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The Night They Drove Old Dixie Brown.

By Mahons On February 7th, 2019

Who knew Flavor Flav should run for Governor in Virginia?
The Commonwealth’s Governor has given the most ludicrous denial then non-denial then explanation of why he dressed in blackface.
Virginia’s Democratic Attorney General admitted to doing so too.
The Lieutenant Governor didn’t dress in blackface, probably cause he is black. But as happy as he might be to replace the Governor, he is facing allegations of sexual no no in forcing a woman to perform a sexual act. The usual suspects havent been as quick to denounce him, no doubt confused at what to do (does race trump allegations of sexual misconduct?).
Things haven’t been this bad in the Old Dominion since Richmond fell.

57 Responses to “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Brown.”

  1. Things haven’t been this bad in the Old Dominion since Richmond fell.


  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nnS9M03F-fA

  3. a better version


  4. through the process of elimination the top 3 democrats have committed the two ultimate sins in the democrat playbook racism and misogyny…. the next in line is a Republican so how much do you want to bet these “democrats” won’t be held to their own standards.

  5. I’m trying to recall a more across the board series of scandals occurring at the same time. I think you’d have to go back to the 19th Century or perhaps one of our more scandal prone states like Louisiana or Illinois.

  6. where’s Charles…….


  7. Christy was talking the other night on how he prosecuted 130 NJ politicians for corruption… I’d say Jersey fits that bill also Mahons.

  8. Patrick, I saw that, but I just don’t have the strength in me to go. Besides, I’d have to run the gauntlet of Mexican protestors!

  9. Maybe this woman of “non-color” will jump into the fray:


  10. Jersey does, but usually for graft which isn’t as much fun.

  11. true

  12. didn’t think about the protestors Charles….

  13. People usually can’t wait to lose their Virginity. Now it seems Virginians can’t way to lose their political people 😇

  14. Virginia Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment edited yearbook filled with blackface and slurs.

    I volunteer Mahons to be Acting Governor of Virginia, despite being a New Yorker. I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time Yankees have had to run a Southern state because of some race problems.

  15. the new communist manifesto


  16. Daphne – and subject my yearbook to scrutiny?

    ‘We have tried their approach for 40 years — to let the private sector take care of it’

    she is outlining using FORCE


  18. Mahons, I’m sure blackface would be the least of your worries! 🙂

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  20. Charles – There is a photo of me playing bass guitar in a Polka-Punk Fusion band that could not be explained away.

  21. Polka-Punk Fusion band….. do you have any tape of the music?

  22. Patrick – as a gift to humanity and the arts all recordings were destroyed.

  23. I’m quite sure you’ve never sported blackface, Mahons. Wearing that racist makeup seems to be a peculiar fondness of privileged southern men.

  24. Daphne

    I was going to make a similar comment about that

    I’ve never heard of anyone I know wearing blackface , Or even of anyone considering the possibility of wearing it

    Why would this even be considered to be a fun or clever thing to do. I don’t get it

  25. Phantom, it’s meant to be mocking. Fraternities back in my day would have “pimp and whore” parties where the men would be blackfaced and the women were, well, dressed scantily.

    But one must remember that minstrel shows were popular in the North during my Dad’s day.

  26. It was not unusal in the early to mid 20th Century (think AL Jolsen) but by the 80s most folks would have known better. That being said does a stupid or even insensitive act in younger days mean you are condemned. Didn’t the younger of Pines Di’s kids wear a Nazis emblem to a party? And he turned out ok.

  27. I mean condemned forever.

  28. Understood

    Hello from Logan airport in Boston

  29. Mahons hits on it perfectly….. the vagaries of youth.

    The old joke “your permanent record” is no longer a joke. Everything you ever done now exists forever and is subject to the whims of fluctuating attitudes.

  30. We seem to have become a country of puritans who can’t show forgiveness for youthful indiscretions. It’s pretty well known that kids sometimes do dumb things.

  31. Yes Patrick, it is way more difficult when you mess up now.

  32. Charles – well I also think he was a little older than a kid but I agree. In some way he is following the Clinton/Trump model of riding out a scandal. I will say his multiple explanations was more offensive than the act itself.

  33. Imagine what it will be like for those born now…… the accumulated data that will be stored on them by the time they are 30…..

    There are no secrets.

  34. And that is if they make it past Cuomo’s killers.

  35. Yes

    And it will be worse going forward Since everyone now has a good quality camera / video recorder On them at all times With easy access to worldwide distribution

    This is a good thing in some ways , and a bad thing in 1 million other ways

  36. When he came back and lied that should have done him in but so far none of the three have gone anywhere they all are still collecting a taxpayer check.

  37. He shouldn’t resign

    He should’ve told them all to go f*** Themselves the first day

    I don’t like the guy one bit But if he’s refusing to resign, good

    I don’t necessarily agree that there was anything racist about it in the first place

  38. Patrick, you were right. You said Northam wouldn’t quit, and he hasn’t. I didn’t think he would politically survive this long.

  39. I’m not sure featuring a guy in blackface and a guy in a Klan outfit qualifies as anything other than that.

  40. here’s a whole bunch in black face all our societies moral pole bearers


  41. This is a very interesting list….. Phantom interested in your take on it. No agenda in mind just your opinion.


  42. Just home after a very long day trip to Boston. Great place.

    I don’t Really understand the purpose of a list like this. There are a lot of places on it that I am completely unfamiliar with.

    I don’t understand what the point is of listing a small and unknown town like Arab Alabama that can’t fight back.

    I have visited Cleveland quite a few times over the last 12 years. Frankly, I’m surprised that it’s not on a list like this. The center City Has high crime, the downtown is pretty dead. Huge numbers of the middle class left ages ago, There is talk of letting some abandoned blocks go back to rural.

    I took a spin around Camden NJ by bike a while back. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to live there. I can’t imagine walking on the streets at night. So I was producing a list like this, Camden might be on it

    In the late 1990s, I actually drove to Detroit, To see the ancient Tiger Stadium baseball park and his last year of existence. After the Saturday day game, We hung out in a bar for a while. Once the sun had set, there was a palpable fear of crime observed in the few local businesses such as gas stations that were still open. I don’t think that the crime situation in Detroit has gotten much better since.

    There were a few places in Hawaii on the list, which struck me as weird.

  43. El Paso TX not included!

  44. it’s very bizarre…..

    do you think El Paso should be Charles? and there are so many states that don’t have any on the list…

    I couldn’t find a theme.

  45. Didn’t the younger of Pines Di’s kids wear a Nazis emblem to a party? And he turned out ok.

    Yes, but that was only because of his father’s extremely strong genes……

  46. Phantom,

    I’ve never heard of anyone I know wearing blackface , Or even of anyone considering the possibility of wearing it

    Why would this even be considered to be a fun or clever thing to do. I don’t get it

    People wearing black face, was very popular in the UK for 20 years. And on the BBC as well. I actually remember seeing this programme when I was a kid.


  47. Wow

    I knew that it was a long show business tradition, but had no idea that it lasted until the 1970s

  48. In the early twentieth century, Al Jolson was a mega star in the US. He was known for performing in blackface


  49. Phantom.

    It’s quite surprising really, the now politically correct BBC, actually defended the black and White minstrel show when people wanted it banned in the late 60s. Despite this they carried on screening it for another 10 years.

    I’d heard of Al Johnson, but I never actually seen one of his performances. Cheers for posting that.

  50. I heard an older fellow in the radio speaking of Jolson decades ago.

    How big a star he was.

    He died in 1950.

    His legacy was tainted by the blackface stuff in the sixties, maybe before

    Many performers used it at times ( including Bing Crosby ) , but Jolson performed In blackface all the time

    As far as I know, he wasn’t known to be racist at all, There are stories of his personal kindness to black people who were much less famous than he was.

  51. There are degrees of everything. Joslon was in a different time. Others have used it not as a mockery of a race (think Othello) while some have used it to portray a character (Billy Crystal, Gene Wilder) without malice.

  52. Many performers used it at times ( including Bing Crosby ) , but Jolson performed In blackface all the time

    As far as I know, he wasn’t known to be racist at all, There are stories of his personal kindness to black people who were much less famous than he was.

    I agree Phantom it’s all subjective. I personally don’t find the blackface stuff racist but I know a lot of people do. Times change and attitudes change.

  53. Gene Wilder in silver streak trying to be black was hysterical

  54. This is an age where a huge amount of people pretend to be offended at everything.

    There is a vast fakeness to all of this.

  55. Not just offended, but they over play in. Kamel Harris claim that it stained the halls of government was a ridiculous overreaction.

  56. Phantom. Mahons.

    I totally agree guys. What I find worrying is that this fake outrage over nothing at all is resulting in a dangerous shift towards less free speech.

  57. On tomorrow’s Saturday Night Live, they should do a blackface skit.