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Happy Year of the Pig

By Phantom On February 5th, 2019

In New York City, we more of a lot of things including New Years Days.

We have January 1 of course. We’ve long had Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. And more and more the Asian New Year is a noted anniversary.

I say Asian New Year, because it’s not only new year for the Chinese. It’s also New Year to many other east Asians, including the Koreans, and the Vietnamese who call it Tet ( best not mention that ).

There are many Asians in New York now, including many Hong Kong Chinese who moved to Sunset Park, Brooklyn in the run up to the return of Hong Kong to China. They’ve been good for that neighborhood, and for the city generally. Very many of the kids graduate college ( with real degrees in math and engineering, none of your diversity nonsense ), very few use drugs or get into trouble otherwise.

The Asians that I know are very big savers. They don’t dress fancy. They are the ultimate “Millionaires Next Door “. They spend on after school tutoring for the kids while saving to buy a house. Very little bling.

The guy in old clothes next to you on the N subway line ( which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn Chinatowns ) owns an apartment house.

I have Chinese next door to me and Asians on both sides of the block; they’re great neighbors. I’ve known some for thirty years.

The local Chinese restaurants will be more packed than usual tonight, the adults will be giving red envelopes with cash gifts to the kids. Let old acquaintance be forgot. Or as they say on Eighth Avenue Brooklyn Xīnnián hǎo

10 Responses to “Happy Year of the Pig”

  1. Hong Kong’s wild boar dilemma in the Chinese New Year of the Pig


  2. There is a sizable Chinese Muslim population.

    Happy Year of the Pig to them!

  3. My son pointed out just the other day that Trump became president of the US in the Year of the Monkey, then his first full year was the Year of the Cock, this was followed by the Year of the Dog, then the Year of the Pig, and his final year will be the Year of the Rat.

    There’s a lot of wisdom in the Chinese zodiac.

  4. you should look up the chinese symbolism of those animals…….

  5. “the Vietnamese who call it Tet ( best not mention that )”

    That is very offensive.

  6. Those poor Uighurs have been treated terribly by the Chicoms, so I wish them a happy year of the pig.

  7. fews

    After a few hours, I see what you did there.

    Good man.

  8. yeah but they lost….. except on the 6:00 news

  9. Then his first full year was the Year of the Cock

    Aint that the truth. I that first full year was Colm’s favourite too.

  10. I think that first full year was Colm’s favourite too.