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By Pete Moore On February 12th, 2019

Left wing and black twitter is in uproar. The outrage today is that Esquire magazine has done a feature about an American boy.

Looks American to me.

Apparently it’s pandering to white supremacy and blah bah and all that extreme-left wing crap. It’s quite instructive really. It’s not about taking down statues and renaming parks. When whites become a minority in America they will be written out of history entirely. Everything will be torn down and renamed, and one day it will be as if white men had never forged the country or even been there.


  1. When have you ever seen an intelligent discussion on Twitter?

  2. Slow news day Pete?

  3. Esquire used to be a very prominent magazine in the United States

    I’m glad that they’re still around

  4. Anyone can find someone complaining about something on the internet and claim it represents the views of an entire cultural/political group. It’s nonsense of course. I could post links to a thousand left wing or black accounts who aren’t mentioning or remotely bothered by this interview. It seems to have triggered Our Pete more than it has most lefties.

  5. It seems like Twitter comments are 99% complaints

    Complaining that someone is complaining on twitter is like complaining that the ocean is wet today

  6. Twitter reminds me of the last bar / club open late in town. It’s full of crazies, weirdos, hustlers, rogues, charlatans and general all round dregs of society.

  7. And it has a leader…. who loves tweeting furiously in the middle of the night 😉

  8. It says a lot about Esquire’s readership that that silly question on the cover is supposed to get people to buy and read it.

  9. Watch out Pete. The bottom of that barrels getting dangerously thin.