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By Pete Moore On February 8th, 2019

Giving jobless people in Finland a basic income for two years did not lead them to find work, researchers said.

It seems that when people are paid to do nothing, they do nothing.


  1. It seems that when people are paid to do nothing, they do nothing

    Except of course the subjects of the video didn’t do nothing.

  2. Supporters of basic income often believe an unconditional safety net can help people out of poverty, by giving them the time to apply for jobs or learn essential new skills.

    Detractors might point out that there will be others who enjoy sitting at home watching Jerry Springer in their underwear, as the checks roll in every month.

  3. It will be interesting to see if it caused a decline in people finding work. That is one of the major worries of a universal basic income (that people who would have ordinarily have worked decide to not work). So it would be useful to compare the people who received UBI and the proportion of them who found work to the control group who received normal unemployment benefit and see if there was a difference. If it declines then it reinforces one of the major potential downsides of UBI. If it doesn’t then it raises the question as to whether that problem exists.

  4. A little hunger to improve your economic situation is a wonderful thing, for the individual and for the society.

    Free stuff won’t add to that.

    This sounds like one of the things that work great on paper but not in the world, like communism or Ron Paul ism.

  5. The administrative cost of UBI was supposed to be much lower than regular unemployment. I see nothing on that in this report. If indeed administrative costs are much lower that should be factored in when evaluating how the experiment worked. Also, there is no mention if anyone started up an enterprise. If UBI spurred start up enterprises,that would be enough to classify the experiment a success.

  6. That’s not true Pete, it depends on the person.
    People who want to work will not sit around at home and do nothing even if they’re paid to do nothing.

  7. It’s not as though the leftists who support stuff like this don’t know that it won’t work: they know that it won’t work which is why they support it. Likewise though conversely, they oppose Trump’s wall not because it won’t work, but because it will work and that would ruin the dystopian future which is certain for the US and Europe unless 3rd-world immigration is halted and reversed. To be clear, they know what would happen, and yet they are driving the disaster onwards because a) they don’t believe that they’ll be affected – that’s for others, and b) they are infantile nihilists, like children who break their own toys, these fuckwits are prepared to destroy the entire civilisation on which they ultimately depend

    Here’s the WaPo from a few years back describing a future which is now within sight…..


    By Daniel Taylor

    If you don’t want to believe what alternative media has warned about for decades, the Washington Post told us what was coming 11 years ago in a 2008 “future history” piece.

    What was warned about by the Post?

    – Illegal immigrant gang wars, “permanent insurrection against state and federal immigration agents.”

    – Americans are forced into compact cities

    – Google dominates our lives with “Google Life Services”

    – Citizen journalists are monitored by the feds

    – Implantable chips allow freedom of travel in and out of safe zones

    – Small scale terror attacks plague the country

    This was forecast in the Post’s “hypothetical” future history of Washington D.C. in the year 2025.

    Here are some excerpts from the article…….