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By Pete Moore On December 7th, 2018

Because Friday night is Music Night

Sad this came last night. As Paul McMahon said downstairs, Buzzocks founder and lead man Pete Shelley died yesterday aged 63. What a great band they were. Four working class lads who looked like they’d just stepped out of the bedroom, inspired by other punk bands, they thought they’d give it a go too. The result was a soundtrack to life back then.

Have fun whatever you’re up to this weekend. I’ll raise a few to a nice northern bloke who made some great music. As always, feel free to add your fav sounds down below –


  1. Lovely Pete. My favourite Buzzcocks tune but Shelley and Diggle were such flippin’ great songwriters it’s so hard to choose.


  2. Whoops:

    ‘You Say You Don’t Love Me’ is my favourite Buzzcocks tune but Shelley and Diggle were such flippin’ great songwriters it’s so hard to choose:


  3. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/dec/06/pete-shelley-lead-singer-of-buzzcocks-dies-at-63?fbclid=IwAR1g4eEWL4yqF9QgeKDp3LntUHKKHBsvKs4Q0s10Y_4HCkzJLZFmV3qxPfo


  4. Paul –

    I wondered for a good few seconds about what to post alongside yours, then realised there’s no point. So I picked a fav out of the many they did.

  5. I last saw them in Donosti, (San Sebastian), about four years ago and had the chance to have a few jars with them after the gig. Jesus, it was impossible to shut them up atalking nd all of them, with Steve Diggle in particular, absolutely insistent on getting the rounds in.

    Top, top blokes.

  6. I saw them in Belfast in August of this year, where Stiff Little Fingers blew them offstage, and where SLF were themselves blown off stage by the best Damned set I have ever witnessed.
    Never one of my favourite bands (and their decision to play in Israel pushed them further down in my estimation), they undeniably wrote some great songs.
    RIP Pete (Shelley!)

  7. In all fairness SLF blow most bands off live stages.

  8. They do, but the Damned absolutely wiped the floor with them, and I say that as an SLF fan of many, many years.

  9. Pete and Paul. Great music choices lads, and a fitting tribute.

    I respectfully submit one of my own favorites.


  10. Bloody superb choice Dave.

    So many flippin’ crackers to choose from:


  11. I agree Paul. Another classic track you posted mate, and a blast from the past for me.

  12. RIP, Mr Shelley.
    Not meaning to be disrespectful or anything, but Buzzcocks as I remember them were one of those bands I just “quite liked”. I could listen to them when in the mood. I did like John Maher’s frantic drumming a lot, and as a petrolhead I’m proud that he now makes a living fine-tuning racing car engines. I almost met him once, damn.

  13. That was a good Friday night jukebox. It certainly brought back some memories.