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By Pete Moore On February 1st, 2019

We had a blanket of snow last night. Predictably, not a piece of grit was to be found on the roads this morning.

I’d like to pay tribute to the heroes of the day – the delivery drivers, the supermarket staff, the packers and the builders and the shopkeepers. You are the real public servants, the backbone of the country. It’s you in the actual economy who keep everything going To the teachers and the civil servants, I hope you enjoyed your “snow day”.

It has now been snowing for 24 hours in my part of the country, something which the Met Office absolutely failed to predict. And of course Basingstoke Council hasn’t put down a grain of salt. So the roads are snow on ice all around, just as I had to drive down the M3 and through Basingstoke.

Forty miles of M3 is at a standstill while Basingstoke is gridlocked, mainly with 60K rear-wheel drive BMWs containing people who can’t in the snow, and gritters going nowhere. It’s taken me 6 hours to do 20 miles, thanks to the incompetent morons at Basingstoke Council and the climate change-obsessed Met Office, which cannot see a day of heavy snow coming over the horizon.

Outside of the private economy, this country is hopeless.


  1. Pete

    The Met Office issued warnings of heavy snow for Southern England at least 24 hours before it happened. The incompetence was your council’s non-response to the warnings.

  2. The greatest have been out on a regular basis around where I live Pete.
    Sounds like you’re council is just not a very good one.
    Out of interest Pete, part of Hampshire do you live in? I know it quite well.

    Outside of the private economy, this country is hopeless.

    Well, except for when the private economy fails spectacularly. You know like the banking crisis to name just one instance. You really do just have political blinkers on all the time, don’t you Pete.

  3. Well, except for when the private economy fails spectacularly. You know like the banking crisis

    And the rest Dave. In the past year we have seen Carillion and others collapse within months of getting a clean bill of health from their auditors. The most recent was Patisserie Valerie where a £40 million fraud was missed:


  4. In the US, lots of motorists in say Atlanta and Washington DC don’t know how to drive in the snow.

    Do you guys know how to drive in the snow

  5. I certainly do know how-to cope with snow. Been driving since 1980 and I do 75miles a day round trip to work. I also own a 4×4 sub my previous one also had mud n snow tyres fitted. This one doesn’t.. yet.
    That said Essex got of light today and I know the gritters were out this week as I see them working on my way home at 19:00.

  6. Phantom

    Do you guys know how to drive in the snow

    Do we bollocks. Most Brits completely crap when it comes to driving in bad weather. I’m a bit better than most because I spent time driving in Poland during their bad winters. the people of Poland are far better at driving in bad weather than the people of the UK. Ok the day to day driving ability is worse.

    My sympathies are with you and your fellow Americans Phantom. That’s one hell of a winter you’re having over there. Keep safe.

  7. The linked article speaks of up to 7 inches.

    That’s hardly the storm of the century.

    Though if there’s any black ice, that’s worse than snow.

  8. Dave

    In NYC, its deep cold, but thankfully no real snow at all this year.

    I feel bad for those who must work outside. No escape for them.

    We will warm up nicely ; 53 degrees predicted for Monday

  9. Peter –

    I watch the online Met Office forecast every evening before I go to bed. No snow was forecast for today. It was catastrophically wrong.

    Dave –

    I live in a village in the North Wessex AONB, roughly between Basingstoke and Newbury. It’s nice, rural and hilly. Great walking country.

    Phantom –

    Some of us know how to drive in the snow, but the times I saw wheels spinning today is staggering. Seriously, I saw countless high end motors being driven by people who don’t know that you take off – slowly – in second gear in snow and ice. The chance to move forward ten feet results in wheels spinning furiously and the back end fishtailing.

    Perfectly good cars have been abandoned all over the show down here because some don’t know basic driving skills.

  10. You mean 12 degrees centigrade Phantom 🙂

  11. Pete

    The BBC weather forecasts were warning of snow from Wednesday onwards.

  12. Pete

    Yes, I can visualize that, we have that all the time here. Often the drivers with the best cars have no clue how to drive in snow/ice.

    It’s actually often easy to drive in these conditions. Easy, slow as it goes. You shouldn’t need an instructor to tell that.

  13. Yes Peter, and stopping early this morning. They were still saying that the snow “is clearing from East Anglia” while it was dumping down in the South this afternoon.

  14. Dave –

    By the way, how do you know Hampshire?

  15. Pete Moore

    By the way, how do you know Hampshire?

    I lived in, and in the villages around Newbury for 10 years mate. I used to go mountain biking all around the area. My partner, who passed away 3 years ago, grew up in Kingsclere.
    I know a great many of the pubs in Berkshire and Hampshire. I still have many many friends down there.

  16. One of the things that often accompanies snow storms is snow cranks. They complain about a lack of weather warnings (spoiler alert- it snows during winter), school closings and people working hard to maintain the roads. These cranks are often the true snowflakes.

  17. Bloody Global Warming!

  18. https://newsthump.com/2017/12/11/country-that-gets-paralysed-by-two-inches-of-snow-thinks-going-it-alone-will-be-great/

  19. Dave –

    Yep, I’m not far from Kingslere.