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By ATWadmin On January 21st, 2007

rudy.jpgWatch the UK media swoon as their one of their very favourite liberal Americans – the wicked witch herself, Hillary Clinton – declares that she is launching her run to get back into the White House.

Hillary has declared that she is  forming an exploratory committee for President, thereby launching a bid to become the first female chief executive of the United States.

"I’m in," she said on a Web site, hillaryclinton.com. "And I’m in to win."

Mmm…I wonder just how rattled she is by Obama, and in particular the MSM’s embrace of the youthful Illinois Senator. They appear to want him to be America’s second black President – Hillary’s husband having been its first! (Unless he was lying…) 

Perhaps a Clinton/Obama ticket will be the Dem dream-ticket?

I hope so, as it will ensure that Guiiani/Gingrich ensures Republican fortunes are restored again in 2008!


  1. Does Hilary not bet Brownie points for her refusal to back-track on her support for the war in Iraq David ?

  2. She’ll back-track. She’ll triangulate, and it might yet do for her amongst her moonbat base!

  3. restored in 2012 surely ed?
    Hilary’s a shoe-in
    paddypower gives:
    Hilary 5/4
    Guiliani as 8/1

  4. ANd perhaps more importantly Sir Percy, McCain at 9/2. It looks like it’ll be a struggle for Giuliani to get the ticket with McCain at 11/10 and Giuliani out at 5/1.

  5. BB,

    Paddy Power and the US Republican seem rather disconnected. Why not ask our US posters if they agree with my take or Paddy Power’s odds? McCain will be WIPED. He’s a liberal at heart.

  6. DV,
    perhaps the taliban wing of unionism could unite with US neo-cons and colonise another planet, then the other taliban and al-quaida would go hunt you down.
    And as siamese twins you can go do your war games.

    Leaving the rest of us to enjoy a liberal utopia on planet earth, where we’ll care for the environment and promote cultural and racial diversity and sexual freedoms, and explore inner space too.

    Both you talibanistic fundamentalists ( Christian and Muslim extremists wouldn’t enjoy our paradise anyway, there wouldn’t be any action for you. No-one to hate, or punish or lock up.

    Just a thought 😉

  7. Yes, but not a thought worth sharing, Sir Percy.

    Plus to refer to those unionists like myself who will not accept a terrorist about the place as "Talibanesque" is either gross stupidity or gross delusionary. I wonder which you choose?

  8. David,

    As I may be the only ATW commenter who is a registered Democrat, I can tell you that I would vote for Clinton/Obama, but I would prefer Clinton/Feingold.

    On another note, have you heard that Paula Dobriansky will replace Mitchell Reiss as US special envoy to Northern Ireland? She should be acceptable to you based on her neo-con credentials. At least Pat Rabbitte doesn’t like her much:
    (he mentions her in the 9th paragraph)

  9. glad you don’t mind me going on the offense,
    as they say in USA
    I heard the phrase first on Sluggers:
    "The taliban wing of unionism" from a unionist. to describe the most reactionary fundamentalist brand.
    Thought it was quite novel and clever.

    what you’ve in common is:
    neither like different races, religions, cultures or sexualities, and you both want to destroy each other.

    They are terrorists to you, and you are terrorists to them. Don’t see the difference myself.

  10. "Why not ask our US posters if they agree with my take or Paddy Power’s odds?"

    If you’re so confident why aren’t you taking advantage of the mismatched odds? Or could it be that The Donacloney Donkey is all mouth?

  11. BB
    I can’t wait for the "moral" Left to discover its backbone rather than be hi-jacked by emotive single issues as you have in US politics.

    Republican sympathiser and friend Pro-consul Peter Hain says:
    The neo-con agenda has failed miserably.

    A united Ireland, a palestinain state, and a democrat president will provide for peace and security, saving 1000’s of needless deaths and billions of wasted money, better spent on global warming and prejudice awareness, and inter faith dialogue.

    We must destroy utterly this uber-right totalitarianism; and never allow its ugly head to rise again.

  12. Hard to decide who is the madder, General Sir Percy or BB!

    Sir Percy’s recipe is to indulge the cut-throats in Hamas/Fatah/IRA/UVF/ as well as the international left.

    BB, by contrast, shows his intellectual credentials by calling me the "Donacloney Donkey". Given that the Donkey is the symbol of Sir Percy’s beloved Democrats, maybe I should take that as a compliment? (Though a half-wits compliment is at best a half compliment)

  13. Alan, you may be the only one registered but not the only one who’ll vote that way. Agree with you about Feingold, I’m disappointed not to have a chance to vote for him. Especially as he is from my original home state. It would be nice if McCarthy was no longer our most recent well-known politician (and Tommy Thompson didn’t help much either).

    And David, McCain a liberal at heart?

  14. sir percy’s receipe is to bring people in from the cold and give them a voice via the political process to discourage them from violence, something practised by most democratic gov’ts the world over.

    David don’t tell me I’m infantile, I’d beat you hands down in any debate, care to name the venue I’ll be there.

  15. David,
    You have no problem with Guiliana’s extra marital affairs and having sex with her current missus in his residence in City Hall NY while his wife and children slept down the hall?
    Or is that hypocrisy I smell from Mr Vance as usual?

    Mr Vance your knowledge of politics, be it Ireland Middle East or the US is woeful.

  16. I came across an interesting profile of Hillary in today’s Sindy. Seems that in her college days she was president of the student Republicans – and she goes on to marry a Democrat President.

    I find that very curious. What would be the British equivalent?

  17. Paddy Power?! Your’re kidding right?

    The problem with Clinton is that no on actually knows what she stands for. Since she has been Senator, does anyone remember her sitting down with the press? Answering hard hitting questions? Or even soft ball ones?

    Sir Percy? Donna Hanover?

    When she gets into the rough and tumble of Presidental politics she will be forced to start talking and debating, and that’s when the fun will begin!

  18. David

    I don’t know too much about McCain but I don’t know why you’re so keen on Giuliani – I’m afraid that you are underestimating the reaction to him in the mid West and South.

    He is pro Gun Control
    He is pro Choice
    He is an Italian/American Catholic from New York.

    In the real world, these things will all count against him in certain key areas of the US.

    He has spoken on these issues at length over many years so I can’t see him changing his viewpoint – it would be transparent and he would be labelled as a hypocrite.

    I don’t know enough about McCain to express an opinion but I do believe that he will get the Republican nomination.

  19. I disagree, Billy. The democrats adore McCain. The republicans know better.

    I had thought that most democrats would know better about the Hildebeast, too. Alan! Would you seriously vote for her?

    It’s true that Guliani leans to the left on social issues. That will hurt him with the republicans. We have a soft spot in our hearts for him, though. He showed that he was a true leader through 9/11. He also has balls – big, brass ones. As a general rule – republicans like that.

    McCain is already doing badly.

  20. Hillary Clinton, always so much less than meets the eye!

  21. Monica,

    You know it soesn’t matter who I would vote for but who will get the nomination. So far, Hillary is in the lead:
    (see, I even linked to the NewsMax story).

    If she is the Democrat nominee, I will vote for her as I have voted for every other Democrat since I started voting.

  22. McCain isn’t doing so well, is he?

  23. David: I am getting a late start today. Based upon the invitation to wiegh in as a US poster allow me to offer the follwoing:

    Clinton is in a two way race with Obama. His inexperience helps him at the moment. His historical opportunity also cuts into Clinton’s African American support. He is vague enough on most issues and his opposition to the Iraq war will also aid him on the left of the party. But I don’t think his celebrity status will aid him in the end and he himself could have his support cut out a bit by another African American candidate (watch for the rascal Al Sharpton to run yet again).
    Hilary is no Clinton if you’ll excuse the pun. She lacks her husband’s charisma and public speaking ability. As a woman she also intensifies the hatred of the extreme right who hate the name Clinton and the idea of a female candidate. However, she makes a strong candidate. She has actually been pretty moderate, her opponets also overdo it which will give her sympathy and she has the best political advisor in the U.S. (Bill) on hand. I’ll tell you what strikes terror in the hearts of Republicans – a ticket of her and Obama.

    I am fascinated with the rightwing embrace of the left of center Rudy G and the diatribes they’ve sent agianst the right of center McCain in the Republican party. A review of the voting records of each would leave one astounded until you realize that the right wing thinks it can get another presidential election out of 9/11 by going with Rudy. I can’t see their embrace of him as a national candidate on any other basis.

  24. "Clinton is in a two way race with Obama. His inexperience helps him at the moment. His historical opportunity also cuts into Clinton’s African American support."

    Does this mean that blacks will vote for Obama because he’s black?

  25. Allan: Yes, he can count on many black supporters. Historically people of one ethnicity have tended to vote with one of their own, especially when the vote itself appears to be a historic opportunity. This is true even in situations where, as here, the candidate is actually of mixed heritage. He also faces the prospect that many whites will not vote for him because of his heritage.

  26. "Historically people of one ethnicity have tended to vote with one of their own, especially when the vote itself appears to be a historic opportunity"

    So it’s OK then – for blacks to vote for a candidate on the basis of his/her race? Now, how about for whites, after all, is it not an ‘historic opportunity’ for a woman to become President?

  27. Allan – No. It is not ok for blacks to vote for someone on ths basis of their race. You are jumping to a conclusion. And Obama to his credit as far as I can tell has not made such an appeal. I am of the same school as John F. Kennedy who stated during the campaing that he didn’t want people to vote for him because he was Catholicc and hoped people would not vote against him because he was Catholic.
    It is however a historical fact that people will vote with soemone they identify with, and on that basis I expect he will receive a high percentage of their votes.

  28. That’s good, Mahons. We’ll agree on that one then.

  29. And DSD the wingunt still says unto thee all:


  30. LOL, too much post-coursework hangover.

    Wingunt indeed.