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By Pete Moore On January 11th, 2019

We’re not supposed to peek behind the curtain. CNN asked San Diego station KUSI News for a local view of the border wall. CNN didn’t like what they heard. They couldn’t use KUSI for propaganda, so KUSI was dropped.

35 Responses to “HOW CNN MAKES SAUSAGES”

  1. It is KUSI’s opinion that CNN didn’t use them for political reasons.

  2. https://thehill.com/homenews/media/424876-san-diego-tv-station-cnn-declined-our-local-view-because-of-reports-on-wall

    A CNN spokesperson pushed back on KUSI’s claim on Friday, calling it a “non story” since the network ultimately didn’t book any reporters from stations in the San Diego area.

    “We called several local stations to book someone for a show. We didn’t end up booking any of them,” says a CNN spokesperson in a statement to The Hill. “That happens many times every single day. We did, however, book a reporter from KUSI for a story on immigration and the border wall on CNN in November. This is a non story.”

  3. Figures

    Won’t stop this from being all over the Fake News universe, the Breitbarts and the like

  4. And Michael McKinnon who owns KUSI is avid Republican


    so I suspect KUSI just saw an opportunity do try some political point scoring

  5. You notice how none of the Fake News Brigade ever give even the faintest criticism of Fox News, Sinclair, Rush the Pill Popper, Sean who has bedroom chats with Trump three times a week, ” The Great One ” or any of those propagandists and/or frauds

  6. And Michael McKinnon who owns KUSI is avid Republican

    Great catch Fews.

  7. I can’t see evidence that he is a Republican. His son, who also co-owns the station, donated to Romney. But the only donations from Michael D. McKinnon seem to be to the National Association of Broadcasters PAC.

  8. Though a couple of news stories do say he is a member of the Lincoln Club GOP, and a keen supporter of conservative causes. I also found another news story that suggested he was on the board of a local branch of Planned Parenthood. And another that suggests he may be a global warming sceptic.

    So I can’t seem to get a read on him at all.

  9. Romney is a “free trade” open border guy.

  10. The Republican Party for decades were “free trade” guys. But dear glorious leader doesn’t support free trade so we’ll all forget that.

    92123 Kusi – Tv/Broadcaster $10,000 09/26/2012 REPUBLICAN PARTY OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY – Republican

    92106 Kusi Channel 9 – San Diego/Owner $10,000 04/25/2012 REPUBLICAN PARTY OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY – Republican

  12. https://www.sdbj.com/news/2018/jan/23/sd-500-michael-d-mckinnon/

    “Michael McKinnon is a longtime supporter of conservative causes and candidates in the San Diego region.”

  13. This type of gangster has many direct and indirect ways to buy politicians.

  14. Yeah, he would seem he is a Republican. I found that blurb about him as well. Though the first entry you listed there is his son I think.

  15. and KUSI has a longstanding reputation in San Diego as being pro Republican


  16. And as Phantom predicted above all the usual suspects are running this story





  17. Don’t forget Trump’s great buddy Alex Jones

    He’s on message too

    These guys are so cute


  18. And as Phantom predicted above all the usual suspects are running this story

    “It’s outrageous how the biased media is exposed.”

  19. Pete

    When someone here ran with a fake story about an imaginary truckers strike in Puerto Rico that supposedly hindered relief efforts, you were along for the ride, along with other fakesters.

    And you never criticized the fake story, yet you’re filled with comment about ” mainstream media “. Why is that?

    Pete Moore, on October 1st, 2017 at 8:37 PM Said:
    What, the media ran with a fake story?

    That ghastly mayor of San Whatever has probably flogged all the foodstuff to the Colombian mafia. Aid is the most corrupt business on the planet.

  20. Phantom –

    They were two different things.

    Last week you slandered conservatives over a video of young woman dancing. It turned out that no conservatives were bothered about it.

    You left-liberals are slippery.

  21. It’s a wonder Pete ‘Fake News’ Moore even bothers wearing pants on ATW anymore, considering that he is either caught with them down or on fire…

  22. https://www.dailywire.com/news/39947/watch-ocasio-cortes-proves-she-better-dancing-hank-berrien

    The fakest fakes are the ones that accuse others of fakery.

    And they never say what news sources that they like. Apart from deaf men shouting on the AM radio, bloggers, or unknown Turkish publications.

  23. Last week you slandered conservatives over a video of young woman dancing

    Absolute, unadulterated globes.

    Rightworld thought they had Ocasio Cortez on a spit and it spectacularly backfired on them.

  24. You idiot, McMahon.

    A conservative posted the video on Youtube, remarking that she looked good. One non-conservative made an unflattering remark. The press picked up that remark and idiots like you and Phantom took the bait.

  25. ‘Here is America’s favourite commie know-it-all acting like the halfwit she is’

    Incidentally, the blow back was so embarrassing the conservative deleted the account.

    However, probably black ops or Deep State or something.

    Nice unwarranted mild insult BTW.

  26. It was so embarrassing that Pete himself commented on how stupid some conservatives were.

    Look it up.

    Look how they change their story.

  27. Yeah, I was jus looking at Pete’s post there.

    It did backfire quite spectacularly.

  28. Pete’s coments on your post there

  29. It’s not that they’re sometimes wrong – everyone is wrong at times – it’s that they don’t even try to be right.

    The honorable gentleman spoke straight, but then peer pressure got to him, so he took the next bus down to Faketown Street.

  30. Yeah, I was jus looking at Pete’s post there.

    So when the Latino chick is revealed to be controlled by higher powers you won’t be surprised. But you didn’t look at mt last comment. That’s where the fakery is revealed. Come on girls, stay humble.

  31. One non-conservative made an unflattering remark

    Instead they focus on total BS, like her jigging her arse in college, so helping to promote her.

    Conservatives really can be stupid

    It took you a full day to change your tune and come up with the ‘fake outrage’ line after Rightworld used it all over Twitter to try to save face.

    Some Rigtworld tool thought that he’d be able to embarrass the commie know-it-all and it blew up in his face so Rightworld is trying to invent some kind of faux OUTRAGE as a serviette to clean all that egg off their face 🙂

  32. Pete usually spaces his competing claims over more than a 24 hour cycle.

  33. One common thing among the Fake News Crowd here – bad and selective memory.

    They often forget what they said five minutes before.

    But they’re great at cutting and pasting.

    I want another guest post by Rush Limbaugh. He is so wonderful. He is America’s anchorman I am told.

  34. There was a comment I came across earlier, (Mahons?), which said that these guys normally post in echo chambers but there’s a crowd of sane people here that will dismantle their rubbish.

  35. The fakest fakes are the ones that accuse others of fakery.

    And they never say what news sources that they like. Apart from deaf men shouting on the AM radio, bloggers, or unknown Turkish publications.

    Phantom – you insisted that I got my news from Alex Jones and did it several times until I showed you that you were wrong. As a reminder, here’s where I get my news….


    Things are working out for Starbucks as was expected.

    Oh – and on that Turkish Journal, well, here it is……