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By Pete Moore On February 14th, 2019

Between 1999, when the euro was launched, and the start of 2017…the eurozone’s GDP grew by 26%, against the UK’s 44 per cent and 42% in the United States. Italy is up by just 6.7% and Greece by 1.3%; both have suffered two wasted decades.”

That’s the longer term context. Today the Eurozone is slipping into recession. Italy is already there, possibly Germany too. When Remainers told us that a decision to leave the EU would result in economic downturn, they didn’t mean over there.

Just look at those numbers again, and bear in mind that Asia is just warming its engine. The EU, and its evil Eurozone, which condemns tens of millions to permanent unemployment, are as good as gone already. The present and future have no need for mid-20th Century solutions to problems which never existed.

One Response to “THE EU IS A DODO”

  1. Well said Pete. I agree 100%.