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It Wasn’t an Accident

By Phantom On January 29th, 2019

Every so often, you hear of something bizarre, the possibility of which you’ve never even considered before.

We are told that three St Louis police officers, one woman and two men, got together to play a game. They placed one bullet in a chamber, then took turns spinning the cylinder, then took turns aiming the weapon at one of the others and pulling the trigger.

One of the men fired the gun at the woman, killing her. It’s being described as an ” accident “.

If the incident is as described, it’s no accident to me.

You don’t point a gun at anyone you don’t intend to shoot, and you definitely don’t pull the trigger of a pointed gun, unless you intend to kill someone.

Throw the book at them.

None of these three should have been police officers in the first place.

St Louis Police Russian Roulette

24 Responses to “It Wasn’t an Accident”

  1. It’s murder, pure and simple. What was going on in their heads, one wonders.

  2. Strikes me as a decent nominee for the Darwin Awards as well.

  3. There are many cops who should not be cops.

    These guys didn’t even have the slightest regard for their own lives, much less those of others.

    The charge is ” involuntary manslaughter “. Unless there’s something we don’t know, the charge is a lie, way too low. If you point a loaded gun at someone and pull the trigger, that’s as intentional as it gets

  4. Olsten was named last year in a federal suit over the protests that followed the acquittal of Jason Stockley. The suit says Olsten got agitated and, without warning, used a pepper spray fogger on four people.

    One of the cops, not the shooter, apparently was a known problem.

  5. ok first off you “Link” goes to a different story and then links to the one your posting about at the bottom


    so what is this lets bash the cops day…. go to slum city like New Orleans and pull up the page on all the officer involved shootings and lets just pick a couple,,,,?


  6. my bad

    will fix

    Its not bashing the cops to point out incidents like this

    There were not one but three bad cops there, all with depraved indifference to their own lives and the lives of others, one of whom had acted badly before.

    Hendren’s defense attorney issued a statement saying the death of Alix “was a tragic accident that has unalterably impacted the lives of everyone involved,” FOX2 reported.

    This wasn’t an accident. Anyone who says that it was is a liar.

  7. it was a lovers triangle that got got found out between three people and the woman got shot…….

  8. yeah I though you were going for a 2fer

  9. Are you saying that the story of Russian roulette is not true?

  10. I very highly doubt it….

  11. How’d he get a black eye during the game?

  12. Pat, check mail please.

  13. Seamus

    It is reported that he head butted the police car when arrested, etc.

  14. Ok. It’s possible. Truth be told it looks like he’s taken a punch.

  15. Who can forget the scene in Deerhunter?

    A truly depraved story and, as Phantom noted, no accident.

  16. ok Paul

  17. If this is as described, it is a waste of three lives, and severe collateral damage to extended family, for no good reason at all.

    There are a lot of lost souls in this world, a lot of seriously stupid people too.

  18. Paul got a question check your mail

  19. I saw this story when it first happened…. it stinks.

    I don’t buy it.

  20. If it’s not too much trouble that would be great Pat. Many thanks.

  21. Yes, it’s snowing here too.

    Terrible, isn’t it? 🙂

  22. Snow is never terrible. It’s lovely and fluffy and pretty and magical and makes everyone go Aaaaaaaah 🥰

  23. Colm, don’t confuse driving snow with snowflake snow.

  24. Noel

    Snow means Snow ! As Theresa May might say 😉