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By Pete Moore On November 10th, 2018

Politics schmolitics

Travel broadens the mind, as does speaking another language. But sod that, they all speak English anyway. For a native English speaker, learning another language is about self-development. An unexpected outcome of learning Italian was that my English grammar improved. Having the think about Italian construction made me do likewise in English, see?

Allora, Catherine Tate here demonstrate how a proficiency in other tongues helps us get on.

(This was made just over a decade ago. It would cause outrage now. The cultural revolution is moving fast.)

13 Responses to “ATW COMEDY CORNER”

  1. haha how prescient , shared that earlier this week on a skype forum

  2. the joke is more on the psychology of the people-pleaser types who just can’t say no
    when their boss or colleague is in a fix. its very funny her series.

  3. Why would this cause outrage? And to whom? Methinks the Moore doth protest too much…

  4. Dads Army just now, BBC2.

    Such a great comedy about better days.

  5. pete shuush quiet you
    mate you can’t go back to a ” golden age “, you’re showing your age here
    its doesn’t exist, can shape the future to some extent
    but can’t stop ppl having sex and making coffee coloureds
    dya know the lesson from King Canute, cos it sounds like you looking for a refutation ..;)
    let us know if there is one, be worth sharing ho ho ho ( xmas spirit there )
    joke from a cracker
    why was King Canute blind.
    cos he couldn’t see the sea

  6. jude –

    His name was Cnut. He was a jarl, not a king. He ordered back the tide, knowing that it would not obey, to demonstrate the limits of earthly power. Apart from that you’re spot on.

  7. oh good i like corrections, always good to have a beginners mind
    helps you learn to play an instrument etc

    yet in the popilar mind he asoociated with the parable of being a bit of a “cnut” cos he felt he was above the earthly order and that as a king he should be able to command the sea.
    How’s that work out ? pmsl

    anyhoo my point still remains, dreaming of the golden age of the 1950’s is a fools charter, just storing up disappointment for yourself, as evidenced in the thread choices.
    hell of a lot of wailing going on when we don’t face reality .
    Gnashing of teeth .. in the good book that, a much better source of wisdom , i’m sure you’ll agree.

  8. dreaming of the golden age of the 1950’s is a fools charter

    I’m an Edwardian. The 1910s is more my thing.

    But what has been done by man – female emancipation, mass immigration and cultural Marxism – can likewise be undone.

    It’s time you ultra-conservative forces of radical leftism realised that the clock will turn, and that it will turn back. It’s time to embrace the past.

  9. A great movie tune here, from The Last of the Mohicans. High adventure:


  10. Seimi,

    Why would this cause outrage? And to whom? Methinks the Moore doth protest too much…

    It wouldn’t cause outrage. Pete’s just talking s*** as usual.

    The IT crowd did an almost identical sketch.

  11. I’m sure this classic will cause OUTRAGE to all the liberal cuck cultural marxist social warriors too:


  12. Paul

    One of my favourite Monty Python clips mate.
    Along with this one:


  13. I posted this in the Comedy Corner because it’s just ridiculous…..


    Exclusive: Grave doubts over LIGO’s discovery of gravitational waves

    The news we had finally found ripples in space-time reverberated around the world in 2015. Now it seems they might have been an illusion

    A@A predicted it because I had looked at the basis and found it to be utter shit……

    Allan@Aberdeen, on February 25th, 2018 at 9:48 PM Said:

    Theories are dreamt up and then $billions are spent on testing until – there is a ‘result’, thus justifying the $billions spent. Look at nuclear fusion, the Higgs boson, the LIGO nonsense, and the complete over-reach of ‘string theory’ where even the physicists who were enriched from the preceeding scams have realised that there’s a limit (at least, in this dimension).

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