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Well worth the time

By Patrick Van Roy On January 10th, 2019

The most Brutal of the Netflix mini series the Punisher is about to drop. They are calling it Season 2, but it’s really season 3. The first season was combined with a second half of DareDevil.

Frank Castle is unique in the genre he has no special powers, just training, anger and a good view of Right and Wrong. If you haven’t seen the series do yourself a favor and binge it. Start with where he appears in DareDevil.

Season 2 (parental discretion advised)

27 Responses to “Well worth the time”

  1. Best series I have gotten into over the last year or so..


    Van Helsing.

  2. Whether it’s 2nd or 3rd… it’s definitely the last of this version.

  3. Whether it’s 2nd or 3rd… it’s definitely the last of this version.

  4. Patrick

    That actor was one of the tank crew in the brilliant movie “Fury” with Brad Pitt.

    A superb actor indeed.

  5. I watched him in Daredevil, and watched the first two episodes of his first season, but haven’t got round to watching the rest of it yet. Good stuff.

    Have you watched ‘Happy’? Completely mental and ridiculously funny.

    And, having initially railed against it, I fínally watched all of Preacher. Its still not as good as the graphic novel, but an excellent series.

    Coming this year, from the same writer (who is from here in the North) – the Boys


  6. We recently dropped cable and went the cord cutting route with a Tivo box for recording broadcast channels and streaming with Netflix and Amazon Prime. So far we haven’t been at a loss for things to watch.

    I also got a HBO Now subscription, mainly to binge watch Game of Thrones before the final series which will start in April. We will probably drop the subscription after GOT ends.

    Some of the things I liked on Netflix were Bodyguard, Derry Girls and Ozark.

  7. Seimi.

    If my wife or girls get wind of that one, they will be riveted to the TV.

  8. Harri

    Which one? The Boys? The graphic novel is excellent, though nothing compared to Preacher, writer Garth Ennis’ finest work, in my opinion.

  9. Seimi.

    Yep, that one.


    “Derry Girls” I have seen trailers, but nothing else, I fancy watching that.

  10. Derry Girls was hysterical. Binge watched it at Christmas. So well written and great ensemble. Each episode builds on next.

    I am behind on some. Peaky Binders first season was good. Have not gotten further yet.

  11. Peaky Blinders..

  12. many good shows recommended here.

  13. I’ll pass on the punisher, thank you. If I want to see “really brutal” videos I’ll go to YouTube and have my thirst for violent, senseless inhuman actions sated by watching the endless stream of “American Road Rage” classics.

  14. road rage classics are great

  15. Peaky Blinders is superb Mahons. Derry Girls was pretty amusing and well written and, refreshingly, didn’t dwell on the conflict too much. The dead pan nun character is magnificent.

    * Irrelevant trivia point: The external house scenes in Derry Girls, best seen in episode 4 or 5, (the one with the priest), weren’t actually shot in Derry but in the street I grew up on and lived most of my life in West Belfast.

    I just started watching Oz on HBO last night, gritty, graphic, prison drama.

    Some others to watch out for: Ozark, the Blacklist, the brilliant House of Cards, Designated Survivor, Mindhunters, the Alienist, (the remodels of New York City in the nineteenth century are worth it alone), and the incredibley superb Narcos.

    Seimi, Preacher was an absolute treat to watch.

  16. OZ is good

  17. Seimi, Preacher was an absolute treat to watch.

    Paul, I watched the first episode and hated it, because I had read the graphic novel first. I refused to watch the series after that, until Season 3 had started. I decided that there must be something good about it, if it had survived to a 3rd Season, so I started again, and loved it. It is wildly different in parts to the original, but those differences are actually very good, and they seem to have captured a lot of Ennis’ Irish humour in the script. I still believe they miscast Ruth Negga as Tulip (although she is superb), and Dominic Cooper is way too short to be Jesse, but it’s still an excellent series. I look forward to Season 4.

  18. Yeah, I remember having a look at the graphic novels in your place which was what actually put me on to the series.

    Any series where Hitler escapes out of hell, has an Irish vampire that fought in the 1916 rising and where God as a dalamation dog man living in New Orleans has gotta be great!

  19. I started it and got busy with other shows…. I’ll have to go back.

  20. Oz was good but got too cartoonish for me.

    20th Anniversary of Sopranos this year.

  21. Any series where Hitler escapes out of hell, has an Irish vampire that fought in the 1916 rising and where God as a dalamation dog man living in New Orleans has gotta be great!

    2 of those things don’t happen in the graphic novel, which is why I didn’t initially like the series!

  22. Ah c’mon. Artistic licence and all tha.

    Oz was good but got too cartoonish for me.

    I fing the filming lighting a bit off putting.

    20th Anniversary of Sopranos this year.

    Absolutely prime television.

  23. Miss Mr. Gandolfini.

    Good guy, really good actor, loved by his peers and by the public.

    As mentioned, Tony Sirico, Paulie Walnuts, lives in my area. He never played the big shot, and is also well liked. He lived the life back in the day, and was a guest at the Sing Sing hotel for a time.

  24. The documentary tribute to Gandolfini from the cast of the Sopranos is pretty touching Phantom.

  25. his last movie was called the drop with him and Tom Hardy…. hard film to watch, but good.


  26. PaTroll

    Sent you an email.

  27. ok

    got it thanks