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By Pete Moore On January 29th, 2019

It’s ok when they do it.

One of the county’s biggest fire services has been accused of discrimination after it emerged white men have to score higher in its recruitment tests than anyone else.

West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service wants 60% of new recruits to be women, and 35% to be from black and minority ethnic groups by 2021.

In a bid to reach the target, they have altered the pass rates to make it easier for people from those groups to get through the test.

It looks like someone’s getting the whip hand. Remember, while the flames are licking around and a weak woman is struggling to help, that the virtue signallers were chuffed at themselves for getting those boxes ticked.


  1. Once this discrimination starts, there’s no end to it.

    A fireman should be able to drag heavy people out of a burning building. If they’re bullshitting their way around that one, innocent people will die.

  2. Reality is the toughest test

    A Female ‘Firefighter’ Shows Why You’d Want a Man to Rescue You


    Trace XL
    Trace XL
    2 years ago
    IF she’s strong enough, fast enough, AND able to cope with fear and pain like the men do, good on her and best of luck. Otherwise, she doesn’t belong there. It’s not a man/woman thing, it’s having the capability to pass the tests and prove that, in the field, you can save lives. All the classroom teaching is useless if you can’t go out and put it to work.

    2 years ago
    “Good effort” clap clap clap

    Absurd comedy. All it needs is the muffled screams of burning children in the background.

    Now, whoever allowed standards to be ‘relaxed’ and somebody dies as a consequence, that ‘whoever’ must be accountable

  3. In jobs where physical strength is a crucial factor I think that women should have to compete on a level playing field with men however the article states that the deduction is in verbal and numerical tests only.

  4. They will never get to 60% female new recruits without watering down the physical strength tests.

    And every incoming fireman has a need to be physically fit, stronger than most men are. For obvious reasons.

  5. If you can’t learn to do this, you should never be allowed on the force.


  6. I agree Phantom but am just reiterating what the articles states.

  7. They’ve hired some very useless fake firemen here.



  8. I have no problem with them seeking diversity in recruiting, but testing should be the same for all.

  9. Pete’s link says…..

    West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service wants 60% of new recruits to be women, and 35% to be from black and minority ethnic groups by 2021.

    Following through Pete’s link, one sees the consequences of promoting ‘minorities’


    Now this is a ‘nurse’

  10. Everybody, should compete on a level playing field when being assessed for the suitability to do a job. I’m happy for women to be firemen, (or whatever the modern name is), as long as they can do the job including the physical aspects of the job to the same level as a qualified fireman.

  11. Privilege exists, but whitey doesn’t have it in countries created by whitey…..