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Irrational Emergency

By Mahons On January 8th, 2019

Apparently some gambling concerns are actually taking bets on how many times the President lies tonight. It has come to this.
The wall is so central to his reason for being I can’t imagine he won’t declare a national emergency. Whether he can justify it will no doubt be a matter of continuing disagreement. Even some of the pro Wall folks would have to take pause at such a stretch of Presidential power. It should be cringe worthy.

There is a strong consensus that the border should be secure. The differences in how this is to be done are the real issue. He may not set forth a persuasive or rational argument, but he will get the ratings he has always wanted.

9 Responses to “Irrational Emergency”

  1. The reason why people are willing to take such risks to enter the US is that so many employers are prepared to break the law by employing them illegally.

    Employers like Donald Trump who breaks the law by employing illegal immigrants to staff his country clubs or for his construction projects.

    Employers like Donald Trump should be arrested, tried and imprisoned and have their properties confiscated using RICO statutes.

    That would send a message to other employers who are considering breaking the law and would lessen the incentive for people to come here illegally.

  2. Mahons, Genuine question. How is your pro bono work for the diocese going? Even though we are on polar ends of the political spectrum, I find your work for the kids laudable.

  3. Unfortunately Charles I haven’t had much success in that regard. But thanks.

  4. Under the rules of the
    Trump Shutdown, FBI agents aren’t being paid. ( on time ). That’s bad.

    But it’s much worse than that. A number of them travel as part of their work. And they are incurring expenses for travel, hotel, and meals. As it normally works, the employees incur the expense on their government credit card, and pay the credit card bill after their expenses are paid to them by the agency.

    As it stands now, FBI agents and others are responsible for paying the credit card, after not receiving a salary, and will be reimbursed. For expenses at the same time they get their pay….later.

    Thank you Trump, thank you Pelosi

  5. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/federal-agents-paid-shutdown-pay-expenses/story?id=60448713

  6. Phantom, can you imagine the nightmare of submitting that large expense report and actually have some bean counter pay?

  7. As these government issued credit cards would only be used for work related expense, Hopefully the vendor ( I think that it would be a private bank issuer ) will understand why they’re not being paid

    But this non payment could impact the employee’s credit rating, potentially

  8. Phantom, I read somewhere today that the shutdown has cost the economy 5 billion dollars, about what Trump is asking for. Obviously the Dem leadership doesn’t care about the money. Also, they have shot down Trump’s latest proposal.

  9. I don’t think that either side cares about the collateral damage to government employees, families, and others.

    They both own all of this.