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By Pete Moore On January 29th, 2019

I love the sound of MPs being carted off the prison.

An MP has become the first sitting politician in nearly three decades to be jailed after she lied to police when she was issued with a speeding ticket.

Solicitor Fiona Onasanya had denied being behind the wheel when her car was spotted being driven at 41mph in a 30mph zone, in July 2017 … She has been jailed for three months after a re-trial at the Old Bailey.

The court heard evidence Onasanya was texting as well as speeding, during the summer recess.

I wonder if she’s one of the Fenland Onasanyas. Probably not. This one was imposed by the Labour Party without any selection process. When she received the speeding ticket she blamed an innocent bloke who knew nothing about it. Then she claimed everyone is racist. Now she’s going to prison, and she’ll still be an MP on 77 grand a year.

4 Responses to “LABOUR MP JAILED”

  1. But she was expelled from the Labour Party when convicted a few weeks ago. The three month jail sentence means she can remain an MP on full pay, but thankfully there will be a recall petition which needs 10% of the voters to trigger a by-election. At which she may well try to stand as an independent. She has been totally brazen and shameless until now, so why should she change?

  2. 41 in a 30? Hell, if you aren’t doing 50 in a 30 where I live in a “red state” you’ll be rolled over by Lincoln Navigators, Cadillac Escalades, Dodge 5.7 litre RAM pick-ups all driven by “Blue state” escapees who are current or retired solicitors (Lawyers to you yanks). Then when the dust settles a sheriff’s deputy will come past and paste a citation on your wind-screen for “obstructing traffic.

  3. Not the crime, the cover-up ( lying ).

    But the linked article doesn’t say exactly what the lie was.

    She has a brother named Festus. That’s excellent. Hi, Festus.

  4. I believe that the appropriate word is shameless. Apparently she is appealing the conviction which will coincidentally delay the recall petition:

    “Sources close to Onasanya, the first serving MP to be jailed in 28 years, said she was believed to be planning to return to work as an MP once she leaves prison. She will continue to be paid while in prison, parliamentary sources confirmed. Labour and the Conservatives have called for her to “do the decent thing” and resign immediately. Onasanya appeared at the Old Bailey in London on Tuesday to be sentenced alongside her brother Festus Onasanya, who pleaded guilty to three similar charges and was sentenced to 10 months…

    Under laws introduced in 2015, any prison term, even a suspended sentence, leads to a recall petition, which will be open for six weeks and can force a byelection if signed by 10% of voters in a constituency. Because Onasanya, 35, has appealed against her conviction, this may not happen for several months. The recall petition cannot be opened until any appeal process has concluded.”