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The Tawana Smollett Hoax

By Phantom On February 19th, 2019

In his little mind, it was indeed the perfect crime

Jussie Smollett, an actor in a TV series called ” Empire ” claimed to have been the victim of an ugly crime. He claimed that two men, presumably white, beat him up, called him racist and anti-gay slurs, and put a noose around his neck.

” This is MAGA Country ” the supposed attackers supposedly said. Masked Trump supporters roaming the streets of Chicago at 2am, beating everyone up. Oh my.

This didn’t smell right from the beginning, when Smollett initially refused to turn his phone over to investigators, and was very slow to meet with them.

It’s nearly certain that this incident was faked. Details on any media, now.

Two Democrats who think that they should be presidential material, Corey Booker and Kamala Harris, immediately referred to this as a ” lynching “. Many other empty suits and empty skirts in political/media circles went along for the ride.

This type of incident, involving blacks pretending to be victims, is surprisingly common. I could probably write down 25 of them that I’ve heard of over the years. The fake victims have included black college students, college professors, Air Force cadets. Other fake incidents involve Muslim women who claim that white men ripped their hijabs off in the subway, others still involve Jews who invented fake crime against Jews.

There have been incidents where white perpetrators have committed serious crime – murder – and blamed it on ” black guys “. These appear to have been attempts to divert attention from the guilty person, not attempts to create tension for a political purpose.

Everyday relations between blacks whites and others have steadily improved over the decades, yet these fake racial incidents seem to be increasing.

22 Responses to “The Tawana Smollett Hoax”

  1. Even Sharpton is gunning for him.

    I think one can safely assume his career is just about kaput.

    Hopefully this race agitator will have the book thrown at him

  2. He could face a three year sentence.

    The Chicago police appear to have done a very good job here. They’ve been methodical, patient, just what you want.

  3. Phantom

    Three years would be an injustice.

    This race agitator could have sparked race riots across the states.

    30 years would be more apt, it might serve as a severe warning to others crying wolf.

  4. I always like the letters in response to the articles


    Elizabeth Carlisle
    Chicago10h ago
    “This is MAGA Country”?

    In Chicago?

    Bad acting.

    So it’s not enough to file a false claim for pity, but adding “MAGA” to the mix?

    And look how the media jumped all over this, as though it were fact. Every talk show and morning show. And look how the media ignore Trump supporters who really ARE attacked


    New York10h ago
    I’ve already ruled out Gillibrand for spearheading Franken’s ouster.

    But from this point on, any Democratic candidate who jumps to judgment about things like this won’t get my vote in the primaries. And I say that knowing some of my favorites have already done so.

    Clean slate from this point on.

  5. A listing of some of the recent fake hate crimes ( Red State )

    Doesn’t seem as though many of them are being punished.

  6. The guy is an igit his hollywood career will probably improve and I doubt he will be prosecuted.

  7. Smollett’s Hollywood career is definitely over.

    Maybe he could get a job at CNN.

  8. Much of the Democrat leadership was along for the ride.

    They rushed to judgment, even after the history of hoaxes in this area, even after the recent Kentucky students fake news.

    They were fooled because they wanted to be fooled.

    So, yes, let him be the running mate for Corey Booker or Kamala Harris. He’s as qualified for national office as they are.

  9. lol

  10. False accusations and contrived crimes should be severely punished.

  11. This race agitator could have sparked race riots across the states.

    Harri, true mate. That’s the danger about these things. Real people can get killed.

  12. //They were fooled because they wanted to be fooled.//

    As long as there are so many who want to be fooled, or who want to play the victim in front of a mass audience, or whose only interest is scoring points in a “culture war”, then you’re always going to get these fake “attacks” etc.

    The big problem is that they also destroy the credibility of those – blacks, Jews, gays or whatever – who suffer genuine attacks.

  13. The big problem is that they also destroy the credibility of those – blacks, Jews, gays or whatever – who suffer genuine attacks.

    Precisely Noel.

  14. How about this, a newspaper calls for the KKK to lynch Democrats


  15. A despicable PR stunt (?) which could easily have had dire consequences for others.

  16. Noel 551

    Astonishing, and apparently no hoax.

    The writer is known and ( says the article ) was praised in the past for his ethics.

    Paul 558

    Yes. This could have caused revenge incidents. It did lead to ( apparently ) innocent people being arrested ( the two brothers )

    The police used resources that could have been used elsewhere

  17. These instances are inevitable in multi-racial countries with high taxes and activist governments.

    In such countries, with eroding social trust, people are out to get what they can at the expense of other people, via the government. So this Smollett takes aim at white, straight conservatives. He’s happy to damage them because he’s black, left wing and homosexual and therefore has no fellow feeling. He reasons that their fall will be to his advantage, professionally and in his social standing.

    I’m sorry, that’s the way it is. Different tribes simply cannot mix.

  18. He deserves condemnation and prosecution if it is confirmed to have been a hoax he perpetrated, but it’s worth noting had this remained a genuine attack as originally reported it would never have merited a post or discussion on ATW.

  19. Colm

    Are you quite sure that racist acts by whites are not posted or commented on at ATW?

  20. …..racist acts by whites…..

    Where? When? Ah – you mean these…….


    As Brian Stelter and CNN work overtime to pretend that the MSM didn’t uncritically promote Jussie Smollett’s absurd “hate crime” story in a giddy rush to frame Trump supporters as violent, journalist and photographer Andy Ngo has pushed back.

    In a running thread of hate-crime hoaxes that the MSM either uncritically reported – or gave little attention to once the truth came out, Ngo lists hoax after hoax designed to smear conservatives.

    Click on the first tweet and go from there, or keep scrolling:

    Obviously, “conservatives” means whites.

    On the Smollet hoax, one can expect The Daily Stormer to have the most accurate summary……


    The fake hate crime has been a big tool in the tool shed of the Jew media and Jussie Smollett just broke that tool.

    I can’t even begin to imagine how angry the ADL and SPLC must be over this dumb black guy attempting to stage his own hate hoax and doing it wrong.

    Never forget that both the ADL and the SPLC came in to back up this stupid claim.

    Oh yes – here’s what the white-hating ADL said…..


    These are fake organizations which exist exclusively to promote stupid hoaxes that are designed to be blood libel against the white race. None of their claims should be taken at face value. And they should be prosecuted for massive fraud against the public.

    Thank you for exposing all of this, Jussie Smollett.

    If we had an awards ceremony for “Greatest Contributors to White Supremacy,” you would win the 2019 Grand Prize.


  21. Tawana Smollett’s buddy

    Oh my. Oh my my my.

    I wonder if empty heads Polosi, Corey Booker and Kamala Harris have anything to say about this.


    A transgender man and gay rights activist in Michigan once named “Citizen of the Year” by a local newspaper is now accused of intentionally burning down his house two years ago, killing his two dogs and three cats.

  22. I don’t know did you see that guys picture……. I ain’t pretty but he don’t look right.

    Of course in today’s world to comment on a persons physical looks unless ogling a celebrity that bought theirs is just totally unacceptable and I kneed a sensitivity classs….

    but the boy don’t look right……