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By Pete Moore On January 26th, 2019

It’s been an instructive week for Bolsheviks on both sides of the pond.

The National Union of Students is not only one of the loonier outposts of leftwingery, it’s been a revolutionary training school for many a politician, journalist and other vultures eager to lord it over the plebs.

The NUS has been losing money for a long time and its liabilities are crippling. It was revealed this week that it’s shedding half of its paid staff and having to flog its London HQ just to stay alive.

It’s no better at the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed, two far-left sites specialising in fake news and clickbait rubbish for bored millennials. Both are laying off a load of staff writers. Why? Because they’re losing money.

So all of a sudden a few commies might have realised that profit is both good and necessary. It’s nature’s way of saying that you’re meeting a demand while adding value. These organisations are not only not adding value, they’re making everyone a little bit poorer. They’re putting resources together and conducting operations in such a way that kills value. That’s what making a loss is. So it’s better for everyone if loss makers simply stop what they’re doing.


  1. Such a basic concept here, but so poorly understood by most. Most people seem to think in terms of currency (ie, that if I give you £50 for services performed, then I lose £50 and you gain £50). It is not so.

    Let’s say I grow tomatoes, and that you are a plumber. I want some tomatoes, and my toilet is blocked. I hire you to unblock my plumbing and in return I pay you an agreed amount of tomatoes. We BOTH make a profit! How so? I get what I want, because you do the work for me, which is what you are good at and what I cannot do, and in return, you get what you want, which is what I am good at growing but you could not do.

  2. * Edit: YOU want some tomatoes! (Edit comment would be so good on here)