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The Disgrace of the Democrats

By Patrick Van Roy On February 17th, 2019

This disgraceful Creature spends 4 minutes attacking a well respected Ambassador accusing both him an the U.S. Government of Sanctioning and supporting War Crimes.

25 Responses to “The Disgrace of the Democrats”

  1. ot

    a great loss of a good Democrat


    Patrick Caddell, pollster to Jimmy Carter, dies at 68

  2. What did she say that was incorrect?

  3. What an ugly creature she is.

  4. She is appalling. A confused politician who didn’t do her homework and was as intemperate as she was obnoxious.

  5. it should give us concern about the community in Minnesota. She has been in America since she was 15 her views reflect her community.

  6. They changed the congressional rules to allow her to wear that costume.

    They should not have done that

  7. But what did she say that was incorrect?

  8. I’m not so sure her views on everything repent her district. Her antisemitism is disgusting.

  9. I think a clothing accommodation is the least of the problems.

  10. She didn’t know his name (calling him Mr. Adams), misquoted him, and took the party line of Venezuela’s demented leader.

  11. She won election Mahons by those people. There is a reason these people are called “Representatives”.

  12. I have no problem with her clothing.

  13. I have long condemned US actions in central America during the time in question, including on these pages

    But this pig wasn’t engaging in any oversight or fact finding.

    She was making inflammatory statements and personal attacks, only.

  14. It doesn’t mean they share all of her beliefs which is why I don’t despair for the Iowa district that elected Steve King.

  15. AOC and others went against the wishes and interests of their voters in blowing up the Amazon deal

  16. Steve King was removed from all his committee appointments as a consequence of his statements. The Democrats are applauding hers.

  17. Omar’s antisemitic comments were condemned by the entire Democratic leadership. Frankly I don’t think she is smart enough to stay our of the fringe and will likely become a pariah as King became (after a far longer time).

  18. lip service

  19. Elliot Abrams is a notorious warmonger who sends idiot Americans to fight and die in wars for Israel


  20. Lip service indeed. Until Omar is stripped of her committee seat she is given a green light by the Democrat leadership. Frankly, as a Republican, I say leave her there, to let Democrats know just what their party has become. RIP Pat Caddell, btw.

  21. The disgrace is simply that no white man in Congress has ever said what had to be said, the disgrace further compounded by the fact that it was said by somebody who should not even be in the US

  22. Charles, Patrick


    This is the party of Al Sharpton, the racial arsonist who was part of two incidents where innocents were murdered

    He remains a member in good standing in that party, was a guest at Obama’s White House over 50 times, and is a kingmaker now.

    I note that there’s apparently been another Tawana Brawley incident. Long live Sharpton

  23. Both parties have their scumbags at least when a republican publicly reveals himself to be one he’s properly crucified…

    except one, but he’s dead now.

  24. what’s the new tawanna case? The empire idiot?

  25. Yep