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What do you endorse?

By Patrick Van Roy On January 23rd, 2019

In our lives we all endorse…. even if we don’t put it in those terms, we do it.  Everyone here supports free speech because no matter our differences we are men of the West. That is an endorsement. In one form or another our societies are all based on debate. We have at times devolved into violence, but speech is the Wests Keystone.

Other than that our differences split on cultural lines. A fancy term for tribalism. The values of our tribe is what we endorse. Civilization has homogenized the tribe in the west not so for other areas of the world some are Feudal some are Totalitarian in some it’s still barberism with technology.

We all endorse our unique values….. Can you point to a school that teaches the values that you believe represent your society, your nations cultural values?

I can it’s not the University I attended, it is the one that I wish I had attended. It’s Hillsdale College. Click on it to get a description of who and what they are.

They also offer a Ton of free courses for anyone interested in the US Constitution, The Federalist, The Courts, The workings of Congress, and the Philosophies of the Founders. I highly recommend them to one and all, there are lessons for the world contained there. Please avail yourselves of them it’s never to late to educate yourself and improve the world at the same time. Hillsdale.edu

I just felt like sharing something I find worthwhile.

26 Responses to “What do you endorse?”

  1. The problem with Hillsdale College’s course is that it does attempt to teach people about the constitution. It doesn’t try to teach people about the workings of Congress, or the Courts etc…

    It attempts to push a political interpretation of those things.

  2. I respect Hillsdale College in that they refuse to take any federal or state money, so as to remain independent. I respect that greatly.

  3. “is that it does attempt”

    is that it does not attempt

    Bring back the edit button

  4. The original posters can edit, but commenters cannot. Don’t understand that.

  5. “I respect Hillsdale College in that they refuse to take any federal or state money, so as to remain independent. I respect that greatly.”

    Yes and no. Firstly academic integrity should be celebrated, and if refusing government money is the way to do that then that should be celebrated.

    However the reason Hillsdale College started to refuse to take any federal or state money was so that they wouldn’t have to accept more black students.

  6. At first, Hillsdale College seems to resemble dozens of other small liberal arts schools with rich histories. There are statues of Washington and Lincoln, Jefferson and Churchill, and a monument to students who fought for the Union — a point of pride at a college that was founded by abolitionists, visited by the crusading former slave Frederick Douglass and open to black students and women from its founding in 1844.

    NY Times

  7. Phantom – that was their past, Seamus pretty much hit the nail on the head about their present.

  8. Evidence please.

    Who is saying that and why

  9. Sure. It has a proud history, and was founded by abolitionist Baptists.

    That doesn’t change the fact that they accepted federal money until they were told that, in the 1970s, as a result of accepting federal money, they had have more black students. They decided that having more black students wasn’t worth the money.

  10. On what basis would they have to accept more black students?

    Were black students being denied admission by them?

    Was this a quota thing?

  11. “Was this a quota thing?”

    It was – I think one of the affirmative action programs that was in place at the time.

  12. So, how is that in any way wrong?

  13. That when faced with a choice 1) have more black students or b) end all federal assistance (including financial aid for current students) – they went for the second option.

  14. *

    a) or b)


    1) or 2)

    don’t know why I opted to mix and match

  15. If an institution has been around for 130 years, operating on a basis of nondiscrimination, why should they have to start discriminating in a way that the government now likes?

    This sounds even more like an institution that is to be admired.

  16. The President of Hillsdale complained (falsely) about the state coming to count his “dark ones”.

  17. If you submit lists of students/faculty that are broken down by race ( which is the practice ) that is exactly what the government is doing.

  18. Leaving it to The Market (peace be upon it) has not advanced the number of minority and improvised background children going to university.

    In the face of that it is right for the government to step in and help fix that. I don’t like affirmative action programs – I think they are blunt tool that paper up the cracks without fixing the underlying problem – but ultimately they are better than nothing.

  19. However the reason Hillsdale College started to refuse to take any federal or state money was so that they wouldn’t have to accept more black students.

    That appears to be a false statement.

    They refused to take any government money because they didn’t want to be forced to discriminate.

    You are free to make your ” discrimination is good in some cases ” argument, but what you said is not correct.

  20. What I said was correct. The federal program that provided the straw that broke the camel’s back was the federal program that would force them to accept more black students.

    Now what I said could be put in a more flattering way for Hillsdale College. But what I said is not incorrect.

  21. It is morally incorrect.

    You are in effect calling them racist without any basis for doing so.

    This kind of stuff is at the root of many of the problems in our lands.

    I will be happy to criticize them based on things that merit criticism, but you guys have presented nothing here today.

  22. “It is morally incorrect.”

    It isn’t. The ended federal aid (including federal aid to poor students) simply so that they wouldn’t have to comply with affirmative action for black students. People can support that or not support that depending on how they view affirmative action.

    But it is not incorrect, morally or otherwise, to view it (and them) negatively for it.

  23. Seamus your views of Hillsdale are off…… and you of all people would appreciate their free online courses. You should try one.

  24. “It attempts to push a political interpretation of those things.”

    Perish the idea that children should be exposed to a political slant!

  25. I’ve taken a couple of their free online courses. I’m kind of a nerd so I thought they were great. I think many might find them exceptionally dry.

    Seamus: ” It attempts to push a political interpretation of those things.” This is not true.

    You read the writings of The Founders of the America and try to understand and interpret the Constitution from what the Founders wrote and what the Founders said that they intended in their writings.

    The classes use original, source documents.

  26. ….only on ATW is the reading of the original words of James Madison considered “political spin.”