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By Pete Moore On January 13th, 2019

Islamic immigration is a catastrophe for Western girls and women

Oulu police probe four new cases of suspected under-age sex abuse

Police in Oulu said Friday that they have launched a preliminary investigation into four fresh cases of suspected sexual abuse of girls under the age of 15. The department added that four foreign background suspects have been held in connection with the case.

The announcement follows a previous round of investigations last November in which eight immigrant-background men were detained on suspicion of committing five similar offences against underage girls.

It emerges that muslim rape gangs are also targeting very young Finnish girls, some as young as ten who have been repeatedly beaten and raped. A quick google hints at the horrors which have been happening in the town of Oulu. Hints, because the Finnish press and government are as keen as the rest to downplay the horrors with passive language and euphemisms for “muslim rape gangs”.

No, they’re not welcome. Not even refugees. European girls must be protected.

4 Responses to “FINLAND TOO”

  1. Asylum seeker attacks pregnant woman – Unborn baby dies

    A 25-year old asylum seeker from Afghanistan stabbed a pregnant woman in the German city Bad Kreuznach so badly, her unborn baby died.

    The incident took place in a hospital in Bad Kreuznach Friday night. The man and the woman, a 25-year old Polish, had a dispute. He stabbed her several times with a knife. The victim was life-threateningly injured, but could be saved during operation. Her unborn child didn’t survive.


  2. But Pete, its all the fault if that Finnish Empire. You know the one, they one that was a great service to an undeserving world.

  3. Lol!


  4. The Finnish didn’t have an empire Mark.

    The British did though and it’s the central reason for the large communities of Asian / West Indian and African background in the UK today.

    Hope that helps.