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Friday Music

By Patrick Van Roy On January 11th, 2019

Something old but good

28 Responses to “Friday Music”

  1. Better than your usual.

  2. Superlative choice Pat.

    I’m actually listening to this as we speak:


  3. haven’t heard that one in years Paul

  4. Here’s one for Pete and yourself, PaTroll 🙂


  5. Odds and Sods is a fun album they were under contract for an album but were doing films and other things so Townsend went to the studio and pulled recordings that were cut from other projects and slapped them all together.

    The cut Little Billy was actually a tune commissioned for an anti-smoking campaign.


  6. And another 🙂


  7. lol

  8. And just to get another of the Top Four in there…


  9. this is the all time political song…..


  10. Here’s one for Pete and yourself, PaTroll 🙂

    That’s brilliantly done, but I hate to think how many thousands of hours someone spent on it!

  11. Actually, so is the Metallica one too. Someone out there has a lot of spare time.

  12. that took work

  13. The greatest metal band of all:


    * Warning. Not for the faint hearted.

  14. that was cool

  15. Grand Hotel Budapest:


  16. Peter do you listen to other more modern music? Jazz, pop, blues, rock, country…..

    not complaining the pieces you pick are usually very good, but often only classical in nature.

  17. Patrick

    I have posted pop etc here recently, eg this:

    But my preference is for this. Watch out for the baton getting dropped:

  18. My favourite scene from Amadeus:


  19. Finlandia:


  20. As steals the morn upon the night:


  21. Wagner is always grand, and that’s when Saliairi lost his Soul…. a very good scene in a truly great film.

    It also brought his Music to an audience that had never heard it that soundtrack broke records.

    The fact that it had my favorite piece by him had nothing to do with it……


  22. loved the Handel

  23. When I grew up if you woke up on a saturday morning and heard any classical playing you knew mom was on a cleaning spree… we cleaned to the masters. My father was all Tammy Wynett, Loretta Lynn, and Johnny Cash….

    But it was the 60s and the 70s in Philly the city had 2 sounds American Bandstand/Motown or what today is called classic rock. I was immersed in both, everybody played Philly from 77 to the mid 80s I worked part time doing security for every concert venue and sports stadium in the city.

    So I know the words to every motown song and most classic rock. Then my tastes get eclectic I devour the blues and jazz.

    The Music Never Stops.

  24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdvITn5cAVc

  25. Patrick, I hope your Eagles have better luck than my Cowboys did last night. That Gurley and Anderson were something else. I’m surprised we were able to score the points we did!

  26. Well the St’s crushed us last game, but it was a totally different eagles team….

    The gift of Foles got us further than we deserve.

  27. Gnarls Barkley:


  28. Texas, all the way from Glasgow: