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By Pete Moore On January 10th, 2019

Bloomberg Brexit‏ @Brexit

LATEST: Jaguar Land Rover confirms it’ll cut 4,500 jobs as it responds to a Brexit slowdown

So Jaguar Land Rover will shed 4500 jobs. They won’t be alone. German manufacturers are having tough times. There are a number of contributory reasons. China’s economy has slowed, and manufacturers are holding back cars for China ahead of planned tariff cuts.

Diesel sales have collapsed, thanks to government taxes and propaganda, and JLR still produces too many diesels. Saloon sales have collapsed as the world moves towards SUVs, and JLR still produces too many saloons. And even though they are good, JLR products have always been priced very high.

So there are many reasons why it’s cutting costs. But propagandists aren’t into facts. So they call it “a Brexit slowdown”.


  1. I have worked with JLR since the last twenty years..

    Its not because of Brexit.

    No matter how much the liberals lie and wail.

  2. Brexit is like the current American shutdown. Both will eventually make the countries stronger and safer, but both are subject to the negative forces of the majority of the public’s whining, bleating and instant gratification spasms encouraged by the Liberal American Democrat and British Labour parties.

  3. Diesel cars are very polluting. The anti diesel propaganda was true propaganda.

    That’s one bullet that the US managed to avoid – diesel cars were never popular here.

  4. Diesel cars are very polluting. The anti diesel propaganda was true propaganda.

    Which came on the back of years of government pro-diesel propaganda.


  5. Phantom

    Diesel engines.

    Nail on head.

    That and JLR moving thier production to Slovakia, with state funding, reducing production costs.

    Why didn’t JLR say move their operations to Germany, or France?

    Noooo, the dopey left wail…its because of Brexit


  6. So when certain businesses are doing well, that’s because of brexit or at the very least, proves brexit isn’t causing a problem. But when a business is a doing badly, that has nothing to do with brexit.
    No contradiction there then Pete.

  7. Even JLR themselves have confirmed that the uncertainty over Brexit is one of the reasons they are doing this. Bloody propagandists!


    Thank goodness we have completely non-partisan people like Pete Moore and Harri to correct JLR when they make these mistakes.

  8. Jaguar Land Rover to shed jobs, move work to Slovakia
    Restructuring to pave the way to building a new generation of electric cars at its British plants


  9. Why would JLR pay someone in the UK 30k a year, when they can pay someone in Slovakia 10k a year to do the same job?


  10. And uncertainty over Brexit. Like JLR themselves said.

  11. Dave –

    I don’t recall ever claiming that a firm was doing well because of Brexit. That would be a strange thing to say.

    What I would say, and is undeniably true, is that Brexit will create opportunities for firms to do well.

  12. Unfortunately, some firms, like JLR for example, will ‘restructure,’ causing the loss of thousands of jobs, and give “uncertainty over Brexit” as one of their reasons for doing so.

  13. Seimi –

    The full JLR statement on the job losses is reproduced here. Brexit is not mentioned once.

    The BBC lied.

    It’s an obvious lie. If JLR had connected job losses with Brexit, the BBC would have made that crystal clear. But it snidely published one isolated sentence (“The firm has also complained about uncertainty caused by Brexit.”) without context. JLR has complained about Brexit uncertainty, but it was a long time ago and has nothing to do with job losses.

    We keep telling you, never trust the BBC.

  14. Diesel sales have collapsed, thanks to government taxes and propaganda, and JLR still produces too many diesels.

    No Pete

    Diesel sales have collapsed because Dieselgate exposed the true level of Nox pollution that they were spewing out, as opposed to the lying figures that they produced for years. That pollution causes 1,000 premature deaths every week in the UK, so of course regulations have been tightened.

    Also JLR has been slow to respond to the switch to non-polluting electric engines. That’s a failure of management which they are now desperately trying to rectify. BMW is miles ahead of them.

  15. Does the readership think poor products might be a factor? Premium prices for unreliable barges. Just see how many JLR products are in the list of 25 most unreliable new cars.