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By Pete Moore On November 10th, 2018

At last, a reason to watch TV.

As we know, tomorrow marks the centenary of Armistice Day. Like many others, I’ll walk to the village war memorial in the morning, in front of our little church, to pay respects. Our war memorials are one of our understated glories. They’re in every village, parish and town in the country, listing the names of the local boys who went away and never came home. It’s a testament to the toll that our nation has borne.

The brilliant film director Peter Jackson has been hard at work producing a documentary about the Great War. He’s worked with original film and allowed the soldiers’ words to speak. This is a review and a look into how it was made, with Jackson and the film reviewer Mark Kermode. Just these few minutes reveal fascinating things.

“They Shall Not Grow Old” is essential viewing and is on BBC2 tomorrow, at 9.30pm.

14 Responses to “THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD”

  1. I saw some clips of the film recently and it looks marvellous. I’ll try and get a look at it myself tomorrow.

  2. Tomorrow Paul?.

    I would have thought you might have enough on you’re hands burning poppies….or something.

  3. Why would you think such a thing H?

    What was it you said earlier to Dave? something about assumption being a fuck up….or something?

  4. Why would you think such a thing H?

    Only British poppies then!.

  5. Why would you think such a thing about any poppy H?

    Admit it, you’ve been caught out talking exaggerated bollocks again haven’t you?

  6. Are there more memorials to WWI then WWII? And if so, why?

  7. NewYorker.

    Good question.

    Most of the ones I have either visited or seen, are indeed WWII.

  8. This was on in the local arty cinema and some of my mates saw it. Particularly poignant is when the British soldiers were asked about the German POWs – just like us, really, especially the Bavarians.

  9. New Yorker –

    They are memorials for both wars and those since. They were erected after the Great War, then had dedications inscribed after WW2 also. Most are stone crosses on a base, with Great War and WW2 dedications on either side.

    This is what they look like. Walk through any British village or town and you’ll come across them.

  10. “They Shall Not Grow Old” is essential viewing and is on BBC2 tomorrow, at 9.30pm.

    Yes Pete, that’s why we pay the licence fee.

  11. Of course will not be watching this because I don’t watch broadcast television as I don’t pay a licence fee. I have however been watching a multitude of excellent streaming videos about the First World War.

  12. Me and the missus make a point of recording Casualty. Lest we forget.

  13. Reg, you’re a bad ‘un.

    That really did make me LOL 😉

  14. You will find a Cenotaph in almost every small prairie town in Canada, I would assume the rest of Canada as well but the country is too big to assume anything

    But in Canada they are usually monoliths

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