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By Pete Moore On December 7th, 2018

Moar popcorn

It appears that Paris will be the scene of some right fun and games this weekend. Macron caved this week, permanently shelving tax rises on fuel, but many are still up for a royal rumble.

LBC’s man in Paris just now explained that although those tax rises instigated the protests, the fever has spread out. Everyone with a grievance, from the far-left to the far-moderate, is making his way to the capital. So are the police and gendarmerie (they’re military police), who have moved armoured cars and what else into the place. I’d be tempted to hop over myself if I wasn’t busy keeping the British economy going.

3 Responses to “ALL EYES ON PARIS”

  1. Aux armes citoyens!

    Macron is looking more and more like a lame duck neo-liberal technocrat. He is already promising to reduce his massive tax cut for the wealthy. How long before they force him to wear le bonnet rouge?


  2. Ah well, if Macron resigns, they can always have another election and vote for yet another EU vichy-puppet, because this time things will all be different! Or not.

  3. Pete

    Never knew you were a bit of an artist ?

    I saw elsewhere a picture of a ‘Yellow Jacket’ with English writing on the back and a Communist Fist.


    This ‘protest’ has gone from being ‘Hi-Viz to Hijacked. Good luck France, good luck.