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By Pete Moore On February 2nd, 2019

So having battled through carmageddon yesterday, I was finally able to settle down with a beer to watch the rugby. (The French are so French.) That finished at about 10.00pm, whereupon we had a power cut. Not a surprise. It’s happened before.

So I woke up this morning, beneath three duvets .. and still no power. It was a treacherous ride into the nearest town, weaving past abandoned motors, for a coffee and breakfast and coffee. I’m addicted to coffee. There’s still no grit on the roads. The power came back on 1o minutes ago, about 17 hours after it went. It always happens. Out here we become the epicentre of doom when the weather goes a bit different.

There’s a serious point here. A country which cannot keep the traffic moving and the people in heat and light when the snow comes and the wind blows is in trouble. This never used to happen. When we had meaningful education, when men knew English, maths, science and history, they took pride in their work. And at the end of it they’d go home to a hearty dinner, cooked by the little lady. That’s what built civilisation and we’ve tampered with it at our peril. So now they put power lines under branches, which sag them under the weight of snow. Meanwhile  the HR department is striving to meet diversity requirements, so all is good for them. But First World countries can go into reverse when people are no longer serious about the serious things.

But we’re back now. The porridge wogs are leading Italy and England will soon give the Irish some biff.


  1. Pete

    I feel your pain. New Year’s Day 1980 Dallas had an epic ice storm that brought down all the trees across the power lines. We were out of electricity for days. I did, however, get up to go to work that morning, as the supermarket I worked at had power. I was dodging live power lines, trees, and cars on the road. I was young enough to still have a strong work ethic, lol, but not very smart!

  2. England were the better team in Dublin today. A well deserved win.

  3. But First World countries can go into reverse when people are no longer serious about the serious things.

    Yes Pete, like not wasting hundreds of millions of gallons of water every year through leakage, because obscene fat-cat salaries and ever-increasing dividends always take priority over investment. The privatised water companies (mostly foreign owned like the power companies) are the most shameless rent-seekers in the UK:

    “Jeremy Corbyn is threatening to nationalise the sector and, with the extreme weather conditions of recent years, the industry is having to think harder about how it builds resilience for both droughts and the sudden flash floods that have become more common in the summer It is to that backdrop that the water companies last year submitted their business plans to Ofwat, the water regulator, covering the next five-year regulatory period of 2020-25.

    Today, delivering its initial assessment of those plans, Ofwat has made clear it is not impressed by most of them. Just three companies – United Utilities, Severn Trent and South West Water – have been given the green light to proceed with their plans. Ten others – Anglian, Northumbrian, Wessex, Dwr Cymru (Welsh Water), Bristol, Portsmouth, South Staffs, SES Water, South East and Yorkshire – have been told they have further work to do. And four are well and truly in the dog house with the regulator. Thames, Southern, Affinity Water and Hafren Dyfrdwy have all been told to substantially rework and resubmit their plans.”


  4. But First World countries can go into reverse when people are no longer serious about the serious things

    or when those who can deal with serious things such as 1st-world infrastructure are no longer there…….


    Buttevant is a village in County Cork known mainly for some ancient monastic ruins. And for being the location of the most serious rail crash in Irish history in which 18 people were killed back in 1980. The accident became front-page news for months afterwards, lead to a massive multi-million pound official inquiry that resulted, inter alia, in a comprehensive upgrading of rolling stock and operational procedures. The accident even has its own unique Wikipedia page and a memorial monument at the scene. To put this accident in context the total number of rail fatalities in Ireland since the middle of the nineteenth century is 68, which equates to roughly one every three years.

    I raise this obscure information to put some perspective on the breathtaking fatality figures for the Rainbow Nation of South Africa. According to the Railway Safety Regulator (a very busy man) there were just short of five hundred rail fatalities in the year before last. Five hundred! Normalising for the respective countries’ population variances SA’s annual fatalities should number three or four! Not five hundred. Good God Almighty, what has become of a country that was once of the First World? I don’t even need to see the figures that applied under Apartheid. I just know they were a tiny fraction of those under the current corrupt buffoons. And this from The South African: “MetroRail Cape Town has lost half [my emphasis] its fleet to arson attacks and vandalism”.

    As the IQs of those present in our currently 1st-world countries fall, South Africa show where things are going – and that’s just the infrastructure: crime is even more disturbing.

  5. Allan

    When was South Africa ever a first world country? I’m not aware of a single state on that continent which has first world status in terms of development, economy, standard of living, democracy, life-expectancy etc.

  6. When was South Africa ever a first world country?

    Certainly when I was there, 1983-85. What it had was…….

    Developed transport – motorways, railways, airways, merchant navy.
    Military and defence industry
    Nuclear industry
    National standards
    Iron and steel industry
    National electricity network
    Self-sufficiency in food

    No other country in Africa had all of these, and very few countries worldwide had achieved such near-autarky. Those which could, if necesssary, are few and the only countries which come to mind in this respect are the US, Russia, and possibly Brazil.

    But this has been a revelatory week, for the intentions of the ruling clique are made evident. In the US, the jew-driven assault on whites as exemplified by the SPLC was made clear…….


    ‏ @HoobMitchell

    Why does Mark Potok from splc keep a list on his wall of non hispanic white population by the decade?


    Ask them: if race doesn’t matter, why does the SPLC have a White countdown meter? What does replacing white people have to do with “fighting hate”? Are the people doing this not the real haters?

    Then follow up with: what ethnicity is Mark Potok?

    Show them a photo and let them take a wild guess.

    And then show them this quote of his from an article he wrote for the SPLC website:

    “White dominance is on the decline as the demographic white majority heads for oblivion over the course of the next 30 years. Klansmen are not openly lynching black people, and police departments and other institutions of the state are not shot through, as they once were, with white supremacists bent on naked oppression.”

    And then in Europe…….


    Italian efforts to block migrant boats from Africa is a “betrayal” of Europe and of its citizens, EU Parliament boss Antonio Tajani has alleged, insisting Brussels must put in place a permanent mechanism which would spread third world migrants throughout the bloc.

    Breitbart London previously reported how Matteo Salvini, Italy’s interior minister and deputy leader who promised to get tough on mass migration, has rejected “humanitarian” demands to let self-styled ‘migrant rescue’ organisations dock, pointing to the massive drop in the number of drownings seen since he began blocking the boats last summer.

    Meanwhile, media outlets on Tuesday said the socialist government of Spain is planning to try and punish Rome for its having largely put a stop to the flow of boats across the Mediterranean, with prime minister Pedro Sanchez set to tell Brussels to cut funding to any nation opposed to Europe welcoming and sharing across the bloc every third world migrant who manages to reach the continent’s shores.

    As is now seen from words from the unelected clique in charge of ‘Europe’, the purpose of the EU is to ensure limitless migration of breeding-age males from anywhere in the 3rd-world…….


    Brussels is opening legal pathways for migrants “who want to come” says European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, declaring that Europe has a “clear need” for mass migration from Africa.

    Speaking ahead of the EU-Africa summit this week, where leaders of EU and African nations will meet to discuss migration, he told Deusche Well that “if we don’t offer legal ways of emigrating to Europe, and immigrating within Europe, we will be lost.

    Dupes and traitors at ATW say that “it’s OK if it’s legal” whilst I point out the reality that the clique can make anything legal that they want, including specific measures to impose demographic destruction upon the natives of Europe.