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By Pete Moore On February 4th, 2019

Former MP, Dr Marcus Franz, says that Austrian have started wearing Islamic headscarves to prevent harrassment by muslims –

In what is, I am sure, unrelated news, 33 men have been arrested in Yorkshire in connection with historical child abuse. I don’t know about you, but turning back the clock and undoing the catastrophe of mass immigration seems like a good idea.

One Response to “MEANWHILE, IN VIENNA”

  1. ” 33 men ” probably monks.

    But the good thing about this is that assuming these 33 get banged up. And given the CPS record, that’s far from a sure thing.

    But if they do, and again assuming a five year sentence each, that will be ( at current home office figures, £35,000 pa to accommodate a prisoner ) the best part of £6m.

    It’s good to see the government stimulating the economy.