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By Pete Moore On February 6th, 2019

Democrats didn’t welcome record low black unemployment, record low Hispanic unemployment, or hundreds of girls and women being saved from people traffickers. Surely “let’s not murder babies” will work.


Let that sink in –

82 Responses to “THE DEATH PARTY”

  1. I like that the president used the word “execute” when describing what the Dems call a “post birth abortion.” I think it was his most powerful moment of the night.

  2. Damn right. Their wholesale celebration of infanticide is utterly sickening and was rightly condemned by the POTUS, ….yet HE is painted by the left as a kind of “Hitler”??! Take a bloody look at yourselves.

  3. Trump wants all abortions banned, not just late term ones. He should have been honest enough to say that, instead of scoring cheap points against a law that he knows will never be enacted. But he’s a cheap kinda guy as we all know.

  4. I never knew this as an issue important to him until quite recently.

  5. Yes, I agree, he should have been honest enough to say that. I am. Because if it is a real human being just prior to birth, then it is a real human being 20 minutes, 20 days, 20 weeks, etc prior to birth. Unless some er “scientists” can state that a “clump of cells” becomes an actual human being at EXACTLY 18 weeks, 21 hours and 17 minutes after conception. But I guess that in politics one has to proceeed slowly at these things.

  6. Phantom, then you haven’t been paying attention. I’m not a USA citizen yet I’ve listened to many of Donald Trump’s pre-and post-election rally speeches and he has announced his pro-life credentials openly many times.

  7. He is 72 years of age, and has been an extremely outspoken public figure since the seventies, on all sorts of issues.

    I only remember him speaking of this issue since he became a candidate. Which is very recently.

  8. I saw him speak in the 1990s in person.

    He spoke a lot about ( Japanese ) trade, the, about crime, about government incompetence, but he never spoke about abortion.

    Just saying.

    I question whether this issue is important to him personally. I think that he has made it an issue mainly in order to appeal to the GOP base.

  9. OK, that’s fair enough, but why should a real-estate entrepreneur express his positions on this or anything to do with politics, prior to his running for Presidency? What’s it got to do with building hotels?

  10. He expresses it now, while we’re in the midst of a very pro-death anti-life culture and I say good on him for doing so.

  11. This NY law and infanticide is a new phenomenon. I’m pro-life, but I never thought that the Dems would openly advocate killing an infant during or after birth! The President must speak out about this.

  12. Charles

    That’s fair comment

  13. A woman now has the choice to murder a child.

    And this is sold to us as a woman’s “right.”

    We live among crazy, godless people who pretend that they have the moral high ground.

  14. It kind of goes to show the sheer level of idiotic illusions we (as a race) like to delude ourselves with. We gaped in horror at the atrocities of Auch.. (I can’t spell it, the German death camp) and the press said “Never Again!” and we all bowed in solemn agreement, and yet here we are, millions of unborn babies aborted, yet because we are told “they’re not real human beings” (much like the Jews were “untermensch” to the Nazis) we accept the media propaganda. Goebells was right; tell a big lie and tell it often and it’ll be believed.

  15. I don’t understand why more men don’t step-up and cry foul at this murdering.

    Just because some women think it’s a dandy idea to abort babies doesn’t mean it’s acceptable.

    It’s 2019 and birth control is ubiquitous – time for women to stop playing victims and start taking some responsibility over their behavior. And don’t tell me late term murder is because of rape or because of birth defects – it’s not. Read the statistics.

    Women: use birth control if you don’t want a baby. Pretty simple.

  16. brewtannia : agree. We are willing to pretend that “babies” are not real people – that is, unless we want to be pregnant and then we mourn our loss if we miscarriage.

    Let’s face it, Planned Parenthood would not sell baby parts if the parts weren’t human.

    We have condoned the murder of humans and we have condoned the selling of their little body parts. It makes me sick.

  17. Patty, I think that part ofbthe reason that I feel anxious about being forthright about abortion is that I’m afraid that, by condemning it, women who have had abortions will think I’m thereby condemning THEM personally. That is not the case; I think women are harmed by abortion, and then they feel condemned personally by men mwho dare to speak out against it. A big part of pro-life must be to tell women that we are on their side, that we’re not trying to tell them that they’re bad people. I understand how scared and lonely a woman must feel after getting pregnant by some loser who then doesn’t want to know. That’s her whole life, future, career possibly ruined just because she gave in to passion, as we all do. It must be so tempting to have an abortion, especially when lots of nice cooing people refer to it as a “termination”. And it’s not her fault, at least it’s the unthinking father’s fault just as much, yet he gets off scott free!

  18. Back on tpoic, I’m glad that DJT is at least addressing this and making his views known. Another great plus in his speech was when he asserted (much to the seething rage of the Dems) that “America will NEVER be a socialist country”. I hope he’s right.

  19. He correctly understands that the overwhelming majority of Americans do not support this third trimester trend regarding abortion and the celebratory way it has been pushed by the likes of NY’s governor Cuomo.

  20. But the Dems are clearly your favoured party, Mr Mahons, and they slice away at the Constitution bit by bit. At what point are you actually going to disavow them then? Or are you happy at their salami tactics?

  21. brextannia, I totally understand what you’re saying. I know many women whom I love and respect who have had abortions – I came of age during a time of legal abortion in California and like so many others, I just accepted abortion as a possibility in every woman’s life and certainly not an issue.

    I wish I didn’t know now about the sell of baby parts or about late term abortion where they crush the babies head before extracting or that stats show that abortion is not rare and usually not medically needed nor the result of rape.. I wish I didn’t know that many women – including my friends – have used abortion as a form of birth control. I wish I didn’t know that babies are alive in the womb, even before the umbilical cord is cut.

    It would be easier to go with the flow and ignore this.

  22. I never knew this as an issue important to him until quite recently.

    Judging by the character of the man I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if it was to emerge that he’s paid for a few.

  23. Hah, I’ve got an eye on you, it’s all “Well, while there’s two sides to everything of course, I’m not QUITE happy about this or that, but well, Trump is a wah-wah-wah-wah-wacist and so let’s wait and see and let’s just quietly support anything that brings him down, factual evidence notwithstanding”. Typical dem, all “wait and see” and “look at the waaaacist” not the facts, meanwhile chip, chip, chip away, chip away at the Constitution, dixieland.

  24. Brexitannia – Do you support everything the Tories do? Or is it the BNP? Can’t recall your affiliation.

    Major political parties have always had competing factions.

  25. Mahons, I am a Conservative, and therefore I am not currently aligned with the policies of any UK mainstream political party, for the record. Some of the groups labelled by the FNM as “far right” are close to my views but I ‘m not specifically aligned or committed to voting for any, right now.

  26. What I don’t do, however, is pretend to be one of “the mainstream” middle-of-the-road voters and then subtly denigrate the views of one ide thus revealing myself as a leftist pretending to be a moderate.

  27. Your (would-be) “subtle” attacks on Trump reveal you to be just such, I would say.

  28. Your nonsubtle attacks reveal you to be an imbecile.

  29. Yes, I’m an imbecile but at least I’m honest. Mr Mahons, you hate Donald Trump and all that he stands for, I can see that very clearly in your psuedo-intellectual sarcastic writings (which you’re actually very good at) yet you try and pretend you’re the unbiased “voice of reason” just commenting from the middle ground. Go suck that! Be honest, say what you are. I HATE socialism, it sucks rotten eggs and I’ll say so. I have more respect for Jeremy Corbyn (who doesn’t try and deny his socialism and love of the Venezuelan mode of government) than for Theresa May who tries to pretend she’s a “conservative” and fools many on that basis.

  30. How glad I am, though, that the US Constitution is still firmly embedded into the culture, and taught in the schools of the USA. The globalists hate that Constitution and want nothing more than to destroy it. Yet it was written precicely to defend the citizens against the kind of unfettered government slavery (from Britain!) which they fled to the USA to seek deliverance from!
    The right to bear arms! How much more fundamentally right can this be? An invader tries to rob your home or defile your family? BAM BAM! Dead! And YOU have the right to do that! How excellent, how fundamental. And they want to slowly strip that right from you? NEVER must that be allowed. Don’t ever give them an INCH in that regard. We should know; we lost it, and now you walk through Islington at your peril.

  31. I don’t hate Donald Trump, though I hate that he is President. I don’t particularly think he stands for too much really. I don’t think I’ve pretended I’m the voice of reason though I might very well appear to be so considering some of the lunatics who frequent here. You seem to be obsessed with sucking, is it a hobby of yours?

  32. Brex

    You are not any imbecile

    But let’s look at Mr. Trump.

    I think that the record shows that he is personally dishonest.

    He has stolen from charities. He ran a fake university. He didn’t pay small contractors who had worked for him, small fry In no position to fight him. He lies constantly, effortlessly, including in his speech last night.

    Does any of this bother you at all?

  33. I’ve never thought the Colonists grievances against Mother England included slavery. In fact, it was the Colonists who often had slaves. The Constitution actually accepted slavery originally.

  34. Mr Mahons, I didn’t realise that I mention sucking very often, but oooh yes I do fantasise about a good wet snog with Mr Trump. I have seen a therapist about this and he advised me that Trump is merely a placebo for Ms Ann Coulter, who I really do see as my fantasy wife, and she has much nicer legs than the Don!
    Phantom, yes I don’t like Mr Trump’s alleged shortcomings any more or any less than I like Mr or Mrs Clinton’s (though whose and which can be proven at this stage we will likely never know). All I know is that it’s not the Pope we are electing, all humans are fallible, and that Trump was elected on his promise to build a wall and to keep the USA safe. If he does that, job done.

  35. The Constitution actually accepted slavery originally.

    I could have some real fun with that statement……

  36. Judging by the character of the man I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if it was to emerge that he’s paid for a few.

    Yes Paul, there are rumours going back decades that Trump has paid of dozens of women (we know of at least one while he was campaigning for POTUS) and it would be amazing if the terms did not include abortion if necessary. A schmuck like that would not want the financial threat of unwanted heirs claiming some of his loot.

  37. Because if it is a real human being just prior to birth, then it is a real human being 20 minutes, 20 days, 20 weeks, etc prior to birth. Unless some er “scientists” can state that a “clump of cells” becomes an actual human being at EXACTLY 18 weeks, 21 hours and 17 minutes after conception.

    LOL. You “pro-life” fanatics will never give up with your lies and bullshit.

  38. Fact: Trump is not some sort of god to me. If it emerged, and was proven (and I mean “proven” as opposed to “stated as fact by the Hate Trump Media”, ie, y’know, “proven” as like what that word used to mean) that DJT had paid for an ex-lover to have an abortion, then that would shift my opinion on him Bigly. But I mean PROVEN.

  39. Peter, sorry, is it 18 minutes then?

  40. 19? Sorry, I’m not up to date on this stuff.

  41. Just post the formula and let us peer-review it!

  42. Clump of meaningless cells [plus] x seconds = real human being! Just state x! Simple!

  43. My mate’s handicapped daughter, real age 45, mental age circa 1 year…. real human being? Or not? Come on, just state the magic unknown.

  44. Peter, sorry, is it 18 minutes then?

    For you 18 minutes after conception = “baby”.


  45. See how this Nazi crap just falls apart? Truth is, no-one has the right to determine what is or is not a real human being, we don’t even know what it means nor can we define it. So do we assume that everyone IS a a real human being or do we set these artificial, non-scientific, irrational junk status on everyone?>

  46. Yes. Because we have no right, nor logical evidence upon which to say “no”.

  47. Dems and socialists peddling this crap about “defending the vulnerable”…who can be more vulnerable than the unborn?

  48. Ok Brex, understood. The morning-after pill = murder of a baby.

  49. Yes, understood.

  50. Your position is: Morning after conception: NOT a baby. At some as yet undefined point before or after birth: A baby.
    All I ask = define that point. “It’s gradual” will not do. How gradual? Criteria?

  51. “Viable-ness”? ie, ability of the “baby” to defend and look after itself alone? What??! If the mother walks away after the birth, every child is unviable. In fact it can be argued that until age 18 or so, we are all to a degree unviable. We depend upon our mothers/fathers, there is no solid viability on our own, we are part of each other.

  52. Therefore, legalised slaughter up to age 18 on those grouunds? See how insane it is?

  53. The abortion law defines “that point” as when the foetus would probably survive outside the womb, with intensive medical support for months. In the UK that means 24 weeks. It was previously 28 weeks and it is quite possible that it will come down further as medical science advances.

    But I appreciate that for “pro-life” fanatics like you one day is too long. I also appreciate your honesty about the morning-after pill. For you, taking that pill that is no different from infanticide.

  54. Exactly. For the Nazis, gasing those Jews was no different from exterminating a wasp nest. Two utter extreme examples yes, but I know which side I’d rather be on.

  55. He has stolen from charities. He ran a fake university. He didn’t pay small contractors who had worked for him, small fry In no position to fight him. He lies constantly, effortlessly, including in his speech last night.

    Where is the record of convictions for these charges?

    According to you Hillary Clinton can commit Felony’s multiple Felony’s yet because there are no convictions she is not a felon so where are Trumps convictions or does this He’s a Criminal over only allegations work for you?

    This two tier justice system you advocate for what are it’s base guidelines?

    If there is an R after your name your guilty no need to prove it, but if you’re D commit Felonies, sexualy harras woman, promote infanticide where black face all with actual evidence well your not guilty because you haven’t been convicted….. but screw Trump he’s guilty lack of ever being convicted of anything……

    There was an old mob hit man….. he was a wonderful character he used to love to say “I got 32 Arrests…. no convictions…….” he was never found guilty of anything he did die in an accidental gas explosion starting his car….. but he still was never convicted and was a registered Democrat…

  56. …And you can utterly destroy my analogy here and now, if you can just pinpoint the exact moment that those Jews turned from being “clumps of cells” into being actual human beings. Please, go on.

  57. The morning-after pill is not the same as gassing Jews, at least for most of us.

  58. …Only please don’t bother to try because you cannot.

  59. As expected, side-step the question.

  60. Get help

  61. Hillary Clinton has not been accused of committing felonies by any serious people

  62. I think it is scientifically accepted that human life starts at conception. The prochoice argument didn’t use to deny that. They argued that viable human life didn’t start for a number of weeks which was the old cut off point for abortion. Now they have moved beyond viability to convenience. It is simply a shift devoid of morality.

  63. Intellectual honesty is difficult for many on this site.

  64. But we will pray you achieve it one day Patty.

  65. Trump was pro abortion before the 2016 election. His recent switch to pro life is nothing but a political ploy.

  66. Mahons

    Your 1:24 comment is a good one, and on the money!

  67. https://www.nbcnews.com/meet-the-press/video/trump-in-1999-i-am-very-pro-choice-480297539914

    Trump in 1999 with Tim Russert

    “ Very pro choice “, including for late term abortion, Even though he hates the concept of it

  68. Phantom, on February 7th, 2019 at 1:17 AM Said:
    Hillary Clinton has not been accused of committing felonies by any serious people

    If you really believe that you are a bigger fool than you act……..

    Even if you choose to ignore the Records Act violations which are all Felonies she destroyed Subpoenaed evidence That is a felony in every court.

    James Comey broke the Law and usurped the power of the Atty General, Hillary was under investigation for multiple felonies and Comey made the decision she shouldn’t be prosecuted. It is not the FBIs job to decide who gets prosecuted.

    I find it very disturbing that you continue to promote this two tier Justice system. You only confirm your idiocy by doing so.

  69. “ Very pro choice “, including for late term abortion, Even though he hates the concept of it

    Good catch Phantom. I wonder if that shifts Brexi’s opinion on him bigly?

  70. The fellow doing the interview was Tim Russert, an Irish American guy from Buffalo New York

    He died far too soon

    He was one of the best TV journalists of his generation. He would do “Meet the Press” on a Sunday morning

    Polite, highly prepared, always asked the necessary question, No matter who the subject was


  71. Trump has been In the press constantly since the 1970s

    He has probably expressed an opinion on just about every issue; Sometimes 304 completely different opinions

    My personal favorite is his Promise to cover all Americans With health insurance that was better and cheaper than what was in place

    . Once elected, that promise was discarded Like a sweat drenched undershirt,, And he sought about demolishing the few protections that Americans had in The area of health insurance

  72. “But the Dems are clearly your favoured party, Mr Mahons, and they slice away at the Constitution bit by bit. At what point are you actually going to disavow them then? Or are you happy at their salami tactics?”

    You can’t complain about New York’s abortion legislation, and Trump supporting a federal ban on New York’s abortion legislation, and then argue about other people slicing away at the constitution.

    New York’s abortion legislation is abhorrent but perfectly constitutional. A federal ban on partial birth abortion would be the slicing away of the constitution. Now I personally have no issue with that.

    But you can’t decry both. Either you support a plain text reading of the constitution (and all that entails) or you support being able to stop New York’s horrid plans. You can’t do both.

  73. *and agree with Trump supporting

  74. If America copied the British NHS blueprint, which seems to work pretty well.

    Would it still be cheaper than funding USA military inc?

    Surely, with America being so gung ho, on finding new and exciting ways of killing people, it makes far more sense of finding new and exciting ways of curing them?

  75. If we had followed the NHS blueprint, with all its flaws, he would have

    Many fewer bankruptcies

    Longer life expectancy, especially in the southern states where Healthcare is very poor for many

    An NHS type system would actually save a lot of money for the US

  76. We

  77. An NHS type system would actually save a lot of money for the US

    So, why don’t they?

    Curing people, surely is far more cost effective, and civilized, not to mention Christian way, than finding new and exciting ways of killing them?

    I mean, this is the 21st century, not the dark ages.

  78. Harri

    Vested Financial interests Oppose it,

    The imbecile wing of the Republicans Oppose any system that would cover everybody in a decent way,

    It wouldn’t have to be an NHS type approach; there are many ways to skin this cat, many private and public approaches that have been used successfully in different countries

  79. Phantom, on February 7th, 2019 at 5:26 PM Said:

    Vested Financial interests Oppose it,


    Agree, Congress needs the swamp drained.

  80. It’s not just the Congress

    Trump now opposes Anything that would cover everybody

    The Republican Party has gotten it in their heads that it is in the national interest to have a big segment of the country not covered for health care

    Radio blowhard Mark Levin, Who stupid people think is a smart guy, said on the air that there was no reason that this big national problem should be fixed, that Problems don’t need to be fixed

    I heard it myself, I wish I had recorded it

  81. OK, re Phantom’s 2019/02/07 10:40 & link to video and Paul’s 2019/02/07 14:54 comment, I watched that vid and I want to reply.
    As far as I can interpret the interview, DJT seems to be saying that IN THE MAIN, ie, as far as ANY given issue is concerned, he is pro-choice. As am I. (Free-market etc etc). Of course we want everyone to be free and have the maximun choices. But he also says that as far as abortion is concerned, he hates it. He says that very clearly. Is he contradicting himself there? Perhaps, perhaps not. He seems to indicate that he doesn’t wish to legislate with a heavy hand against abortion, although he personally hates it as a concept.
    So, does this change my opinion of him? Yes a little bit, but not “bigly”. As I’ve said above, he’s not a hero-worship figure to me in the first place so there’s no pedestal for him to “step down from”. I would prefer that he had said that he WOULD support anti-abortion legislation, because for me there is a blurry line between individual conscience and national conscience. A nation ought to reflect the morals of its citizens and vice-versa, the two are not mutually exclusive in my mind. If that’s not a good enough answer, no doubt you’ll let me know, and I’ll consider it.

    Meantime, I have to confess that “In vino veritas” was applicable to me, and as such I was unnecessarily rude and out-of-line in my comments to Mahons and Peter the other day. I’d like to take a moment to apologise for that. (Strange, I’ve just returned from my local pub where I’ve consumed more vino than I had at home the other evening, yet I’m in a far calmer frame of mind). Perhaps I got it all out of my system putting the world to rights with my mates… there’s something about the online world which induces me to see red. Perhaps it’s because online we cannot see each other face to face, we can only comment. Whatever, there’s no excuse; I spoke to Mahons and Peter in a rather impolite way the other night, and what’s worse is that, knowing myself, I’m likely to do so again once I get fired up on an issue. I’d call my detractors all the names under the sun whilst in reality I’d (hopefully) step in front an out-of-control bus rather than see you get injured by it.

  82. well spoken