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By Patrick Van Roy On January 31st, 2019

That sounds like a Threat to me.

The Bombers are headed for the Oil Fields now……. how’s that for American Solidarity……

Vietnam my ass….

18 Responses to “ROFLMAO”

  1. He Venezuela is a basket case and I hope the current regime ends but how is promising to defend your country from an attack by a foreign power a ‘threat’ ?

  2. tough guy sounds like he’s threatening us to me…… 😉

  3. He’s just warning the US to keep its nose out of his country’s business.
    You know Patrick, like you do all the time when it comes to other countries and the US.

  4. I don’t think there’s a cat in hell’s chance of the US sending troops to Venezuela and I think even Patrick knows this so this is all just hypothetical.

  5. // I think even Patrick knows this so this is all just hypothetical.//

    But hope springs eternal.

  6. Well he’s been waiting so frustratingly long for war with Iran he’s probably now decided to place his bets on Venezuela 😉

  7. Any military intervention by the US would instantly reframe the issue to one of yanqui oppression of Latin Americans

    It would be a gift to the incompetent, ruinous Maduro regime

    There would be voices within the scatterbrain presidency that would want to intervene, esp with the sober Mattis no longer there.

    Maduro and Trump have similarities- both are unpopular minority leaders who don’t know anything about the economy.

  8. Hmmm !

    I think we have been here before ?

  9. Well you know Maduro is the perfect leader he has the backing of The Soviets, Iran, and Cuba.

  10. I oppose imperialism by the US.

    But I also oppose imperialism by Cuba and the others.

    And Cuba has deep tentacles throughout the failed Venezuelan regime, deep into the military and the national oil company, everything.

    Castroite Cuba has done great harm to the Venezuelan people, in many ways. The instruments of repression and surveillance by Cubans was largely paid for by the Venezuelan people’s oil, given to the Cuba regime to pay for it.

  11. Ronnie’s laughing his ass off at Nicaragua part deux from the “great beyond”.

  12. The EU has this afternoon formally recognised the opposition leader Guiado as the interim President pending elections. I confidently await our resident Brexiteers here on ATW to now swing behind Maduro 😉

  13. Nah, they support all Trump moves, so they’re Guidos

  14. you do know that’s a racist term…….

  15. I confidently await our resident Brexiteers here on ATW to now swing behind Maduro

    Why ? Does he support BREXIT ?

  16. Yes

  17. Vietnam my ass….

    Yes Patrick, and let’s not mention Iraq. Here is Black Addeder on WW1:


  18. loved it