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By Pete Moore On January 20th, 2019

Portugal plans special lanes for Britons in airports after Brexit

Portugal plans to open dedicated corridors in its airports so British tourists continue to get fast-track access after Brexit whether the UK leaves with or without a deal, the prime minister, António Costa, has said.

Portugal remembers that we were the closest of allies for many centuries, outside of the EU … You have to admit that it makes sense, and ought to be rolled out in all airports. A lane for EU citizens, a lane for the rest of the world and, on the left (of course), a dedicated lane and a fitting welcome for the quality.


14 Responses to “A VERY SPLENDID IDEA”

  1. Can’t disagree with this 😊

  2. Smart move by Portugal

    The Brits spend a lot of money there, Benefiting everybody

    I am sure that Paul will agree that Spain should do the same thing.

  3. A separate lane for Brits in the airport?

    Aye, if it stops them moaning about ‘bad faith’ and how they’re being persecuted by the big evil EU why not?

  4. The seperate lane should be available on one condition. Any Brits wanting to use it must do so waving the European flag and wearing I LOVE EU t shirts 😍

  5. I presume that’s just for Faro?

    Off to the Algarve myself this year for the first time in years.

  6. Colm

    NEVER !!!

  7. Other EU countries should do the same in anticipation of the large British exodus to the continent looking for jobs after Brexit.

  8. Simply delicious.

    The same uber federalist who has spent the last two years threatening the British..

    The European Parliament’s longest-serving member Elmar Brok has been caught with his snout stuck deep in the EU trough. Germany’s most influential MEP was uncovered systematically swindling his own constituents, charging them €150 per head for the costs of visiting him at the European Parliament while at the same time claiming costs back from the EU. Yesterday he announced he will not be standing for election again…

    Brok, who was was until last year President of the Union of European Federalists, earns €8,757.70 a month as an MEP, and has raked in thousands more from work on the side. Clearly that wasn’t enough for the greedy greedy Eurofederalist, who netted nearly €18,000 from his scam in just two years. Where will MEPs keep grabbing their grubby money from if we don’t hand over our £39bn..?


  9. Precisely..

    FELIX • 44 minutes ago

    Yesterday he announced he will not be standing for election again…

    Why is he still standing in any kind of way and not chained to a bench in his prison cell?

  10. Wonderful news..

    New ONS figures show that the Government only overspent by £35.9 billion over the last nine months, £13.1 billion less compared to last year. Overspending is now at its lowest level since 2002…

    The ONS has also revealed that wages have risen faster than prices, increasing by 3.4%, with inflation at just 2.3%. There are 141,000 more people in work compared to the Summer, and 328,000 more than this time last year. All despite Brexit…


  11. All despite Brexit…

    Which of course hasn’t happened yet. Perhaps that should accurately read … “all because we are in the EU”

  12. Despite brexit..

    The European Parliament’s longest-serving member Elmar Brok has been caught with his snout stuck deep in the EU trough.

  13. Colm

    Tell that to the BBC..

    Last week David Dimbleby unwisely challenged Brexit champion Jacob Rees-Mogg when he pointed out the BBC had regularly pushed the “despite brexit” agenda. A clearly riled Dimbleby tore into Rees-Mogg on Question Time:

    “Can you actually specify an occasion when you’ve heard that… have you got a quotation?… Are you sure, are you sure?”

    Well… how about these, all from the BBC News website…


  14. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1e33ec9bd9d207ca3d2b94bbc85b8f04c4da838571dd24fff538e2c5d7e800ff.jpg