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By Pete Moore On December 6th, 2018

The run up to Christmas is always a busy time at the coalface of capitalism. What wit working round the clock, I’m also working most of it at the weekend too. Amid the helter skelter I’ve had to find time to get a sharp right wing haircut and give the Loakes a fine polish too. Winchester Cathedral calls next week and a man has to make some effort.

Have yourselves an Open Thread then, for tonight and tomorrow. This one comes decorated with a bit of Bruges.

Tell us what you know –

11 Responses to “ATW OPEN THREAD”

  1. nothing really going on, but I don’t know about the rest of you but this chick just allows me to appreciate the comedy of life…..


  2. Ah Belgium. A magnificent place.

  3. I waved at the Reagan statue when entering National Airport in Washington Airport this morning


    It’s a small airport, like NYC’s LaGuardia. You see the Capitol building and Washington monument on the way in and out which is cool.

    Bruges, Prague – loveliest towns/cities I’ve ever seen.

  4. Interesting Reg. Most large towns and cities I’ve been in have been fairly col but paradoxically I find Belguim to be collectively boring.

    Bruges is indeed beautiful Phantom but for craic in Flanders Lueven and Ghent is where it’s at.

  5. C’mon, Paul.

    Belgium has great beer, great architecture, intractable ethnic divisions…and they invented chips. It’s perfect.

    You’re right about Ghent though – as beautiful as and much better craic than Bruges.

  6. Even bigger Antwerp I found pleasant and laid back

  7. Pete will be interested in this. The Buzzcocks lead singer and guitarist Pete Shelley died from a heart attack a few hours ago. He was 63.

    I have always adored the Buzzcocks and and now typing this with a lump in my throat.

    Thanks for understanding all my angst through my teenage years Pete:


  8. I was staying in the Institute for Ireland in Europe in Lueven and got talking to the barman and it turned out he was the next door neighbour of a friend of mine in Derry!!

    The following night myself and another fella were in a bar in Lueven when the (Flemish) barman overheard us talking in Irish. He asked me, in Irish, where I was from. I replied and asked him, (in Irish) where he’d learned his Irish and he told me, (again in Irish), that he’s attended a few classes in An Culturlann during his time in Belfast!!

  9. Nice picture Pete.

    Me and her are planning a trip to Bruges and Ghent next year on the Eurostar. The new Saint Pancras station is a glory to behold:


  10. The nice thing about Belgium is that it has no real identity; nothing like, say, the canals, windmills, wooden shoes and wafts of weed smoke that everyone associates with Holland, or all the stuff people associate with France or Germany. Things like the Atomium or the Mannekin Pis are a disappointment.

    As such it’s just an understated but typical west-European place, with all the attractions (Great food – you generally eat better in Brussels than in Paris – brilliant architecture, loads of history and enough art to look at until you go blind) of a Europe not destroyed by war. Bruges is truly magical, and much more authentic than Venice, but even a stroll though the old suburbs of Brussels with all their patina and memories or the endless wooded land and grand houses in the countryside is enough to stir the imagination.

  11. Belgium and the Netherlands have some beautiful and interesting towns, but getting to some of them is depressing. I’ve driven through both countries a few times, and God they’re boring.