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Roll Away The Stone

By 33230715130361 On January 25th, 2019

Roger Stone, the political consultant and ally of President Trump, has been arrested and indicted. The “witch hunt” has captured a warlock.

Will the Geek Chorus of the Trump Administration apologists scream Deep State, issue denials, point to a caravan in Mexico? You bet your bottom dollar.

Stone’s been a stone’s through from arrest for some time. His relationship with Trump dates back 40 years (that is like 3 wives ago). He is brash enough to fight it out initially, but i’ll bet you the indictment is tight. Lets see how this all plays out.

109 Responses to “Roll Away The Stone”

  1. Expect a massive distraction to draw attention from a rapidly failing presidency.

    An unwise military move in Venezuela, a ” national emergency ” on the Texas border.

    Expect it very soon.

  2. This administration has been a cast of freaks more bizarre than the bar scene in Star Wars.

  3. It’s only time until Mueller works his way down to me! As for Stone, I must admit I’ve never heard of him.

  4. An unwise military move in Venezuela, a ” national emergency ” on the Texas border.

    I suspect you may be correct there Phantom and think it could well be the former:

    The Trump administration is working on a plan to funnel funds to Mr Guaidó, who is currently at an undisclosed location


    If you’re going to contrive a distraction from domestic problems better to do it in another country where it’s not Americans who being killed.

  5. Again, Stone is very tight with both Trump and Alex Jones. I would imagine that he introduced the two to one another.

    Stone and Alex Jones are big conspiracy guys, who would have played to Trump’s inclinations towards conspiracy stuff.

  6. It’s only time until Mueller works his way down to me!

    Perhaps No Stone left unturned would have been a more Republican friendly headline 🙂

  7. Outstanding McG.

  8. WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—A furious Donald Trump told reporters on Friday morning that it was “a total disgrace” that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had apparently not been affected by the government shutdown.

    Trump, who appeared agitated and was gripping his television remote as he spoke on the White House lawn, said that he had been under the impression that F.B.I. agents had been furloughed and were not going to work.

    “You have people across the country, in national parks and places like that, who are not at work, and somehow the F.B.I. is working around the clock?” Trump said. “I think it’s a total disgrace. It’s a sick situation.”

    Trump said that he would call an emergency meeting of his Cabinet to “get some answers” about why the F.B.I. was working during the shutdown.

    “Let’s say you were trying to leave the country in a hurry with your family—would the F.B.I. be at the airport to stop you?” he asked. “What good is this shutdown, anyway?”

  9. Interesting, Hillary, Huma and Cheryl Mills all “lied ” to the FBI and were given a pass.

    Stone’s persecution by the Deep State for allegedly doing the same by the armoured, armed and gun drawn Deep State gestapo, AKA: FBI and videoed by the pre-raid alerted propaganda arm of the Deep state AKA: CNN is a pathetic attempt to dethrone our savior, President Trump. I piss on the Deep State and it’s Muller led inquisition. Plus millions of other Deplorables are lined up behind me, with full bladders to take their turn in administering their golden showers.

  10. Roger Stone is a dirty tricks man who worked with Bibi Rebozo and Nixon he’s been one step from jail his whole career…..

    But I’m sorry if you thinks this means something.

    Mueller sent his Jackboot thugs guns drawn to kick down the door of a 66yr old man who was being arrested for “Lying to Congress” a crime only punishable if you are a Republican…

    Another Process crime with zero collusion/conspiracy russian or any other crime attached.

    Stone a man who sells himself publicly as a Professional Liar got popped for Lying and they sent a SWAT Team… how pathetic.

    Stone had contacts to Assange and was keeping tabs on when assange was going to release the Hillary emails and dnc emails, he lied to congress about it, and he lied about telling Corsi and Bannon about it.

    He’s going to Jail.

    Steve Bannon will be the next person to he the thump of jackboots kicking in his door at dawn.

  11. Wow. The bigs guns seem to be coming out:

    Deep State
    Muller inquisition
    Jackboot thugs

    A nerve’s been touched?

  12. The baying mob wanted to send Hillary Clinton to jail for imaginary crimes, and now they complain about arrests for actual crimes?

  13. Steve Bannon will be the next person to he the thump of jackboots kicking in his door at dawn.

    Let’s hope so. It can only be a matter of time before Trump hears them approaching the Oval Office.

  14. It is astonishing that such a dishonest man with such a checkered business past could actually be elected on a platform of competence and reform.

    Centuries from now, historians will chuckle over the 2016 election.

    How could anyone have been so naive as to believe that Trump was honest, or competent?

  15. none of this stuff touches Trump and not one crime that anyone has been charged with involves the election or the russians…..

    and what you think sending swat for a 66yr old man for lying to congress is justified?

  16. TYSONS CORNER, Virginia — Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg savaged President Trump on Friday as a “pretend CEO” who’s “totally incompetent,” but said he still hasn’t decided whether to run for president himself.

    “This is a person who should not be president of the United States,” Bloomberg said.

    “He’s in way over his head. He is a real estate promoter who’s never run a large organization before, just a small family office. He inherited his money. He lost big on a bunch of bad bets, which his father bailed him out of again and again. And almost every deal he ever made, he left his customers and contractors holding the bag.”

    “It even appears he cheated his own charity out of money,” Bloomberg went on.

    He called Trump’s presidency “painful to watch.”

    “It’s like the government version of a bad horror movie. But instead of Freddy Krueger in the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street,’ we have Donald Trump in the ‘Nightmare on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,’” Bloomberg said.

    He recalled knowing Trump “casually” in New York, where the two of them “cut ribbons” together. “He took the subway all the time, but he didn’t know which end of the MetroCard to put in,” Bloomberg said.


    Great minds think alike

  17. 2 idiots

  18. Hmmmmm

    The interesting thing is that the an FBI swat team, fully tooled up, carried out a pre-dawn raid on a 66 year old man who has never hidden, and CNN just happened to be on the scene to capture it all. Video:


    They’re sending a message to someone. The charges are beside the point. The actual point is the publicity.

  19. You cannot make it up. You can fit everyone in the UK who has heard of Roger Stone in a phonebox, yet the BBC is leading with it.

    Nope, no bias there.

  20. Patrick – must we refresh your recollection as to how you be picking up your pitchfork if someone got arrested?

  21. People in the UK have heard of Trump. When his close advisor gets arrested it is quite newsworthy.

  22. Mahons, on January 25th, 2019 at 6:53 PM Said:
    Patrick – must we refresh your recollection as to how you be picking up your pitchfork if someone got arrested?

    no I have not objected to the arrest, I have even listed what he is guilty of and that he’s going to jail.

    I object to CNN hiding in the bushes at 5am and then the FBI kicking down his door with flak jackets on a machine guns……

    He lied to congress, he’s not a head of the Cali Cartel……

  23. Mahons, it’s not newsworthy in the UK. No-one knows who Roger Stone is here. The BBC even has to explain who he is. That is not newsworthy.

    It’s the BBC promoting a narrative, as usual.

  24. By the way, Mahons and Phantom –

    What are the charges?

    How do they relate to your president and the election?

    Or are they about supposed post-election activities?

  25. Pete to them it’s newsworthy to the world they believe it tightens a noose on Trump in spite of no crimes other than process crimes and crimes manafort did with the dems have been found.

  26. Roger Stone is very close to Trump, Pete.

    That makes his arrest news.

  27. Read them Pete. They are not under seal.

    When the President’s longstanding advisor is arrested it is obviously newsworthy.

  28. Patrick -even you can’t dispute it is a newsworthy event. Or that law enforcement often tips off the media. Don’t you often regale us with your cop family? Now cause it is politically inconvenient law enforcement doing their job are jack boots?

  29. Roger Stone is Trump’s Rasputin.

    There lived a certain man in Russia long ago
    He was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow
    Most people looked at him with terror and with fear
    But to Moscow chicks he was such a lovely dear
    He could preach the bible like a preacher
    Full of ecstasy and fire
    But he also was the kind of teacher
    Women would desire

    Ra ra Rasputin
    Lover of the Russian queen
    There was a cat that really was gone
    Ra ra Rasputin
    Russia’s greatest love machine
    It was a shame how he carried on

  30. Phantom –

    Newsworthy in the US of course, not here. Yet the BBC leads with it.

    Mahons –

    You’ve posted about Stone being indicted. You say you think the indictment is tight. So what does the indictment say?

    You wouldn’t want your readers to assume, say, that it’s in connection with Russian stuff if it has nothing to do with Russians, would you?

  31. Pete

    You, and many other British and Europeans, are obsessed with the Trump story and with US matters generally

    Of course it should be a very big BBC story

    Its a very big story of interest to the local public

  32. Pete – unlike you I assume folks who read ATW can read things elsewhere. That’s why I don’t have your reputation for championing fake stories.

  33. It’s not big news in a land where no-one knows him>

    What is Stone charged with? Did he drive through a red light?

  34. Mahons –

    You piled in on schoolboys without checking the evidence. Take the opportunity to check yourself.

  35. Newsworthy in the US of course, not here.


    A dissenting review of contemporary British & American politics?

  36. In a nutshell Pete just wants the BBC to keep quiet on stories that are embarrassing to the Right.

  37. Pete

    How many posts have you done on US political matters?

  38. But Phantom, all those posts are defending Trump or attacking the Dems which is of course how Pete thinks the BBC should be reporting US politics.

  39. The interesting thing is that the an FBI swat team, fully tooled up, carried out a pre-dawn raid on a 66 year old man who has never hidden, and CNN just happened to be on the scene to capture it all.”

    No doubt Stone’s pal Alec Jones will be screaming DEEP STATE CONSPIRACY !!!

    And Fox-Limbaa will provide Jones with the usual echo-chamber.

  40. Trump has caved on the shut-down, and no money for the wall. Maybe the cheque from Mexico has arrived?

    “President Donald Trump has endorsed a deal to reopen the US government for three weeks, after a record-breaking shutdown of federal agencies. Congressional sources say the pact does not include any money that Mr Trump has demanded for a US-Mexico border wall.”


  41. Maybe the cheque from Mexico has arrived?

    The cheque is in the mail.

  42. What are the charges?

    Here you go Pete, you’re welcome:

    “He has been indicted on five counts of making false statements, one count of obstructing an official proceeding, and one key count of federal witness-tampering – a charge that alone can carry a prison sentence of up to 20 years.

    Crucially, as the writer Arieh Kovler pointed out on Twitter, the indictment says that a “senior Trump campaign official” was directed to contact Stone for details about ongoing releases from Wikileaks – the implication being that perhaps the person doing the directing might have been Don Jr, Steve Bannon, or even Trump himself.”


  43. Thank you Peter.

    No Russians then. Still waiting for Russians.

  44. Is Trump sock-puppet Giuliani losing it? The Buzzfeed story last week that Trump had directed Cohen to lie to Congress seemed to have been discredited by Mueller, but Giuliani resurrected it last weekend:

    “Speaking to CNN on Sunday, Giuliani said it was possible that Trump had spoken to Cohen before his testimony to Congress, adding that to do so would be “perfectly normal”. It would not.

    The same day, he told the New York Times that Trump had continued negotiations over the Moscow Trump tower right up until election day, contradicting earlier accounts. Even Cohen, who now admits that he lied to Congress when he told lawmakers that he stopped working on the deal in January 2016, says that he stopped negotiating the Moscow project in June that year. Giuliani is suggesting that Trump was engaged in Russian business deals while he was publicly opposing economic sanctions on the country.

    Giuliani later backtracked, saying that his comments to the Times were “hypothetical”, something that is hard to square with what he actually said to the newspaper: The Trump Tower Moscow discussions were “going on from the day I announced to the day I won,” Mr. Giuliani quoted Mr. Trump as saying during an interview with The New York Times.

    Then, in a subsequent interview with the New Yorker, Giuliani said that Trump definitely had not directed Cohen to lie, adding “I have been through all the tapes, I have been through all the texts, I have been through all the e-mails” to check.

    What tapes, the New Yorker’s Isaac Chotiner asked. “I shouldn’t have said tapes. They alleged there were texts and e-mails that corroborated that Cohen was saying the President told him to lie. There were no texts, there were no e-mails, and the President never told him to lie,” Giuliani replied.

    Which means that having been afforded the opportunity to bash Buzzfeed non-stop, Giuliani instead seemed to add credence to the news organisation’s reporting.”


  45. Still waiting for Russians.

    No we are not Pete. Fifteen Russians were indicted by Mueller months ago for hacking the DNC email server in 2016 and feeding it to Putin-Wikileaks to help Trump’s campaign. Stone was heavily involved in that operation.

    Do try to keep up.

  46. Muller is patiently chip, chip, chipping away at the block.

    Time will tell if the strands of the spider’s web lead to the spider.

  47. Correct Peter.

  48. Mueller is the exact opposite of Trump in nearly all ways.

    Smart, disciplined, ethical, quiet.

    Trump would love to have him fired, but he wouldn’t dare.

  49. “Putin-Wikileaks”? Is that a new start up?

    Someone had better tell Mueller that Roger Stone has fenced stolen DNC material, because none of these charges relate to such a thing.

  50. No Pete. If you had bothered to click on my link at 8.09 you would not have posted that.

  51. “CNN just happened to be on the scene to capture it all. ”

    There was an article on Daily Kos yesterday titled “Mueller’s grand jury conducts rare Thursday session, could be sign of Friday indictments”


    The article and mutiple commenters mention Stone. The previous time that the Grand Jury met on Thursday the 12 Russians were indicted the next day.

    If a bunch of internet keyboard warriors at Daily Kos could work this out yesterday there is nothing surprising about CNN being able to work it out.

  52. Yesterday Trump caves of State of the Union speech, today Trump caves on wall after 35 days of destructive shutdown, and Stone indicted with more sure to come.

    Trump is now a lame-duck President. There will be no more good news for him, just more on corruption, collusion, immigration horror stories, etc. Nobody knows if he will last his term, and the possibility of a second term is zero. The imposter and the party that propped him up have caused the US major harm, and I hope all Americans will come to see that and that our nation gets back on a good course.

    Incidentally, the article Phantom posted above about Michael Bloomberg is excellent. Bloomberg nails Trump perfectly.

  53. Poppycock!

  54. The only good news for Trump is those horrible candidates who have announced they are running against him.

  55. Fifteen Russians were indicted by Mueller months ago for hacking the DNC email server in 2016 and feeding it to Putin-Wikileaks to help Trump’s campaign

    What was in the DNC email server that could possibly have helped Trump’s campaign?

  56. https://www.infowars.com/after-being-silenced-at-biggest-press-conference-in-history-roger-stone-tells-all/

  57. ( do ) you think sending swat for a 66yr old man for lying to congress is justified?

    No, not at all.

    I’d have quietly asked him to come down to the station or wherever he needed to go. He was/is no danger to anyone.

  58. That kind of thing -over the top arrests – as something that Giuliani as a prosecutor was great at.

    Instead of asking the accused to come to the station or court or whatever, he would have feds enter their place of work, where they’d be arrested and led out in handcuffs in front of all their co workers.

    This was sadism, pure and simple, and it was criticized at the time.

    It still goes on.


  59. During the election cycle and following Trump becoming POTUS, were any US publications – newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines etc. – supportive of Trump? What was the balance of Donald vs Hillary, and subsequently?

  60. I read from a highly accurate news source that ‘journalists’ are being laid off……


  61. Allen, all the media were dismissive of Trump, even after his nomination. I think a few small town papers endorsed him.

  62. sorry, Allan!

  63. Fox News was the one big media that supported him pretty much all along – even before he declared, he was treated as a big shot with puff interviews by Sean Hannity.

    Infowars and Michael Savage were early supporters too.

  64. Phantom – the question was clearly put.

    During the election cycle and following Trump becoming POTUS, were any US publications – newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines etc. – supportive of Trump? What was the balance of Donald vs Hillary, and subsequently?

    You know that this is not about Infowars and Michael Savage.

    So, in summary, Fox News lent Trump some support out of the entire corporate media. Trump got about 3% support from the MSM – and yet there are complaints that Trump bypasses the media by using Twitter?

  65. By all means he can and should speak direct to the public, but IMO these short, simple, emotional, ill considered top of his head tweets aren’t exactly helping his stature.

    Thinking before writing, if tweeting can even be considered writing, would be very nice.

  66. That’s why the State of the Union is so important. It allows the President to speak directly to the American people. It’s important to show the continuity of our government, that we are not Venezuela. Sure it gets a little hoaky at times, but that’s part of tradition.

  67. poor NYr you’ve stripped all your gears…… shame you were once a thinking man.

  68. I was going to do a post on this but since it’s Friday and Pete has put up a weird version of a very good song I’ll just lay some comments here so that I’m on record.

  69. Oh my god Trumps crumbled he’s defeated. Nancy swept in on her broom with her flying monkeys and tore him to pieces…….. lmao

    The first paycheck the government “missed” they got paid for 63 hours of work. Today would have been the first day they got nothing. They will have their paychecks in their accounts by Monday and will get the 17 hrs they missed in the last pay by the end of next week.

    So no one suffered any hardship despite what you may have heard.

  70. As for his tweets Phantom they do exactly what they are supposed to do…..

    piss people like you off and make the 63 million who voted for him laugh.

  71. Nancy swept in on her broom


  72. So all of a sudden Trump crumbles…. he stops the back and forth on the State of the Union and he signs the deal Lindsey Graham put together two weeks ago.

    With a 3 week ticking clock……..

    What did Nancy win?

    Federal workers have lost no money, that’s a myth. The President could have held the sou in the Senate or on the steps of the capital or ordered a joint meeting which the constitution gives him the right to do.

    Instead he bowed out magnanimously, and wrote a very nice letter giving her the end of the rope…. Now he signed a 3 week CR that’s the other 30 feet of rope.

    If he gets his wall in that 3 weeks he won. If he doesn’t get it…..

    After making concession after concession he’s given her more than enough rope to hang herself.

    It’s called a ropeadope.

  73. Peter…. ???

    Wicked Witch of the West……


  74. “Federal workers have lost no money, that’s a myth.”

    Not true. They will get that money back but they did lose money, albeit temporarily. And for workers living pay cheque to pay cheque then they were hit hard by it.

    “The President could have held the sou in the Senate”

    He could have.

    “or on the steps of the capital”

    He could have.

    “or ordered a joint meeting which the constitution gives him the right to do.”

    He could not have.

  75. Most likely Trump has relented due to pressure from Senate Republicans. The cloture motion on the Democrats proposal (opening the government without wall money) was rejected the other day with 52-44 in favour (short of the 60). Six Republican Senators voted for it. The public blame the Republicans for the shutdown. Likely speaking had the shutdown continued that six Republicans voting for the Democrat motion would likely have only ticked upwards. Likely Mitch McConnell told Trump he can’t stop the Senate from voting for it and it would put Trump in a position (something McConnell had protected him from to this point) of having to veto a CR that would have ended the shutdown.

  76. Seamus they were shorted 17hrs of pay that’s it…… the avg Federal worker makes $100,000

    that’s over double the avg american worker….. if they are living paycheck to paycheck no one is feeling sorry for them.


  77. Start a clock lets see who’s right in 3 weeks.

  78. Federal contract workers – who are important in defense, NASA, other areas – Have had their hours cut back and it does not appear likely that they will be reimbursed for their lost wages

  79. Wicked Witch of the West…

    And that’s the best that the GOP can do against Pelosi. On the night that Trump caves on the shutdown. LOL

    But at leat you will get Roe v Wade struck down this year. That’s why the God-botherers voted for the pussy-grabber.

  80. From the NY Times:


    “While the median federal salary is $77,000, about one-fifth of workers make less than $50,000. Many have said they have less than a month of savings.”

    And $77,000 is the average. There are going to be people on less than that. 1/5th make less than $50,000. For someone on say $35,000 they’ve missed over $2,000 pay. That’s quite a lot.

  81. they got a 3/4 check two weeks ago and will have a full check on monday with the missing 25% of the check be fore by friday….. no one was inconvenienced.

    You bought the spin hook line and sinker

  82. And one thing that’s going to surprise them. They will get a lump sum back pay check, so the tax withholding is going to be higher than it would be for individual checks. They get it back next year during tax time, but that’s little comfort now. It’s happened to me when I worked for the Army.

  83. “You bought the spin hook line and sinker”

    As you say they received a 3/4 two weeks ago. a) its January, a financially tough month following Christmas. b) If you are living pretty much close to the bottom line then losing that 1/4 can hurt – did their mortgage providers or landlords accept 3/4 rent? Did their supermarkets accept 3/4 the price of their goods?

  84. The fake president said that they should work Out an arrangement with their supermarket

    I’m sure that many people did just that 🙂

  85. I have to agree with Seamus. I’ve been though it. It’s a very tight squeeze. Luckily I had savings when I was furloughed.

  86. “I have to agree with Seamus. I’ve been though it. It’s a very tight squeeze. Luckily I had savings when I was furloughed.”

    And a lot of people don’t have those savings:


    “Just 39% of Americans say they have enough savings to cover a $1,000 emergency room visit or car repair”

    “Some 44% of people said they could not cover an unexpected $400 emergency expense or would rely on borrowing or selling something to do so”

    The shutdown provided for the average federal worker a $5,000 shortfall in their wages. The majority of Americans wouldn’t be able to do so.

  87. It is estimated that 40% of Americans have less than $10,000 in savings when they retire

    That is also an astonishing figure

  88. PVR

    “poor NYr you’ve stripped all your gears”. We will see. Much of his base is very unhappy with the series of caving. But he does have an upcoming photo-op with the North Korean, two plump tricksters. Trump’s numbers will continue to decline and there is nothing in sight to reverse it.

  89. Much of his base is very unhappy with the series of caving.

    I’m not. The President tried to negotiate time and time again but was rebuffed by Dr. No. This isn’t over by a long shot.

  90. NYr Trumps numbers will never be out of the 40s, but Congresses numbers barely break double digits at 12.

  91. They have 3 weeks Charles.

    He’s compromised on this 3 times, they have not given once….. what do they say about 3 strikes?

  92. Donald Trump was elected on the wall which, whilst it may be a metaphor, is still an item that must be delivered by 2020 or at least be seen to be in the post. Trump should simply by-pass Congress and build the wall from a military budget. It is, after all, an important item for protection of the US civilian population

  93. Charles

    Ann Coulter: “Good news for George Herbert Walker Bush: As of today, he is no longer the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States,” She has a sizable following.

    The wall issue is over, Trump caved. There is no way after three weeks his party will support another shutdown.


    “Trump’s approval ratings have fallen in most public polls, including a Washington Post-ABC News survey released Friday that found 37 percent approve of his presidency and 58 percent disapprove.” 37 is less than 40. His numbers will continue to decline. He is a lame-duck who will be lucky if he gets to finish his present term. Lame-duck Presidents are bad for the country but people voted for a guy with no experience and a dubious biography.

  94. If Ann Coulter is mad, Trump must be doing something right!

  95. The vile Excuse for a woman Ann Coulter used that as a slap at the late George HW Bush

    Who was no wimp

  96. There’s always been several things that are not quite right about Ann Coulter

  97. NYr lets see what happens…. you think Pelosi won, when to more people than you believe really think she’s being an ass. The Border is the issue that got Trump elected. He didn’t create the issue he rode it all the way into the white house.

    Besides the drugs there are 1000s crossing illegally into the country everyday say 10% or less are criminals that means the other 90% are here to take middle income jobs not lettuce pickers. They’re here to be carpenters, bricklayers, painters…. etc etc that’s why Trump won the Union vote in Pa and Oh.

    And please please tell me out of the 20 or so dems running who in your personal belief is the candidate that can beat him…. ? Regale us with your choice.

  98. Ann Coulter is one of the most deliberately provocative Trolls in media world. It earns her a living . She recently declined an invitation to run for political office because she says women should not be in the workforce. That shows the level of her sincerity.

  99. It is a sad day in America when a deceased patriot and hero can be so blithely insulted by a person whose sole contribution to American life has been to vomit vile opinions in a cocktail dress on TV.

  100. Troll,
    Where I come from, you work a day’s work, you get a day’s pay. You get paid at the end of the week or the end of the month, whichever has been agreed upon. Anything else is shitty, unless there is a legitimate reason for not paying.
    Your president knew that what he was doing would result in ordinary people not getting paid, and he did it anyway. That was a shitty thing to do, and it’s much worse because it was their ‘leader’ who did it.
    You can tell you weren’t affected in any way by this, for 2 reasons:
    1. You supported and have defended it.
    2. Had you been affected in even the slightest way by it, we would have had endless posts from you, re-affirming your origin story and how badly this was affecting you. I guess your welfare didn’t stop? Or if it did, someone else in the family took care of the bills? Maybe you came to an arrangement with your local store/bank?
    Your president played a game with other people’s welfare and income, and neither he, nor you, gives a flying fuck about them, because the great system you live in took care of both of you, so fuck everyone else.
    If ever there was a time for true, patriotic Americans to evoke their 2nd Ammendment Rights and bear arms to bring down a corrupt government, it is now.
    But it won’t happen, cos at least it ain’t Hillary, right?
    Sleep easy tonight. Your vote cost other people their wage, their food, their security.

  101. PVR

    Trump invented the border issue to get elected; one report said it was Roger Stone’s idea. A majority of the country does not think it is a major problem, they certainly don’t think it is such a problem that warrants throwing $5.7billion away in a boondoggle. The invented issue worked well with a certain credulous segment of the population, but the nation overall now sees Trump as a trickster and failure and will not indulge his stunts. He is a guy who is happy to waste other people’s money. No more, the House will prevent further wastage.

    I have no idea who will be running in 2020. It is uncertain Trump will be a candidate. I suspect the Democrats will wait to see what happens with Trump. There are reports that some Republicans will challenge Trump if he is around to run. Whoever runs I think he/she will not be an amateur with no government experience; hopefully we have learned a lesson from the current disaster.

    I agree with people above about Ann Coulter. She is a political hustler who has some talent in riling up certain type of people. She was on TV last night and is looking long in the tooth. She is a not bad looking middle-age woman who thinks she is some type of hot chick. But Mother Nature tells no lies.

  102. NYr

    Please don’t take this wrong I’ve alway considered you one of the more responsible commenters here. Not an emotional basket case, arrogant new yorker, or brainwashed denizen of the left. I even asked once if you were in law enforcement on some level.

    Trump did NOT invent the Border issue, if that’s what you believe you haven’t been paying attention to anything outside the bubble for over 20 years.

    And I didn’t ask you who you thought was running for the democrats I asked you who YOUR choice is.

    Do yourself a favor my friend and expand your reading base. Go to real clear politics and read the ten or 12 stories they post each day they give one right and one left on each issue.

    Expand your database.

  103. New Yorker,

    Trump invented the border issue to get elected; one report said it was Roger Stone’s idea. A majority of the country does not think it is a major problem, they certainly don’t think it is such a problem that warrants throwing $5.7billion away in a boondoggle.

    My thoughts are exactly the same. Will spending this kind of money have a significant reduction in illegal immigration into the US? And don’t forget the ongoing costs. I don’t think the wall by itself will have a huge impact on illegal immigration without active border security along its length, and it certainly won’t make any difference to the flow of drugs into the US.
    At the end of the day, will Americans be getting value for money, and a border that will actually make a significant difference?

  104. Then you fly in the face of all evidense Dave.

    Every area that has been walled along our Border there are 200 miles of wall already, in each location crime dropped by 90% ask Charles. The WALL is the request of the border patrol and if you were paying attention the money being requested is for other things also like personell.

    The 5.0 Billion is the cost of the wall and other personnel and equipment that the border patrol have requested….. the list of what’s needed including the wall comes from the boots on the ground.

  105. 5.9 Billion

  106. All I can say is that I am happy that El Paso has a wall between us and the basket case, third world city of Juarez. Our murder rate is 1/10 of theirs. The wall prevents spillover.

  107. and it’s not 200 miles of existing wall it’s 700 miles of existing wall and fence that are already in place.

    That wall has made a major difference in El Paso. Juarez is a free fire zone run by the cartel.

  108. PVR

    “Trump did NOT invent the Border issue”. Why was it not a major issue before Trump when more people were crossing the border? Were there children dying in custody before Sessions instituted “zero tolerance”?

    “And I didn’t ask you who you thought was running for the democrats I asked you who YOUR choice is.” I said above, “I have no idea who will be running in 2020.” How can I have a choice if I do not know who is running.

    “Do yourself a favor my friend and expand your reading base.” I read widely on many subjects every day. They may be different than what you read, but I consider them responsible and comprehensive.

  109. PVR

    “The WALL is the request of the border patrol and if you were paying attention the money being requested is for other things also like personell.” Border patrol and most other government agencies will always ask for more money. The question is what is the most effective and efficient means of protecting the border. There are people who have studied the issue in a scholarly and dispassionate manner and they should be consulted as well as looking at what other nations do. Israel, for example, has some solid walls but more of their borders are protected by monitored smart fences. When spending billions I think some solid research and thought should be put into the matter, rather than blindly following political soundbites.