections. However all politics is local and very few places could that be said more than in the United States.

    However – according to the polls – there is only one state where Donald Trump has a positive approval rating that the Democrats got more votes than Republicans in the House elections. That state is Florida. And Republicans have most likely won the state wide Senate and Governor races in Florida.

    There is also only one state where Donald Trump has a negative approval rating where the Republicans got more votes than the Democrats in the House election. That is Utah – where the Republicans elected a very prominent, anti-Trump Republican to fill the Senate seat.

    The other 48 states in the Union all voted along the lines of Donald Trump’s approval ratings. If he has positive approval ratings they voted Republican. If he has negative approval ratings they voted Democratic.

  3. Mormon dominated Utah is disgusted at Trump’s conduct. This is not a new thing.

    The phony evangelicals, not so much. They love it. He’s a bad boy, but he’s their bad boy.

  4. What’s interesting about the election

    is the demographic divisions……


    The exit polls are out for the 2018 US election. The most notable features: All minorities, both minority men and minority women, voted Democrat. Total US women voted Democrat, total US men voted Republican.

    White men voted relatively strongly Republican 60 R vs 39 D

    White women, though, were divided, at 49 R vs 49 D, thus being the only group of women not to vote together with their race.

    White men are seeing the light – though it’s more like the approaching darkness as exemplified by South Africa. White woman who have a white man seem likely to vote with their man whilst those who have cats, dogs or negros vote against their immediate interests.

  5. Are white women the only group who didn’t vote with their race – or are white men the only group who didn’t vote with their race?

  6. “The phony evangelicals, not so much. They love it. He’s a bad boy, but he’s their bad boy.”

    Thou shalt not lieth with man as he lieth with women. What God has joined man must not separate unless thou is Newt Gingrich. Thou shalt always grab them by the pussy.

  7. Seamus, on November 9th, 2018 at 7:26 PM Said:

    Are white women the only group who didn’t vote with their race – or are white men the only group who didn’t vote with their race?

    Definitely white women, though it was neck-and-neck for the result. White men are now recognising what’s happening, mainly because the jews are becoming more open about their intentions towards their ‘fellow whites’ everywhere and without exception.


    And it looks as though the brownskins party is attempting some fraud…..


    Marco Rubio
    ‏Verified account @marcorubio

    #Florida law requires counties report early voting & vote-by-mail within 30 minutes after polls close. 43 hours after polls closed 2 Democrat strongholds #BrowardCounty & #PalmBeachCounty are still counting & refusing to disclose how many ballots they have left to count. #Sayfie


    Stonewall Jackson
    ‏ @1776Stonewall

    The official put in charge of counting these votes in Broward County, Brenda Snipes, was found guilty by a judge back in May for destroying voter ballots from 2016 congressional elections. . . Did you hear what I just said?

  8. All minorities, both minority men and minority women, voted Democrat.

    That’s what blacks and browns do. They vote their race. White men and women had better do so too pronto.

  9. That state is Florida. And Republicans have most likely won the state wide Senate and Governor races in Florida.

    Not so fast. The criminal Dems down there keep on turning up new Democrat votes. Fresh off the press.

  10. Blacks and browns have voted for white candidates a zillion times.

    Including in Texas where I think that blacks would have voted heavily for Beto over ” hispanic ” Cruz

  11. Trump’s lies about the Stormy Daniels pay-off have been exposed, by the Murdoch-owned WSJ and now repeated on Murdoch-owned Fox. The lies are no surprise of course, but Guiliani looks like even more of a patsy and Trump may have violated campaign finance laws. Trump has repeatedly claimed he wasn’t involved, but it turns out that he directed the whole gig:


  12. Hannity won’t like them reporting that. He won’t like that one little bit.

  13. Is Fox News rapidly becoming the new fake news enemy of the people globalist elite?

  14. The timing is suspicious.

    The WSJ has probably had this scoop for weeks, but no doubt Murdoch wanted them to wait until after the elections.

  15. One big issue looming over the election is the deal Walker brokered to bring Taiwanese manufacturing giant Foxconn to the state with a $4.5 billion state and local tax incentive package in return for a promised 13,000 jobs. The village of Mt. Pleasant, where the plant is supposed to be built, is acquiring the land to give to the $103.6 billion company for free. Reason TV covered the fight between Mt. Pleasant and the residents trying to save their homes from eminent domain in the video below.

    While a majority of Wisconsinites polled (58 percent) believed that Foxconn would bring economic benefit to the Milwaukee area, only 39 percent believe “the plant will provide at least as much value as the state is investing in the plant.” In an August poll, 41 percent believed the plant was worth the cost.

    The poll also found that Wisconsin voters are increasingly skeptical of President Trump’s tariffs, with only 31 percent believing that tariffs on steel and aluminum will help the economy and 52 percent believing that it will hurt it. The political realignment that Trump has caused is quite apparent on this point, with 59 percent of Wisconsin Republicans saying tariffs are good for the economy and 76 percent of Democrats saying they are bad.

    Walker, who once celebrated the rise of governors with a “libertarian view” of government, may have miscalculated in turning away from free market principles and towards the cronyism and protectionism of the Trump administration.

    Apparently, this wasn’t a surprise to everyone


  16. Uh oh.


  17. One unforced error after the other.

    What a jadrool.

  18. Meanwhile in Florida, the criminal Dems are still still stuffing the ballot boxes.

  19. Pete

    What do you think about this Foxconn crony deal?

    Can’t blame this on any Democrats or commies.

    Unless you want to call Trump Kushner and Walker commies!!

  20. Phantom –

    I know nothing of this Foxconn deal, so I have to pass on that.

    What do you think think of criminal Dems in Florida and Arizona stuffing the ballots? It must be all over the US media, yes? The courts have ruled against the Criminal Dems I see.

    What says you?

  21. Well it’s pretty easy to learn about this deal. It’s the biggest crony capitalist deal I’ve ever heard of

    The Florida Democrats tried to steal the election in 2000, I doubt that they have become much more honest since then

  22. I’m not particularly interested in Wisconsin, whatever that is, or this Foxconn thing.

    It’s the biggest crony capitalist deal I’ve ever heard of

    Wait till you hear about the Federal Reserve then. It’ll blow your socks off.

  23. I take it that PVR and EDDIE don’t know what Foxconn or Wisconsin are either.

  24. Interesting post and links Phantom.
    I really don’t like Foxconn as a company even before this. They treat their workers appallingly, especially at their Shenzhen manufacturing facility. Even their Wikipedia entry has a controversy section, about how appallingly they treat their staff, as well as a dodgy business practices.
    I got a feeling that this deal will end up turning out bad for the American taxpayer and employees.

  25. Yes, that’s why Wisconsin voters were so furious with the governor

    It’s pretty easy to “ get manufacturing jobs back “ If you pay $1 million a job in free taxpayer money to the factory owner to get them. That’s exactly what what Walker did, as helped ny Trump and Kushner.

    And the town and state are using “ eminent domain “ ( forced sale ). To seize the properties of residents and businesses on land that Foxconn will use for the plant.

    And Trump issued a waiver on air pollution controls so that Foxconn can pollute more than previous regulation permitted.

    There is almost nothing about this Megadeal that makes sense

  26. I just been reading a few more links about this deal. And you beat me to a point I was going to make which is that the type of electronics work Foxconn do produces a lot of toxic pollution. I can’t believe the Trump is sweetening the deal even further by allowing them to pollute with impunity. This is not a good deal for the American people.

  27. Good post, Phantom. I read the New Yorker article earlier this week. I think his Trump embrace also had a great deal to do with his demise and the big Dem wave in the state.

    It’s a wonder republicans aren’t whining about the ongoing ballot counts in Texas and Utah as well.

    Mail in ballots take time to process, but it seems fair enough to slowly count Utah Mia Love’s and Texas Will Hurd’s ballots in those states (where they are likely to win once all votes are tallied) but not in states where it appears the democrats might win.

  28. Pete Moore would be very knowledgeable and very interested in Wisconsin and The Foxconn deal if it was a Dem governor who had brokered it with the support of Obama.

  29. More votes for Dems are being found in Florida…..


    There’s just something about Broward county…..


    Matthew Laney
    ‏ @RealMattLaney
    17h17 hours ago
    Replying to @michael_ahrens

    The answer to the reporters question “how many votes are outstanding” is “As many as we NEED for a recount.” – This is as CROOKED as crooked gets. ^ THIS ^ woman makes James Traficant look like John the Baptist.
    0 replies . 11 retweets 44 likes

  30. Foxconn may not build a factory in Wisconsin after all

    It was always a mirage, a mirage that would always cost the taxpayer a lot of money.

    Foxconn’s promise to build a factory in Wisconsin has always been controversial, with critics pointing to huge state subsidies and the high cost of US labor as reasons not to take the Taiwan-based firm at its word. Now, it seems Foxconn is facing the reality of the situation, too, with a special assistant to Foxconn’s chief executive saying that the company is considering shelving plans for a factory altogether.

    “In Wisconsin we’re not building a factory. You can’t use a factory to view our Wisconsin investment,” Louis Woo, a special assistant to Foxconn chairman Terry Gou and a key negotiator in the Wisconsin deal, told Reuters.

  31. Ohio, Pennsylvania and other states are still losing manufacturing jobs not gaining them

    New research out Wednesday from the New York Federal Reserve highlights how 6 million manufacturing jobs were lost in the United States between 2000 and 2010. About 1 million manufacturing jobs have returned since then, an encouraging sign, but the new jobs have come mainly in “auto alley” — parts of Michigan, Indiana and South Carolina where car and truck manufacturing is heaviest.

    Many of the new jobs have been in transportation parts suppliers in auto alley or “advanced manufacturing” on the West Coast. Parts of the Rust Belt are still shedding manufacturing jobs or, at least, not adding new manufacturing jobs.

    The losers include much of the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic. New York, Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio, which includes Cleveland, Youngstown and Lordstown, are still getting hit hard.

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