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The Millstone

By Mahons On February 21st, 2019

The Vatican is holding a conference to address the decades (probably centuries) old issue of sexual abuse of minors. The Pope has noted condemnation is not enough, and that concrete steps have to be taken.
My take as a member of the Church – we arent looking to the clergy to solve this. Their record, despite the mitigation of some decent people, is nothing less than horrifying.
Immediate referral to police and prosecution os the only course of action. For any pedophile and any accessory. Expedited defrocking of any clergy convicted is the only thing they are responsible for. Enough is enough.

7 Responses to “The Millstone”

  1. I wonder how many of the hundreds of senior clergy coming to Rome are guilty of abusing minors.

    Tragic to see such an ancient organisation fall so low, of course. But if it has to fall, then let it fall on the matter of sex. For centuries, the church has scared countless millions of people out of their wits – often literally – by the threat of eternal fire for the one big sin that it constantly obsessed on: perfectly normal and natural thoughts, inclinations and acts.

    Anyone who was force fed that obsession as a child can’t help but feel satisfaction at seeing an organisation that was so violently judgemental about trivia now have to own up to the vilest real sins being widespread in its own ranks.

    But it’s all far too late; this should have been done rigorously back in the 1990s at the latest.

  2. John Paul 2 was good on many things, but he failed to properly lead on this most important issue at all

  3. Noel

    It should have been done back in the 990s 😇

  4. Yep

  5. Even Catholic publications now are openly critical of the church and of the bad leadership on this matter by John Paul 2


  6. //It should have been done back in the 990s//

    Actually the 900s make the current sexual shenanigans look like a vicar’s tea party; they were the wildest time in the church’s history – a pope murdered by his mistress after she caught him in bed with her son etc. That all happened that century.

    Then there’s that story of a cross-dressing pope whose female nature was revealed only when a baby popped out of her during a procession.

    But stories of the pre-reformation CC remind us that celebacy is a relatively recent rule in the church. I think it’s weird that, at a time when the whole shebang (no pun) is falling apart, nobody in the church is seriously pushing for one possible (partial) remedy, allowing priests marry.

    Let them find out what Peter is for.

  7. Oh for the good old days Noel 😁