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By Patrick Van Roy On February 5th, 2019

Tonight the President will give the State of The Union address.  The address is being given late this year due to Speaker Pelosi playing politics with it’s timing.

It will be interesting to watch and see what direction the President takes the address in. Certain topics are guaranteed to come up, The Wall, Drugs, and the Economy. Venezuela will certainly be discussed that will be the key piece to listen to. How hard he pushes will be key to telegraphing what is coming for the Venezuelan People, whether they will see relief from the Socialist Hell that has destroyed the standard of living in one of the most Oil rich Nations in the world, or will have to continue to suffer at the hands of a Cuban puppet and it’s death squads rounding people up killing or imprisoning them.

There will be lots of fluff, a lot of “guests”. The President will have his guests to accent his points, but the Congress will also have their guests. AOC has invited the activist that cornered Senator Flake in the Capital Elevator, and I’m sure the rest of the Dems will have a few maniacs seeded in the audience. Will they sit on their hands in silent protest or disgrace themselves with cat calls…. we shall see.

As soon as it is available it will be posted in it’s entirety.


5 Responses to “SOTU”

  1. LOL the SOTU is late because turnip was told to do it late

  2. The people Trump has invited give a bit of an idea as to the major talking points. Firstly there is the family of two people who were murdered in Nevada this month. The man who has been arrested for the killings is a Salvadorian illegal immigrant. So likely Trump will be returning to that particular well. He’s also invited a Homeland Security agent who specialises in human trafficking. So likely the border will feature front and centre.

    There is also a woman who is recovering from opioid addiction. Whether Trump will attempt to signal support for wider drug reform (he has also invited a woman who was convicted of a non-violent drug offence and sentenced to decades in prison before being pardoned by Trump) remains to be seen – or whether he will simply use it to (incorrectly) claim that they need to do more about the border.

    He may touch on guns as well (he’s invited two victims of the synagogue shooting last year), though I doubt he’ll propose anything that will actually help.

    He’s also invited the father of a sailor who died in the USS Cole bombing. Probably so that he can big up the fact that last month, in an air strike, the man behind the bombing, Jamal al-Badawi, was killed.

    Interestingly is the invitation of the first prisoner released under the First Step Act – a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill. It will be interesting to see if this is Trump attempting to hold an olive branch out to the Democrats.

  3. The Criminal Justice Reform bill was done on a bi-partisan basis

    Trump did the right thing by signing that bill.

  4. The Criminal Justice Reform bill was done on a bi-partisan basis

    Trump did the right thing by signing that bill.

    How government is supposed to work

  5. good analysis Seamus one question… is the pardoned woman Black? I believe she may be. If she is than her purpose is racial.