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By Pete Moore On December 5th, 2018

Nigel Farage has resigned from UKIP, the party he helped found and led with distinction for so many years. He blames the party’s recent “fixation” with Islam and (this week’s leader) Gerard Batten’s recruiting of Tommy Robinson to the ranks, who Farage claims is far-right. Farage is wrong about Robinson, who is a classical liberal by any stretch. However the press has created the caricature and Farage has bought it.

Nevertheless, that makes Nigel Farage the one and only politician in the UK to have resigned from his own party over institutional racism. I cannot wait for the left to honour his stand.


  1. Well done Farage. Robinson is a nailed-on racist and Batten is his enabler and UKIP has been destroyed as a viable Brexit party and is now the new BNP and has been heavily infiltrated by Robinson’s racist thugs, encouraged by Batten. Which is why Farage has quit.

    Anyone who says otherwise is an apologist for these far-right racists.

    So if the cap fits Pete…

  2. I like Nigel

  3. Peter

    Define, ‘Far-Right’ ?

    Robinson is not a racist. He may be many things, but he is not a racist. He is a convicted fraudster, but not a racist. Do you know what a racist is ? Because I think you do not.

  4. Nigel Farage has done the right thing. The problem with UKIP was, to a large extent, that of, Nigel Farage and how he run it. It got it, and him, a lot of publicity and some solid electoral wins. But the party, once it had fulfilled its purpose was spent. In short, I do not think even he could believe that one day the UK might want to leave the EU and that would be it.

    UKIP has never had a, ‘Plan B’ post referendum. It groped around for some good policies, some which I strongly support (eg abolishing the BBC / TV tax) but, it was a party founded on a negative. The negative being out of the EU. And while that negative in this instance was OK it lacked people with the vision to create a positive message of its own. People, in normal mainstream politics, like to vote for parties that can look after their interests and money. UKIP never worked to that simple goal. It was essentially a one man-band with just one policy and at this time, more than any other, we need quite the opposite.

    Thanks Nige / Mr. BREXIT, its been emotional. 🙂

  5. If you lie down with pigs you can get mud on you. Farage seems to have finally recognized this. One of the problems folks have is not so much their political opposition, but failing to address the political and at times moral failings of their allies. Apparently the stench got too much even for Farage.

  6. Robinson is a general looking for an army and has seen an opportunity in to acheive this by exploiting the Brexit camp to gain a foothold in mainstream politics.

    The Nige to his credit seems to have recognised this.

    Robinson is easiest the highest profile member of UKIP and watch this space as he uses this ‘Brexit Betrayal’ march in London on Sunday to boost his profile even more and begin the process of consolidating his position within UKIP.