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By Pete Moore On January 26th, 2019

“Breast ironing.”

An African practice of “ironing” a girl’s chest with a hot stone to delay breast formation is spreading in the UK, with anecdotal evidence of dozens of recent cases, a Guardian investigation has established.

Community workers in London, Yorkshire, Essex and the West Midlands have told the Guardian of cases in which pre-teen girls from the diaspora of several African countries are subjected to the painful, abusive and ultimately futile practice […]

The perpetrators, usually mothers, consider it a traditional measure which protects girls from unwanted male attention, sexual harassment and rape.

One wonders how much enrichment we can take. Left-liberals are the ultimate colonisers. They imagine that primitive people from backward cultures will shed their old ways the moment they arrive in the West. It an attempt at colonising the mind. And it’s futile of course, as futile as “breast ironing”.


  1. Another enriching cultural trait to add to clit-snipping. The coexist liberals, of course will embrace this with their usual open armed global frenzy, as long as they don’t have to under-go the procedure.

  2. Apart from maybe a few loonies, no one on the left is embracing this practice.
    You really do talk an endless stream of crap, don’t you Eddie.

  3. But, but, but..

    If we apparently live in a multicultural society, one can assume that there are many different cultures?

    So if Voodoo, FMG, and Breast ironing with hot stones, is someone else’s culture.

    Don’t we just have to put up with it?

    Or, do we actually live in a multiethnic society?

  4. Dave
    You don’t actually think that Eddie, who refers to the disgusting practice of Female Genital Mutilation as ‘clit-snipping’ actually gives a shit about any of the victims here, do you? He cares almost as little as ATW’s Village idiot and resident rape fetishist (as long as its black-on-white), who commented immediately after you on this thread

  5. Seimi.
    Well said. I totally agree mate.
    Harri’s not even making sense these days. He’s completely lost the plot.

  6. Dave

    I totally agree mate


  7. Oooops!

    Dave, well said, I totally agree mate


  8. It’s spread to Canada……


    I just can’t understand this

  9. The teenage thugs, who are moving through Blanchardstown and out to north county Dublin, have been behind a number of vicious assaults, robberies and even threats on the lives of gardai in recent months …

    We can reveal that the gang, with African origins, are running rampant in communities all over the capital, with gardai insisting “they don’t fear or respect us anymore”.

    The future’s going to be so great.

  10. Pete, Allan.

    You guys are so negative. We’re statistically speaking, living in the best times, with the lowest crime rates, and the highest standard of living. Cheer up.

  11. Yes Dave. We are living in such times. So why screw it all up by importing masses from countries with high crimes rates and low standards of living?

  12. Pete – I’m sure that what you really mean is that importing masses of fast-breeding, violent, low-IQ turd-worlders will not generate Dave’s pension.

  13. Pete Moore,

    Yes Dave. We are living in such times. So why screw it all up by importing masses from countries with high crimes rates and low standards of living?

    Thing is Pete, none of our governments left or right, seem to be listening to the people when it comes to controlling immigration. What’s a solution here, because to be honest, I don’t know.