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Greatest female singer of my generation

By Patrick Van Roy On February 1st, 2019

and when this was still a thing of shame……

32 Responses to “Greatest female singer of my generation”

  1. She was good, popular and had a string of classics. But greatest singer in a generation? She might not have been the greatest singer even among the Supremes.

  2. She had that baby doll type of voice that I wasn’t entirely enamored of.

    I too wouldn’t think that she was the greatest of a generation that included Aretha Franklin, Joni Mitchell, Mama Cass, Dusty Springfield, Linda Ronstadt, Joan Baez, many others who were wonderful.

    She was good.

  3. Wth all due respect Pat, you’re talking nonsense. Just immediately off the top of her head here’s two of her contemporaries who were miles in front:

    Martha Reeves:


    And of course, the greatest female soul singer of all time. The absolutely unsurpassable:


  4. He probably mentioned compared to other Supremes…Sotomayor, Kagen, Ginsburg…

  5. Mahons probably thinks Babs Streisand or Cherilyn Sarkisian were tops, not for their voices but because they’re tree hugging Lib Millionairesses who hate president Trump.

  6. I would vote for Joan Baez. Great voice, but bad politics.

  7. I saw Joan Baez at one of the concerts on the Hudson River Piers that they used to have.

    Wonderful voice.

    Dolly Parton would be in the conversation, too. Really good singer, songwriter too.

    I’d take Emmylou Harris over Diana Ross, personally.

    There never is a clear winner to any of these things

  8. Joan Baez singing Basque protest song Txoria Txori (in Euskera ) live in Bilbao


  9. Eddie – your suggestion is, probably like your sex life, a product of your imagination.

  10. Roberta Flack. Just listen to this one, a masterpiece from the first to last note that can’t be played too often.


  11. Noel, that song is such perfection that every time I listen to it its sheer unadulterated beauty brings a lump to my throat.

  12. I realise these things are subjective, but I think Gladys Knight was a better singer.
    Or even this Shara Nelson:


  13. I wouldn’t put Diana Ross in my first 25.

    But she was OK.

  14. Cilla Black?!?!?

    For cribes sake, this is a sorta Brit website. Don’t leave out Cilla!!


  15. And, if you don’t mind a little (lot) quirkiness, there is no one around like Sia:


  16. Diana Ross was an above average voice but that’s all she was.

    Everybody’s familiar with Whigield’s ‘Saturday Night’ bubble gum pop. What is less well known is this ballad which shows what an incredible voice she has:


  17. Cilla’s last ‘Surprise Surprise’


  18. Paul

    You little tinker you. 😁

  19. Margarita Pracatan. Now there was a sublime voice 😉

  20. Thought you would say one of the Abba singers

  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGJQPkfwlAc

    Sorry There is only one Diana Ross and the best music of the last century came out of two cities Detroit and Philly…. There is no sound like Motown.

  22. When Motown moved from Detroit to LA in 1972 they lost 90% of their mojo.

    Before that it was a machine, producing an endless supply of really good music

  23. Margarita Pracatan. Now there was a sublime voice

    Clive James. That was essential viewing back in the day.

  24. off topic…. but someone needs to get a net.


  25. Merry Clayton for her stunning duet on Gimme Shelter. In my opinion the greatest female rock moment. And Irma Thomas from New Orleans (Time is on My Side). Two who must be named in this conversation.

  26. Speaking of Motown, Frank Wilson, Motown producer. Reportedly the most expensive 45 in history:


  27. Well if we’re just naming them I have to nama Annie Lennox, and Billie Holliday.

    I can list at least 50 woman that have made fantastic music with great vocal abilities. I’ve seen Diana Ross perform twice.

    The city I grew up in was the showcase for Motown With American Bandstand and multiple radio stations and platforms dedicated to just that sound. It still plays everyday.

    The woman listed above by all of you are excellent but as Ms Ross turns 75 this year I look back at the soundtrack of my life and the music scene in general and she is the one that wears the crown.

  28. 2 great voces together…. Lennox and Franklin


  29. The beautiful Yorkshire lass Lesley Garrett sings Chopin:


  30. Here is some peace and calm, from Shostakovich:


  31. always good choices Peter

  32. And this Shocstakovich waltz was in Stanley Kunrick’s last movie “Eyes Wide Shut”. The one where it was obvious that Nicole Kidman was going to divorce her co-star Tom Cruise: