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By Pete Moore On January 30th, 2019

Virginia House Democrats have introduced a Bill which would remove all restrictions on abortion. It would allow abortions up to the very moment of birth. It has the backing of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. However he might think it doesn’t quite go far enough. Here he is, saying that babies ought to be allowed to die –

We’re well beyond “a woman’s right to decide on her body” at this point. The Left has long done a dance of death on abortion. Hard-left feminists routinely celebrate the killing of the unborn. We’re now staring straight at the possibly of infanticide being similarly celebrated.

The Left believes itself to champion the weakest and most vulnerable. Any of them not horrified by what’s going on in Virginia should at least have the decency to drop that claim.


  1. There is no such thing as “the left” or “ The Right “

  2. Actually there is a left and right but abortion is an issue that isn’t neatly in either

    The libertarian monster Ayn Rand who many might call a conservative, adored abortion.

  3. What I meant Phantom is that there is no uniformity of view. You can’t take one policy in one area on one issue and claim this is the view or is “owned” by an entire amorphous body such as “the left”

  4. The Left has long done a dance of death on abortion.

    The libertarian right is also mostly pro-choice.

  5. Recall the scene at Dublin airport just prior to Ireland’s vote on abortion. Women coming back into Ireland to vote for the ‘right’ to kill their own babies were being met by whooping, hollering young women who were just delighted to get the ‘right’ to kill their own babies. It is what terminated my view of women being any kind of equal. There are cases where abortion should be allowed but these are the 0.1% that the baby-killers use to prise open the door.


    8 months ago
    Most of these women seem very immature to be voting on such a serious subject. Shouting and screaming at arrivals is a bit much. I hope they understand what they are actually voting for.

    Damian – you’re right. They haven’t a fucking clue


    ‏ @iamdeeokeeffe
    24 May 2018
    Replying to @laurafleur @hcjewell

    So proud to see Irish women showing their power and unity. #Repealthe8

    Indeed – The power to kill your baby

    ‏Verified account @chrissahardy
    24 May 2018
    Replying to @laurafleur

    Women are changing the world. It’s a heavy burden to bear. Good thing we’re made of steel.

    Steel can break down doors when there’s a fire: women can’t. But yes, women are definitely changing our world. Take a look at Germany/Sweden

  6. I’ve made my argument that most recently was described as contradictory at the least, but I believe that conversation ended with understanding.

    I did the post on the outrage of NY State being lit in Pink in the praise of infanticide… with this new Legal Infanticide being in Virginia will they make a great showing of the Bars ans Stripes since both were designed to deal with the same “problem”

  7. Virginia isn’t what it used to be, for better and worse.

    Rural, western and southern VA is largely traditional, the part near DC is SF/NYC only the construction is so much newer.

  8. Largest concentration of Wealth and Power all lobbyists, power brokers, and politicians.

  9. Pete – you should listen to this, especially the point made at 3.18 – 4.41


  10. Actually, there are a lot of good private businesses there, that are not government related, media / technology included.

    People like living there, there’s a very good workforce now.

  11. Pete


    Tech, media, communications, banking, insurance, more.

    The feds are big in Virginia, but there are many big private employers. You see them everywhere, in their new buildings.

  12. Allan – Thanks, I haven’t listened to Morgoth in a while. He’s right of course.

  13. Let’s not forget that Pete Moore and Allan are on record here as being opposed to abortion in all circumstances, with no exceptions whatsoever.

    I’m sure they will correct me if they need to.

  14. I might not be sure that Allan opposes it in all circumstances.

  15. Not sure that I am either, but I’m opposed to it in most circumstances.

    Peter, do you have anything to say about this new fashion in in abortion circles for infanticide?

  16. I’m against it Pete.

  17. we need some humor


  18. Maybe we need to abort this thread 😉

  19. I’m against it…..

  20. LOL, good catch PVR at 9:59.

  21. Allan@Aberdeen, on January 30th, 2019 at 8:25 PM Said:

    There are cases where abortion should be allowed but these are the 0.1% that the baby-killers use to prise open the door.

    Peter, on January 30th, 2019 at 9:31 PM Said:

    Let’s not forget that Pete Moore and Allan are on record here as being opposed to abortion in all circumstances, with no exceptions whatsoever.

    I’m sure they will correct me if they need to.

    Peter – as you can see, I was decent enough to pre-correct you so as not to have to do so later in the thread.

  22. Cheers Allan. That 0.1% makes all the difference, i.e. 1 per thousand if my maths are correct?

  23. “A woman who is trying to change Northern Ireland’s abortion law, with a case based on her personal experience, has begun her High Court challenge. Sarah Ewart was denied an abortion in 2013, despite doctors saying her baby would not survive outside the womb…”


  24. It is stunning frankly this new trend in what can only be described as infanticide. And this governor was a pediatrician. It defies all prior legal arguments regarding viability that used to be the standard for the prochoice side.

  25. He’s a pediatrician?


  26. Yes. It is beyond belief.

  27. This is the slippery slope. What’s next? Misbehaving teenager? Student failing exams? Once you permit any type of murder it pollutes ethics and gradually abortion leads to infanticide and beyond. It is barbarism.

  28. The Dem lawmaker who co-sponsored the bill has said “sorry”, as she didn’t actually read the bill or know how far it went!

  29. They needed to pass it to know what’s in it.


  30. This is an unbelievable discussion that Tucker Carlson had with a Valley Girl on the post-birth abortion proposed by Virginia Dems. Are these people really like this?


  31. The ‘Valley Girl’ – yes, those are here in the UK too – is from Brooklyn and here is the weight of disgust on her twitter page…..


    Cameron Williams
    ‏ @Mavic_Chen
    Jan 30

    I am pro-choice, however your appearance on Tucker Carlson was nuts Monica. Not answering the question, throwing BUZZ WORDS like: Kavanaugh, border wall, family separation…ANSWER THE QUESTION!
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    ‏ @KWW0311
    Replying to @Mavic_Chen @MonicaCKlein @TuckerCarlson

    Yeah I’m out, just one vote but not voting for a democrat again. I would rather deal with puritan conservatives than this.
    9:04 pm – 30 Jan 2019

    Miss Priss
    ‏ @gbread2481
    Jan 30
    Replying to @KWW0311 @Mavic_Chen and

    Please join the #WalkAwayFromDemocrats now, we are working hard to stop an out of control Party. I am a fairminded person and truly believe in living in peace. But, this is beyond reproach. Our government will not recover until this stops