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By Pete Moore On January 10th, 2019

The Times reports:

Up to 65 per cent of roadside speed cameras in France have been vandalised in a revolt against speed limits that is closely tied to the yellow vest protest movement.

Two thirds of the evil things! They’ve been smashed, set ablaze, blown up, painted or covered with the yellow jackets. I dare say a few have been shot as well. Rural frogs like their hunting.

For the record, I absolutely approve. Remember commies: dissent is patriotic ..

5 Responses to “CHAPEAU!”

  1. Vandelism is not.

  2. Presumably Pete would be equally happy if traffic lights were also destroyed.

  3. Yep.




    Doing away with traffic lights and others distractions will improve road safety and improve mobility.

  4. Might as well put motor vehicles, traffic lights and road signs in the same category as firearms. They’re all inert objects, but they must be blamed for the actions of ignorant humans and thus be banned forthwith.

  5. No one here has AFAIK proposed banning guns, or anything remotely close to it

    But have fun with you gun nut fantasies.

    Don’t injure yourself now.