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By Pete Moore On February 18th, 2019

Look what 3 quid and a Brexit vote buys you.

Seven Labour MPs today resigned from the party. They’ll sit as independents in the Commons. Two issues appear to have pushed them over the edge. One is Corbyn’s refusal to back yet another EU referendum. The seven are all EU ultras and, having failed to reform the body from within, they prefer to leave. Oh the irony.

The second is anti-semitism in the Labour Party. Corbyn is the most anti-semitic party leader since that other Labour man, Oswald Mosely. His Labour is the most anti-semitic political faction since the British Union of Fascists. This is one of the seven today, Luciana Berger, a Jewish woman who needed police protection at the Labour Party conference after threats from Corbyn supporters, talking about that –

The Tories shouldn’t be too smug. Plenty of Tory MPs could exist alongside the ex-Labour seven. I suspect tonight that the Soubries and Woolastons are weighing it up. The context is that British politics is going through a much needed realignment. Brexit and the Corbyn blackshirts have been the impetus. Labour and the Tories are, in reality, many parties under one umbrella. The strains have given way in Labour and are barely holding in the Tory Party. I expect more breaks soon.

9 Responses to “SEVEN LABOUR MPs WALK”

  1. Principled, although it would seem only principled enough to resign their Labour membership as opposed to their seats and force a bi election. Did they jump before they were pushed? Is his an attempt to hang on to a seat and avoid party deselection? Who can say. They are of course correct at Corbyn having no balls over Brexit.

    Brexit was always going to cause a political realignment and one of the most entertaining things about Brexit has been watching the absolute chaos it has unleashed on British politics although Idon’t see the effectiveness these seven are going to be sitiing as seven independents devoid of tangible policies etc. It remains to be seen what’s going to happen with this infant project although I’ll be surprised if it survives past the next GE.

    Good to see you’re happy with your Labour membership again though.

  2. Er..Go Corbo.

  3. Oh dear. Looks like someone has second guessed them:


  4. I think it only right that these people resign their seats and cause a ‘second election’. The people in their constituencies voted for Labour candidates not Independent ones. I am sure if they knew what they were voting for I think they may have changed their minds and voted differently. It is only right and proper. After all, Douglas Carswell when he defected to UKIP caused a by-election.

    As for the fake Tories, well when they get deselected they now have somewhere to go. And I am all for this. As soon as these EU loving Blairites are in one big party we can tell them to f-off at the next GE. We will then know what it feels like when a dog rids itself of its fleas and other parasites.

  5. Good spot Paul.

  6. Plenty of Tory MPs could exist alongside the ex-Labour seven. I suspect tonight that the Soubries and Woolastons are weighing it up.

    Not a bad prediction

  7. I think we’re going to see many more than 7 MPs, joining this new ‘group’. And not just from the Labour party.

  8. I don’t think that’ll come to pass Dave. I think they’re generally old enough to remember the SDP and I think this group will go the same way.

  9. This new party of the same old dross.

    The SNA would be pretty apt.

    “The Sneering Arrogant Party”