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By Pete Moore On February 15th, 2019

We have an invasion of drugs, invasion of gangs, invasion of people, and it’s unacceptable. “Everyone knows that walls work.”

So President Trump has pushed the button. It’s an all-or-nothing option. I suspect that DC’s lawyers are rapidly sharpening their invoices because this one’s going all the way to the Supreme Court.

Although there’s nothing new in such a presidential declaration American patriots ought to be careful what they wish for. Precedent is set on contentious issues. A future Democratic president might do likewise after a shooting to start taking away guns, for example. And I can’t see how Trump loses electorally on the issue; either he gets his wall or he can point to obstructive Democrats.

Nevertheless it is a state of emergency regardless of the politics. The southern border is a highway for drugs, weapons, criminals and people-smugglers. Demographics is destiny and the tide simply must be halted if the US is to remain a First World country in the long term.


  1. “weapons”

    Now that’s funny right there I don’t care who you are

  2. The US has lax gun laws.

    The gun smuggling is north to south, not south to north.

  3. A future Democratic president might do likewise after a shooting to start taking away guns, for example.

    Yes, let’s hope so. The precedent has now been set.

  4. The southern border is a highway for drugs

    The drugs are not carried by illegals. They come in at legal crossing points, hidden in large trucks. The obvious answer is to search every truck without exception. Or de-criminalise the drugs.

    A “wall” will make absolutely no difference to the sucessors of El Chapo. And of course Liar Trump knows this.

  5. Yes, central and south American drug cartels, making profits of hundreds of millions of dollars a year, are getting drugs into the States by paying border hoppers to carry them in.

    Jesus Christ.

    The southern border is a highway for weapons? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You’ve really outdone yourself on the bullshitometer there Pete.

  6. The El Chapo case gave great detail in how one of the biggest smugglers did business.

    Drugs were shipped in many ways including on boats, planes, and under cooking oil in rail cars.

    Not across the un-fenced border areas.

  7. Watch any documentary on DEA agents working Latin America and that very quickly becomes evident Phantom.

  8. Pat, were you having lunch in Milwaukee yesterday?


  9. This will be nothing more than an inconvenience to the Cartels.

    The main cartel along the US-Mexican border is the Sinaloa Cartel, who’s leader is the now incarcerated El Chapo. The major reason that he was extradited from Mexico to the United States was because Mexico pretty much couldn’t hold him. He has escaped from prison twice. The second was after his associates dug a 1 mile long tunnel from a house into the prison.

    A Mexican maximum security federal prison, with walls, guards etc… couldn’t stop them. An unmanned steel fence is going to be child’s play to them.

  10. The amount of trade is so vast they can never properly inspect every container

    And the drugs were put under water in rail cars purposely – the water hid the smell completely, and DEA agents would not want to go slopping around in a series of dark wet rail cars

  11. This is what the DEA say:


    Although, as a federal agency they better watch themselves contradicting Trump after him publicly censuring the CIA and FBI.

  12. There is no national emergency. This is just a new method of thievery by Trump who has been a thief all his life. He will regret pulling this stunt because people will see that what is happening on the border is poor people seeking a better life, as has happened for centuries. The majority of the country see through Trump’s trickery. He could not get congressional support even from his own party and the cornered rat had only this stunt to please the likes of Ann Coulter who apparently is the only person he listens to.

  13. The majority of the country see through Trump’s trickery. He could not get congressional support even from his own party and the cornered rat had only this stunt to please the likes of Ann Coulter who apparently is the only person he listens to.

    Yes NY. He also listens to Limbaa and the gang at Fox and of course Alex Jones. Because that’s who his base listens to. They may be less than 40% of the electorate but they might well prevail again in 2020 with the help of the Electoral College which is now clearly rigged working in favour of the GOP. Let’s not forget that Trump was 3 million votes behind Hillary in 2016. He could lose the popular vote by 5 million in 2020 and still get re-elected.

  14. It isn’t an original line, but the national emergency is Trump.

  15. with the help of the Electoral College

    And the help of the job killing nutjob left element of the Democrats.

  16. AOC, the Democrat gift that keeps on giving, lol…

  17. She was a big problem for the Democratic leadership two weeks ago.

    She’s a much bigger problem for them now.

  18. The southern border is a highway for central Americans and that is sufficient reason to close it. When these hispanics enter the US in their millions, you may get some ‘hardworking Mexicans’ but the gangs, drug-dealers, murderers and other criminals who make Mexico and central America what they are also arrive and the US then heads on that path. Everybody knows it, so a wall is needed

  19. And the help of the job killing nutjob left element of the Democrats.


    If we need to bribe Amazon and their like to create jobs then capitalism is doomed. I cling to free market ideas but we seem to be moving more and more towards corporarte welfare, crony capitalism and consequently ever greater inequality. It will not end well.

  20. Again…

    IMO It’s not bribing!

    Amazon would have paid a lot of local NY and NY state corporate taxes, even after the ( job creation ) goals and been achieved!

    There are much better federal and state tax grounds to criticize them for tax then this one

  21. Paul McMahon, on February 15th, 2019 at 7:25 PM Said:
    Pat, were you having lunch in Milwaukee yesterday?


    that was great….. somebody was off their meds

  22. We are losing over 60,000 people a year to overdoses from White Heroin.

    The Vietnam War began November 1, 1955 ended April 30, 1975 we had 58,220 U.S. military fatal casualties of the Vietnam War and we only had 1,011,000 North Vietnamese combat deaths.

    We are losing more in one year than we did in twenty of war. I call that a National Emergency.

    In reading the budget deal that this bipartisan committee put together it makes one thing absolutely clear…. every Republican on the committee and Mitch McConnell all need to be primaried out of office. It’s an Amnesty Bill and it’s designed to make it impossible to build the wall.

  23. The wall won’t significantly Change the flow of drugs at all

    Pretending that it will won’t fool anyone here That doesn’t want to be fooled

    It could put a dent in illegal immigration, Which is a better argument for it

  24. I disagree.

  25. El Chapo Didn’t go around any walls

    He found 1 million ways to go through the legal checkpoints

  26. As far as I know, he didn’t go around any walls for -land- distribution

    But he did use planes and watercraft to ship the drugs in

  27. Lets go with saying only ten percent are being smuggled across where there is no wall and 90% through the entry points. I believe the numbers are just the opposite, but even going with that ratio it would save 6000 lives.

  28. oh and on the declaring a National Emergency against Guns like Ms Pelousy stated….

    come and get them…….

  29. Patrick

    The assumption that a percentage reduction in drugs coming through a particular route will save a similar percentage of lives is false. Addicts who want drugs will always get them and if one supply route is restricted another will be found. Your analogy is wrong.

  30. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_prevalence_of_opiates_use

    Opiate use ( drugs made from opium, not including synthetics ) “ annual prevalence per population” shown below


    Russia, which has proper borders, has more than twice the opiate use than the US does

    The lowest rate shown is for Singapore. There are a few reasons for that.

  31. Colm, on February 16th, 2019 at 3:09 PM Said:

    The assumption that a percentage reduction in drugs coming through a particular route will save a similar percentage of lives is false. Addicts who want drugs will always get them and if one supply route is restricted another will be found. Your analogy is wrong.

    The supply of Heroin on the streets of the US is greater than it has ever been in history. It is highgrade and the cheapest street drug on the market.

    Things have changed, Up until the last ten years the 50 years before that intravenous drug users were looked down upon and reviled by the drug culture they were pariahs. Now it is the most common used method. It has become the norm.

    We have to wage the war on the heroin it must removed as the primary street drug. The crack epidemic wasn’t this bad. I totally disagree with the seizure stats and my reason is the streets are flooded with south american heroin in such quantities it’s cheaper than buying cigarettes.

    I say the wall will actually save more than 6000 lives that is the minnimum number real number will be closer to 15,000.

  32. Want to Win the War on Drugs? Portugal Might Have the Answer


  33. The War on Drugs

    Seventeen years on, the U.S. is suffering its worst addiction epidemic in American history. In 2016 alone, an estimated 64,000 Americans died from opioid overdoses—more than the combined death tolls for Americans in the Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq Wars. In Portugal, meanwhile, the drug-induced death rate has plummeted to five times lower than the E.U. average and stands at one-fiftieth of the United States’. Its rate of HIV infection has dropped from 104.2 new cases per million in 2000 to 4.2 cases per million in 2015. Drug use has declined overall among the 15- to 24-year-old population, those most at risk of initiating drug use.


  34. won’t work here.

  35. Patrick

    It’s plainly obvious the current war on drugs is not working?

  36. If we are serious about crushing the drugs problem, We need to take a very close look at what Portugal or, very differently, draconian Singapore is doing as respects it


    Anyone who is not open to either of these radically different solutions is not serious at all.

    Portugal has worked, Singapore works even better, If you can live with the harshness of it

  37. On Singapore

    The country’s strict Misuse of Drugs Act punishes possession of even miniscule amounts of illegal drugs and prescribes execution if you’re found guilty of carrying large amounts of particular types of drugs.

    Under the Misuse of Drugs Act, the burden of proof lies on the defendant, not on the government. If you’re caught with large amounts of drugs, you are simply presumed by law to be trafficking.

    It goes even further—if you own a house or a car in which illegal drugs have been found, you are presumed under the law to have possession of the drug, unless you can prove otherwise.

    The law is consistent with Singapore’s authoritarian law enforcement culture—harsh laws, mercilessly applied, are thought to work best at deterring social evils like drug use.

    Singapore’s top diplomat in the UK, Michael Teo, defended Singapore’s harsh drug laws by pointing to the country’s lower rates for drug use.

    “8.2% of the UK population are cannabis abusers; in Singapore, it is 0.005%. For ecstasy, the figures are 1.8% for the UK and 0.003% for Singapore; and for opiates—such as heroin, opium, and morphine – 0.9% for the UK and 0.005% for Singapore,” claimed Teo. “We do not have traffickers pushing drugs openly in the streets, nor do we need to run needle exchange centers.”

    Singapore solved its drug problem in short order, and it has stayed solved.

    No one even thinks about such solutions in the west, because they’re not serious about solving the problem.

    Let’s build some phony wall, they say. But never mention Portugal or Singapore or prescription abuses. It’s all the fault of Mexicans forcing Americans to take drugs

  38. Phantom

    To buy into the Singapore war on drugs, reading your block quote, one would require absolute confidence in the Police.

    Not something many counties possess.

  39. Well, the results speak for themselves

    I have spent a short time in Singapore.

    It’s an exceptionally impressive place

    They have a number of lessons to teach us, and I don’t think that we have any lessons to teach them

  40. Phantom.

    As I have said before, if Uncle Sam spent more on curing people, you know limke a good Christian country, instead of finding new & exciting ways of killing them more efficiently.

    The World would be a better place.

  41. Yes

  42. no killing people more efficiently than anyone else is very important. There are none better than Americans at killing and we intend to keep it that way.

    You people have a severe misconception of the drug problem and it’s causes in the united states. None of the models you state will work simply due to demographics.

    The drugs are just a symptom of the disease, the disease is addiction.

    You could stop the import of all drugs and opioids and then the country would fall back to Meth. Meth is still the number 2 choice and killer.

    The first step to making any headway on the problem is treatment, the second and generational problem is fixing the family unit.

  43. Phantom

    Singapore is an island city state with a population of less than six million and Buddism as the main religion. As such, it is not remotely comparable to either the USA or the UK.

  44. Peter

    The Chinese observed the great Lee Kwan Yew very closely. They thought that they had something to learn from that small island nation.

    Ethnic Chinese dominate of course, but the population is diverse. There are also 13.4% mostly Muslim Malays and 9% mostly Hindu ethnic Indians.

    China is much larger than the US or UK , Japan is a large place, and those nations have very low rates of opiate / opioid use as well. Because their doctors and dentists never handed these dangerous drugs out like candy, and those governments are merciless to those who traffic in drugs in any way.

  45. Phantom

    I agree with your last paragraph about opiate prescriptions which has created a huge number of addicts in the USA.

    But Singapore is also a highly authoriarian state whose government intrudes into the lives of its citizens in ways that would be unacceptable in the West. In addition, it controls or directs large swathes of the economy. It works there because the culture and history are so different from ours.

  46. I pretty much agree with that.

    But the fact is That the Singapore type Approach of harsh prosecution has worked Not just in Singapore, but in a large number of other Asian nations.

    But that successful approach is never even contemplated Here, other than when people whine about it, When some stupid westerner is caught with a brick of drugs in their luggage

    If one approach to stopping the problem has worked so much better than all other approaches, should we be thinking about it?

  47. It would be illegal in most Western countries. Almost all Western countries have banned the death penalty. In addition the United States has, for all intents and purposes, banned the death penalty for non murder offences.

    So executing drug dealers is a non-starter in the west.

  48. Seamus

    Singapore And multiple other Asian nations don’t have a real drug problem.

    Do our drug addicted and pill popping western nations Have anything to learn from them?

  49. “Singapore And multiple other Asian nations don’t have a real drug problem.”

    The don’t seem to have a drinking problem either, and as far as I can see they don’t have the same punitive measures in place for alcohol.

    The World Health Organisation estimates that the average person in Singapore consumes about 2 litres of alcohol a year. The average person in Ireland nearly 12 litres. Pretty much the same in Germany, the UK. The US is 9 litres (lightweights).

    So Alcohol consumption is much higher here as well (and I imagine from that alcohol dependency and addiction).

  50. That’s evasion

    Singapore used to have an opioid drug problem. Ernest Young, formerly of this parish, might have commented upon it. He stopped off in Singapore in the 1950s

    China used to have a very bad drug problem, One made worse when the British government was pushing drugs there during the bad old days. That drug problem persisted until the late 1940s, when the Chinese communist took merciless action against it

    I say again – Asian nations have taken strong steps which have broken the back of drug problems that they used to have: Do we have anything at all to learn from these nations?

    If we don’t feel like solving the problem, or if we just want to do bullshit like building walls, let’s just say that we don’t care and move on. Let’s talk about the next Manchester United soccer match

  51. It’s not an evasion. I don’t know if we have anything to learn by it because I don’t know if their methods are being successful. They have their methods and they have low drug use. The two may be connected but may not be. Post hoc ergo propter hoc and all that.

    Firstly the Singapore data is misleading. They cite studies that look at the number of users in the UK and then compare it to the number of people who seek treatment in Singapore. The two are not the same. There are studies that show the number of drug users in the US, the UK etc… I imagine the official numbers of people in treatment for drugs is likely much lower.

    80% of Singapore’s prisoners are there for drug related crime. Singapore also has one of the highest incarceration levels in the region. Those two facts don’t mesh well with the idea that their population don’t use drugs.

  52. They have an exceptionally low level of crime in general

    And exceptionally harsh methods of dealing with illegal drugs

    Their approach works very well

    Oh well, let’s just keep doing what we’re doing. We Westerners know best!

  53. “Their approach works very well”

    Does it?

  54. Phantom, on February 16th, 2019 at 4:48 PM Said:

    Well, the results speak for themselves

    I have spent a short time in Singapore.

    It’s an exceptionally impressive place

    What is Singapore’s Aztec population? How impressive do you think Singapore would be if its ethnic make-up fell below 50% Chinese?

  55. Singapore is off the charts good on all crime matters

    Let’s compare it with nearby Kuala Lumpur


  56. None of these places can compare with the situation in the US.

    Drugs are not the problem first of all they are but a symptom, nothing more. The Drug culture in this country has not changed in size since the 60s and the rise in the amount of ADDICTS coincides exactly with the increase of single parent families.

    The only thing that’s changed over the past decade is the decrease in price, and increase of potency of the heroin along with the removal of the stigma of intravenous drug use.

  57. The UK has a higher rate of single parent families than the US does, but it has less of a drugs problem, mich less of an opiate/opioid problem.

    Largely thanks to the NHS, whose procedures have proven to be sound in this area


  58. PVR

    “The first step to making any headway on the problem is treatment, the second and generational problem is fixing the family unit.” Are you saying it is the government’s responsibility to provide treatment and fixing family units? It is hard to see why anybody who favors small government would support such massive government programs. I can see a role for private charity, but the government?