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By Pete Moore On February 2nd, 2019

Ireland 20 : 32 England

And all of a sudden, the weekend is perking up …

(If anyone wants to discuss the Superbowl Cup Final thingy, have this thread.)

5 Responses to “BOSH, HAVE SOME OF THAT”

  1. It was well deserved.

  2. England played well. Had an intensity that I didn’t think they had in them. Was waiting the entire time for them to run out of steam and they just didn’t. Got a bit of luck with one or two of the tries but when you are pressing that hard for the entire game you normally do get a bit of luck.

  3. I was waiting for England to run out of puff too. Just didn’t think they could keep up that physicality and line speed for the full 80 minutes. Ireland haven’t been knocked back like that for a long time now.

    Ireland were strangely subdued. They just weren’t quite bringing it.

  4. England were surprisingly disciplined (both in terms of penalties – Tom Curry early intervention aside – and in terms of line discipline and tackling). England have an overwhelming tendency of being their own worst enemies. You almost expect them to dart out of the line too fast (giving away offside penalties) or the first guy to miss his tackle and suddenly the ball carrier has acres to run into. Even on the kick and chase they weren’t really contesting their own kicks but were leveling the Ireland ball carrier straight away (in previous encounters they have contested the catch but then often lose out to superior catching and then got burned on the run back).

  5. Seamus –

    Yes, or just take out that catcher in the air. Dan Cole wasn’t playing. He’s a good scrummager but a penalty machine everywhere else. At one point we’d conceded five penalties to Irland’s none. I was thinking that’s business as usual, shooting ourselves in the foot, but then they kept themselves in check, Tom Curry aside. England’s kicking was good, the chasers were very cute.