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By Pete Moore On December 7th, 2018

A cyclist dubbed the “Brighton bottom slapper” who attacked lone women in a series of late-night sex assaults has been spared jail.

Constantin Barbutu, 22, donned a hoodie and rode up to female pedestrians, joggers and cyclists before smacking or groping them …

Barbutu was too “intellectually impaired” to cope behind bars, Hove Crown Court heard.

Judge David Rennie handed him a 12-month suspended sentence and ordered him to complete 40 days of rehabilitation.

The BBC didn’t have room to mention that “the Brighton bottom slapper” is a Romanian immigrant who can’t speak English. The moniker sounds funny, but he terrorised lone women at night. So we have to put up with mental retards with a taste for sexually assaulting women or Germany and France will be at war again, or whatever this week’s reason for the EU is.

He could be deported, but our economy relies on retards who can’t speak English but are addicted to sexually assaulting women, so best leave him to roam our streets. Have a good weekend.

7 Responses to “WHY WE MUST SUFFER THE EU”

  1. Sounds like something from the Two Ronnies.

  2. Suffer little children.

    The left demand their utopia…

    VILE ATTACK Girl, 10, repeatedly raped by ‘migrant grooming gang’ in Finland as cops warn parents to watch out for ‘foreign men’ contacting underage kids
    The suspects, aged 20 to 40, are accused of grooming the child online before raping her at their homes in Oulu, north-west Finland


  3. 10 years old.

    The price of this liberal progressive utopia is in my opinion, just fst too high a price to psy.

    But there is nothing, normal decent people can currently do to stop them.

    Seven adult migrants suspected of raping 10-year-old Finnish girl

    The police are investigating a serious sexual assault in Oulu of a child. So far, seven foreign men are suspected of seriously raping the young girl and serious child molestation.

    The cruel rapes and assaults have been going on for months. According to the police, it is possible that there will be more suspects.

    The men raped a 10-year-old Finnish girl. Several newspapers have written about the case, including Iltalehti, Ilta-Sanomat and MTV.

    Chief Inspector Markus Kiiskinen says that there may be more suspected perpetrators in the rape tangle. The suspects are mainly between 20 and 30-years-old. One of the men is 38-years-old. The seven men were arrested on Wednesday last week.

    The men allegedly assaulted the child during the autumn in the men’s apartments in Oulu. The police are reticent with the details of the case and do not reveal how the girl and the men came into contact with each other. But the discovery of the suspected crimes should not have come from the girl’s parents.


  4. Sounds like something from the Two Ronnies.

    Oh its just so funny..

  5. In Pete’s last paragraph, he could almost be describing SCROTUS Trump.

  6. Seimi 8:31


  7. Pete and Patrick certainly do love their emotive, but misleading and untrue headlines.
    It has nothing to do with the EU.
    If you’re unhappy with his punishment and not being deported, blame the UK courts.

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