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By Pete Moore On February 12th, 2019

Lord Trimble, one of the architects of the Belfast Agreement, has served legal notice on the government regarding the NI backstop.

The allegation is that the backstop breaches the Northern Ireland Act 1998 and the Union with Ireland Act 1800, as well as the Belfast Agreement itself. I’m not a barrister and have no idea.

Guido has a copy of the letter sent to the Government Legal Department.


  1. Hoorah ! ‘True Brit’ Pete, interrupts his stream of parochial American posts to remember the country he is from. Pity the next post goes back to his Americana obsession😉

    And this from the man who has complained about too much US politicking on ATW !

  2. A pre-action protocol (PAP) letter for Judicial Review.

    This explains it better than I ever could. I’ll be surprised if it even gets to preliminary JR hearing:


  3. //Lord Trimble has served legal notice has served legal notice on the government regarding the NI backstop//

    That’s another Nothingburger right there.

  4. I think it’s known as virtue signalling in rightworld circles Noel

  5. Paul, yep.

    He wants to show everyone he’s still SO unionist n stuff. He cant mince down the Garvaghey Rd holding hands with Big Ian any more so he has to show it by other means.

  6. I see that a ‘crowdfunding’ page has been set up to fund Trimble’s ‘challange’:


    Why weren’t multi millionaires like Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson, Arron Banks etc asked to fund it? My guess is because they’d be told where to get off. No, better to let the low information gormless hoi polloi waste their money on hopeless vanity projects than the multi millionaire elitists.

  7. https://order-order.com/2019/02/13/robbins-reveals-dishonesty-of-governments-stance/

    Robbins also boasted about the true nature of the backstop, revealing that it was not intended to be a “safety net” . . .

    Like I said: A Remain PM, Remain Government, Remain Parliament, Remain Civil Service and Remain MSM are conspiring to screw up BREXIT.

    If this comes to pass, the Tories are finished for all time.

  8. Wow!! with so many Remainers it’s hard to imagine there are any Leavers at all?

    Is this a sound journalistic source Mark?

    Are we now treating what a journalist within earshot of a senior civil servant in a bar may or may not have heard as definitive policy?