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By David Vance On February 17th, 2019

The UK media has been replete with debate on the request from Islamic State concubine and terrorist comforter Shamima Begum that she be allowed to return from her Syrian prison to the UK. Some say she should be allowed back, others think that she should be absolutely kept out.

Readers will know that Begum left the UK with two associates in 2015 to help wage Jihad in Syria with the barbaric forces of the head choppers of Islamic State.


I asked a few straightforward questions of LBC presenter Maajid Nawaz but they seem to have caused a problem.

Let’s review what happened.

In the first instance I found myself agreeing with Mr Nawaz when LBC tweeted

We do indeed need to step up how we deal with extremism.

Here is his original tweet summarising his views how we “deal” with extremism.

In the monologue that this tweet links back to Nawaz argues that these are British produced terrorists and therefore the UK’s responsibility. I would argue that they are mostly dual nationals, and the products of self enclosed ghettos. And that therefore dual nationals who join terror groups dedicated to destroying the UK should have their UK citizenship cancelled. Maajid believes the opposite.

We are all welcome to hold different opinions but I then asked Nawaz…..

“Are you a dual UK-Pakistani national ? In that case we should have prevented your entry back into the UK after your jihad activities in Egypt. We must increase UK enrichment by deporting all dual nationality jihad supporters. New legislation must be created’

His response was as follows

Clearly this was an evasion not an answer, so I followed up by asking politely….

You have admitted carrying out jihad activity in Egypt. Do you believe that dual UK nationals carrying out jihad activity abroad should have their UK citizenship cancelled or not? Simple question. Yes or No? Too tough?

This brought the following response…

Two questions and two ad hominem responses from this public figure. So, let’s get the “facts straight”!


The facts are simple. From his Wikipedia page…

Born in Southend-on-Sea, Essex to a British Pakistani family,

Given this statement, I simply enquired if he holds British-Pakistani dual nationality. All that is needed is a factual Yes or a No! Why is this a problem, Maajid?

Reading on…

Nawaz is a former member of the Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir. This association led to his arrest in Egypt in December 2001, where he remained imprisoned until 2006.

Maajid has publicly stated that he sought to recruit army officers in Pakistan in order to instigate violent coups and install sharia law governments, and that he travelled to Egypt with a view to agitating against the secular government of Hosni Mubarak. The latter was in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

You may recognise the young muslim lawyer who helped get him released from his Egyptian prison. He is now London Mayor – I refer of course to Sadiq Khan


Now back in the UK after his release from the Egyptian prison Nawaz gave a speech at the Al Quds (Jerusalem Day) rally in London, in which he called for the establishment of an “Islamic State” in Israel. For the avoidance of any doubt here is the video of it. The speech was given AFTER his return from Egypt to the UK. He sounds pretty radical throughout but you must draw your own conclusion.

If this video is wrong in any regard, I hope Mr Nawaz will correct me. If it is as exactly it appears, I think the “facts” seem straightforward.

Here is a further video clip of Nawaz AFTER he returned to the UK

In summary, Mr Nawaz travelled overseas to wage Jihad by his own admission, came back to the UK, and praised “Islamic State” Ms Begum travelled overseas to wage Jihad with Islamic State and now wants back to the UK.


So the questions remain unanswered;

  1. Does Maajid Nawaz have dual British-Pakistani citizenship?
  2. Does Maajid Nawaz agree that UK nationals with dual citizenship carrying out jihad activity abroad should have their UK citizenship cancelled?

He insists that the UK government needs to step up how we deal with extremism. I agree.

Cancelling the UK citizenship of UK nationals with dual citizenship carrying out Jihad activity abroad would be a good way to start surely? 


  1. good piece

  2. I have listened or at least tried to listen to this liberal on LBC.

    Yes he was a Jihadi, but a small “J” Jihadi…small J, small J

    (Anyone who has ever tried to listen to him, will get that)

  3. Cancelling UK / western citizenship of any of those who cast their lot with the Muslim terror caliphate would be the right thing to do.

    These critters have effectively renounced their citizenship. They share no values with any authentic British or western peoples.

  4. As shown on another thread…….

    This is Senator Chuck Schumer addressing AIPAC, and saying loud and clear that God made him a guardian of the wall – Israel’s wall, not a wall that would protect the US, but Israel which is clearly his priority. This should be made compulsory viewing for all white dupes in the US:


    Holli Diel
    1 month ago
    As a US Senator, he should be the guardian of the United States of America or move to Israel!!! Should Israeli Dual-Citizenship’s be allowed in the US Government? Is it AOK to have a Russian Dual-Citizenship, or how about a China Dual-Citizenship?

    Let’s have some consistency in this matter.

  5. As has been explained by other people on ATW, you can’t cancel the citizenship of somebody who doesn’t have dual nationality. You effectively render them stateless.
    Are British citizens, therefore they are the UK’s problem.

  6. David

    Cancelling the UK citizenship of UK nationals with dual citizenship carrying out Jihad activity abroad would be a good way to start surely?

    For those who hold you nationality, I completely agree.

  7. listened to his show earlier today and he stated that he was solely a British national.

    The Shamima Begum case is a difficult one. It’s my understanding that she only holds British nationality and therefore can’t be stripped of her nationality which would make her stateless. If she does go back to the UK she should be imprisoned although I’m not sure which charges could be brought against ther.

  8. Majid Nawaz is not so bad after all.


  9. That was an interesting link Harri. Thanks.

  10. It does remind me of the Russell Howard joke. The same people who say that people come over here should speak the language are the same people in Benidorm shouting “Oy Pedro … DO YOU DO CHIPS?”

  11. Like these selfish eejits Seamus:


  12. I know I might be selfish but I think on reflection now, if there was another referendum, I’d probably vote to remain

    Those eejits sound very similar to this eejit…

    The embattled People’s Vote campaign have released a new video featuring someone who claims to have voted Leave but now changed his mind to support Remain. It already has a combined 150,000 views across Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately for them, ‘Paul from Stoke’ is actually hyper-remain political activist Paul Tomlin, who even says he’s ‘proud to be a Londoner’…

    In the run up to the vote he pleaded with family and friends to ‘vote to stay’, posted that he will ‘get his country back’ if Britain votes to remain, and warned that ‘if we vote to leave there is no way back’. On the day of the results he lamented the Brexit vote with a vile post celebrating Nigel Farage’s plane crash.


  13. Good link Paul. That was entertaining.

  14. Majid Nawaz is interesting on jihadis because he’s been there. He now broadly left-liberal politically. But as he demonstrates in his responses to DV, he has a pronlem being questioned.

    On air he appeals for civility and politeness among people who disagree, then five minutes later he’s having a go at someone for disagreeing with him.

  15. They don’t sound similar at all Harri. Those Brits in Spain wanted freedom of movement for themselves but not for anyone else.

  16. Cancelling the UK citizenship of UK nationals with dual citizenship carrying out Jihad activity abroad would be a good way to start surely?

    Absolutely right David.

  17. Harri

    Good catch at 3.52 PM. I had never heard of this guy before.

  18. //Cancelling the UK citizenship of UK nationals with dual citizenship carrying out Jihad activity abroad //

    I’m not sure what the legal situation is in the UK, but obviously nationality, if it is ever granted, should always be contingent on the individual obeying the laws and customs of his host country. Any messing within, say, 20 years and the new citizenship should be revoked immediately.

  19. I’ve just listened to a programme on her. It seems she has mono British nationality so stripping her of citizenship would be against international law. She’s also given birth to the baby whose father is the dead Dutch ISIS fighter she married.

    Good catch at 3.52 PM. I had never heard of this guy before

    He does a daily show on LBC Peter. He’s pretty sharp.

  20. The law isn’t quite as clear cut as that.


    The British Government has the power to prevent Shamima Begum from landing on UK territory.

    As both of Shamima Begum’s parents are Bangladeshi nationals and she is under 21 years old, she is eligible and able to apply for Bangladeshi citizenship.

    While international law stipulates that people cannot be left stateless, the Immigration Act 2014 introduced a power allowing that to happen if a person has “acted in a manner seriously prejudicial to the vital interests of the UK”.

    “This action may only be taken if the secretary of state has reasonable grounds for believing that the person is able, under the law of a country outside the UK, to become a national of that country.”

    It’s moot though. This government simply won’t do it even if it can do it.

  21. Thanks Paul. I never listen to LBC, being mainly a Radio 3 man. I used to listen to Today on Radio 4 at wake-up time, but recently I have mostly switched to Radio 3 at that time. It has infrequent short news bulletins and there are absolutely no Brexit shouting matches.

  22. Harri, on February 17th, 2019 at 5:31 PM Said:

    some excellent points made by commentators in that link to Guido, particularly when the Leavers who say that they changed their minds are asked why they voted Leave in the first place. The flailing indicates mendacity but also the fact that the reasons that would be given are still valid and strengthened by the events since the referendum. They are a shower of lying scum

  23. From Daniel Hannan:

    “There is something uniquely unattractive about the combination of supremacism and self-pity. “Our black flag will fly over the whole world; but, at the same time, you should all feel sorry for me.”


  24. Courtesy of Peter’s link..

    James Lee
    Replying to
    She’ll be the Mayor of London within 10-years.

  25. Meanwhile another billionaire hard-Brexiteer jumps ship to a tax haven.

    “The shadow chancellor said he was “disappointed” with reports that prominent Brexiteer and Britain’s wealthiest man, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, is relocating to Monaco in a bid to save up to £4bn in tax.”


  26. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/feb/19/maajid-nawaz-lbc-presenter-hurt-in-racially-motivated-attack

  27. I now realise who he is. I never listen to LBC but I have watched him on a regular sky news discusssion programme called The Pledge. He always comes across as very sensible , reasonable and well informed. Hope they catch the attacker.

  28. Peter and Colm,

    If you like talk radio and current affairs LBC is absolutely recommended. They cater for a wide variety of views, both in terms of presenters and callers, and being an independent radio station the presenters aren’t constrained to being impartial in their individual opinions.

    As a matter of fact I’ve just logged on to listen to Emily Thornberry cover for Harri’s favourite radio presenter, James O’Brien.

  29. James O’Brien?

    Earlier this month, left wing agitator James O’Brien got into a protracted argument with Silkie Carlo, Director of privacy-campaigning NGO Big Brother Watch, ironically over the issue of whether they publish a list of their donors or not. O’Brien would not let Carlo talk (about the issue of facial recognition cameras) because she supports privacy rights across the board. He then let the cat out of the bag…

    Carlo: “I used to work at Liberty, Liberty doesn’t publish who funds it. Open Rights Group doesn’t publish who funds it…

    O’Brien: “No, but I’m not troubled by their agenda.”

    This brazen hypocrisy reveals the fundamental lie at the heart of the unrelenting ‘Who Funds You’ smear campaign. It has never been about a genuine concern about transparency over who funds various charities and NGOs – big state think tanks are never challenged in the same way. It has always been a deliberately partisan exercise in trying to drive groups that the O’Briens of this world disagree with out of public debate


  30. James O’Barmy..

    Its rather quite difficult to argue with reality.

    I know you know
    an hour ago

    I see no reason to dispute the description of O’Brien when described as
    “The radio host is the epitome of a smug, sanctimonious, condescending, obsessively politically-correct, champagne-socialist public schoolboy Remoaner.

    Elliott Warren
    an hour ago
    James O’Brien is just a hateful person – he hates anyone who disagrees with him

    I actually lost the will to listen to the monumental hypocrite, when he conducted a whole radio show reference ” Global Warming” and how us mere mortals were flat earthers, and Infidel deniers jetting off to Spain every year on family holidays, thus killing the planet in the process.

    I never heard a peep out of him for the next two weeks, apparently he was orf on his holidays with his family, so he had a stand in..

    He was on “Safari”

    I assume he didn’t walk there?

  31. It worked Paul. Its so easy isn’t it ? 🙂

  32. Colm.

    What is easy, is for you to ignore reality.

    That is pretty much well documented.


  33. Yes Harri, James O’Brien. What faux hypocrisy are the intellectual giants over at Guido trying to level against him?

  34. Stop it Paul. It would be cruel to wind that Key in Harri’s back any further tonight. He might malfunction 😱