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By Pete Moore On December 4th, 2018

Fuel tax rises which have led to weeks of violent protests in France have now been postponed for six months.

The move was announced in a televised address by PM Edouard Philippe, who said anyone would have “to be deaf or blind” not to hear or see the anger.

The protests have hit major cities, causing damage and disruption over the past three weekends.

The “gilets jaunes” (yellow vest) protests have now grown to reflect more widespread anger at the government.

Splendid work, mes amis. The mafia demanded a bigger slice of the cake, the people faced them down and Don Macron slinks off. The tax resistance has been extraordinary. If Macron thinks he can get through it by delaying his increased theft for six months he’ll be disappointed. He is so unpopular now that he’s effectively a lame duck. The people hate him and they know that resistance works.

11 Responses to “CHAPEAU”

  1. Splendid work, mes amis. The mafia demanded a bigger slice of the cake

    And they still want a bigger slice of the cake.

    Only in six months.

  2. they know that resistance works.

    Violent resistance, with three dead.

  3. Splendid work, mes amis. The mafia demanded a bigger slice of the cake, the people faced them down and Don Macron slinks off. The tax resistance has been extraordinary.

    Five minutes ago you were saying it was all about ‘the nation state, nationalism, globalism and conditions of supra-national authoritarianism’

    What’s good yesterday is bad today and what’s good today may or may not be bad tomorrow.

  4. Phantom

    How else do the plebs try and halt, or at least slow down the ever escalating state theft?.

  5. Non violent protest would have a good alternative to this.

  6. Phantom

    And would have had absolutely zero effect.

    Take as just one example, one and a half million plebs peacefully protested to stop Tony Blair and his Iraq war.

    They were totally ignored.

    Zero effect.

    And we are fully aware, voting makes not a blind bit of difference.

    So, what else is there?.

  7. Splendid work, mes amis.


    So you are now a supporter of Antifa? Because they are one of the significant violent goups in Jillets Jaunes, along with anarchists and alt-rightists. A violent rag-bag you might say, which has capitalised on the righteous anger of citizens in order to advance their own agendas.

    France has no tradition of peaceful protest. Street violence goes all the way back to 1789.

  8. Peter –

    I welcome all tax revolts, even if sinners such as Antifa join in. Tax revolts are righteous and just. Brendan O’Neil, as usual, is bang on. Not just about the tax resistance, but about the silence of the leftists too –


    At last, a people’s revolt against the tyranny of environmentalism. Paris is burning. Not since 1968 has there been such heat and fury in the streets. Thousands of ‘gilets jaunes’ stormed the capital at the weekend to rage against Emmanuel Macron and his treatment of them with aloof, technocratic disdain. And yet leftists in Britain and the US have been largely silent, or at least antsy, about this people’s revolt. The same people who got so excited about the staid, static Occupy movement a few years ago — which couldn’t even been arsed to march, never mind riot — seem struck dumb by the sight of tens of thousands of French people taking to the barricades against Macronism.

    It isn’t hard to see why. It’s because this revolt is as much against their political orthodoxies as it is against Macron’s out-of-touch and monarchical style. Most strikingly this is a people’s rebellion against the onerous consequences of climate-change policy, against the politics of environmentalism and its tendency to punish the little people for daring to live relatively modern, fossil-fuelled lives. This is new. This is unprecedented. We are witnessing perhaps the first mass uprising against eco-elitism and we should welcome it with open arms to the broader populist revolt that has been sweeping Europe for a few years now.

  9. So you are now a supporter of Antifa?

    Don’t all anti – Jihadists?



  10. And while we’re on Euro matters:

    The UK should be able to unilaterally cancel its withdrawal from the EU, according to a top European law officer.

    The non-binding opinion was delivered by an advocate general of the European Court of Justice.

    A group of Scottish politicians has asked the court whether the UK can call off Brexit without the consent of other member states.

    The Court of Justice (ECJ) will deliver its final ruling at a later date.


    Theresa May has suffered three Brexit defeats in the Commons as she set out to sell her EU deal to sceptical MPs.

    Ministers will be forced to publish the government’s full legal advice on the deal after MPs found them in contempt of Parliament for issuing a summary.

    And MPs backed a motion giving the Commons a direct say in what happens if her deal is rejected next Tuesday


  11. Pete

    I usually agree with Brendan O’Neill, but on climate-change he is a fellow-traveller with the deniers. As far as I know he has never stated a view on the actual science but he and his pals at Spiked have opposed every action taken to switch away from fossil fuels. It’s almost like they were taking funds from the Kochs.

    Oh wait, they are:
    “This is prompted by our discovery that Spiked has received, through its US funding arm, $170,000 over the past two years from the Charles Koch Foundation.”


    Which is not to say that Macron’s diesel tax increase is justified, especially after he has slashed taxes for the wealthy. He is rightly seen as a president for the rich.