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By Pete Moore On January 31st, 2019

“I also have an old-fashioned left-wing view of the European Union.

I don’t think it is democratic, I don’t think it works very well, and I think it is run in the interests of big business rather than ordinary people. I voted to come out in 1975, along with a large portion of the left, for what were then seen as Bennite reasons: democracy and the fact that it was pro-boss and anti-worker. I haven’t really changed my mind over the past 40 years.”

The Guardian’s Larry Elliott gives the left wing case for a clean Brexit. Do real it all.

It’s still strange to me that leftists are pro-EU, and many of them are. The majority of Labour MPs and the Labour Party membership are pro-EU, along with the great majority middle-class London luvvies and culture vultures.

It’s out there, in the rest of the country, that the left retains its conservative values. The Bennite objections remain, that the EU is elitist, corporatist and undemocratic.


  1. Yes Pete, I believe that I have quoted Larry a few times. He is sound on the leftist case for Brexit. And you can be sure that his analysis is shared by Corbyn and McDonnell.

    The ERM was the fore-runner to the Euro. ERM stands for European Exchange Rate Mechanism, but a more accurate name was Eternal Recession Machine. The UK exited in 1992 and Gordon Brown ensured that we never joined the single currency which it morphed into in 1999. Today we learnt that Italy is yet again in recession and that the Euro zone is barely growing, quelle surprise:


  2. “I don’t think it is democratic”

    It depends on what you are looking for. The difficulty with the democratic argument is that the EU isn’t set up to be a democratic body, representing the peoples of Europe. The EU is set up to be a body representing the individual member states of Europe. In fact moves to democratise the EU tend to be shifting more power away from the individual member states and more to the EU collectively (things like ending unanimous voting in the Council of the European Union; moving more powers to the European Parliament etc…).

    ” I don’t think it works very well”

    Compared to what really?

    “I think it is run in the interests of big business rather than ordinary people”

    And yet small businesses were split heavily on the referendum in the first place and are overwhelmingly opposed to a no deal Brexit.

  3. Yes Seamus, a no-deal Brexit is a bad idea for sure.

  4. Here is an Austrian army band playing their current national anthem. And then they play their real national anthem. In the centre of Vienna:


  5. And this is in Saint Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, not Berlin: