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By Pete Moore On February 21st, 2019

Has “Allahu Akbar” on it.

Jeremy Corbyn says that Shamima Begum “has a right” to return to the UK, but that “she must face questions”. The question he’s thinking of is can we count on your vote? We all know the answer to that.

So lemme get this right: Shamima Begum is none of Bangladesh’s business, despite both of her parents being Bangladeshi, because she was born in the UK. But her child, born in Syria, is as British as a Sunday roast because its mother was born in .. erm, Britain. It’s as if they’re making it up.

The most unsurprising news today is that Corbyn sides with her. Which he does. In the Marxist mindset the world is made up of oppressors and victims. Begum is a victim because she’s brown and a muslim. That’s all there is to it as far as their kind is concerned.

45 Responses to “CORBYN PLANTS HIS FLAG”

  1. Err…

    Go Corbo.

  2. It was you who voted for him.

  3. I don’t like it any more than you do Pete, but if she only holds one nationality, and it’s a British passport, then she has a right to return to the UK.

  4. My thoughts precisely Dave and I suspect the thoughts of Corbyn as well.

  5. She may have a legal right, but I’d certainly support any legitimate government effort to see if there is a way to challenge that. Does her legal claim to return trump the legal right of people in the UK to not have demonstrably pro terrorist people amongst them?

  6. I’ve changed my mind on this. A couple of days ago I argued on another thread very strongly that she should rot in Syria and not be permitted to return. Listening to other arguments and the wider legal arguments I now think she should be returned and jailed here. Maajid Nawaz, ( yes him ) has given a very good argument on Sky News today around the laws and policies on deportation. If she cannot be deported to the U.K. it can make it very difficult for us to deport foreign terrorists who rock up here.

  7. Maybe she can answer for possible crimes in Syria first?

    Some politicians are particularly keen for terrorist sympathisers to be spirited back here awfully fast. We might wonder why.

    Then we might reflect on the folly of immigration from cultures far removed from our own. It’s a catastrophe.

  8. Syrian justice, whatever form it may take, is the answer.

  9. Who are those politicians you speak of Pete? Corbyn? As both Dave and I state above, she shouldn’t be allowed back and if she is she should be imprisoned but if you have any, (realistic as opposed to wish list), alternative to resolve this conundrum I for one would love to hear it.

    No doubt Corbyn talking in legal terms, (IMO), wil be punted by yourself as some form of trying to appeal to some Jihadi vote or something. These folks may disagree:


  10. Syrian justice, whatever form it may take, is the answer

    You’re now in favour of torture and the death penalty?

  11. I think that in this multicultural world the Syrian legal system needs to be respected

    If she doesn’t respect Syrian justice , why did she go to Syria?

  12. Yes Paul. I can resolve this conundrum. If the law doesn’t allow her to be barred from the UK then the law should be changed.

    We note yet again, that there’s none so conservative as a leftist faced with unwelcome change.

  13. That’s no problem Pete. Just get it proposed in Wesminster and get enough votes in both hoses to have it ratified. I said realistic proposals as opposed to wish lists.

    When do you start agreeing with women being stoned to death for adultry and lashed and jailed for being gang raped Phantom?

  14. I have no problem with her facing Syrian justice, but if the Syrians doesn’t want her and seek to age her deported it wouldn’t be wise for us to refuse to accept her. Not If we want cooperation in future when we wish to deport foreign criminals and terrorists.

  15. I have no problem with her facing Syrian justice

    Show trials, torture, collective punishment, sexual violence and summary execution have variously been used by Bashar’s regime.

    If that’s the case I have a problem.

  16. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime

  17. Okay Phantom,



    Well done.

  18. You equate the administration of injustice to rape victims with the administration of justice to ISIS.


  19. No, I equate my opposition to torture, rape, murder and no access to due process with my opposition to murder and incarceration of women which are judged to have strayed.

    What was that you said? Ah yes,

    If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime

    Well done.

  20. Show trials, torture, collective punishment, sexual violence and summary execution have variously been used by Bashar’s regime.

    If that’s the case I have a problem.

    But not when the IRA did it.

  21. She’s the real victim, Paul

    Allow this critter to move back to the United Kingdom, Put her on the benefits, and give her a government apartment

    That’s the best solution, right?

  22. Bring her back and put her in a cell with Rose West 😉

  23. Some politicians are particularly keen for terrorist sympathisers to be spirited back here awfully fast. We might wonder why.

    There’s quite a few things going on……


    Britain has resettled some 100 members of the White Helmets aid group, which is accused of staging fake gas attacks in Syria’s terrorist controlled areas as part of a sophisticated smear campaign against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

    UK immigration minister Caroline Nokes told BBC on Wednesday that the government was working with local councils to volunteer to take in White Helmet members and their families as they arrived from Syria.

    “I have no doubt that the UK going forward will continue to play its part in global resettlement, that we will provide aid,” she said.

    In July 2018, more than 400 members of the UK-funded White Helmets were forced to flee Syria as Syrian government forces continued advancements towards their positions.

    On their way out of the country, the group had to cross the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and enter Jordan with the help of Israeli soldiers and Western powers.

    Isn’t it amazing that Israel refuses all refugees yet can provide passage to terrorist enablers and false flag authors?

  24. But not when the IRA did it

    No Pete, the IRA summarily executed, (as did the British), not the other crimes that Bashad’s regime have done. The difference being the IRA didn’t have the resources of either state.

    She’s the real victim, Paul

    No she’s not Phantom. At best she’s a supporter and concubine of one of the greatest evils in human history but she still deserves access to due process and protections against the evils that I speak of above.

    If you’re going to accept the cruelty of the Middle East you’ll not be able to choose which cruelty is acceptable.

    Well done.

  25. I put the safety of the residents of the UK first, second, and always in this matter.

    There Should be no possibility that she will ever walk English streets again.

    That’s the due process that is called for.

  26. What you said is she should face Syrian ‘justice’ which is essentially you advocation of her being raped, tortured and murdered. That’s a damn site different from arguing that she should never be allowed back in the UK, (which I don’t think she should).

    What you suggest is vengence not justice and isn’t a stone’s throw away from the head chppers in Saudi Arabia.

  27. No.

    You’re confused.

    I can live with her never being allowed to set foot in any western country.

    But.handing her over to Assad would be better than that.

    Preferring the possibility that she enter the UK to live to the possibility of her facing Syrian justice would be thinly disguised extremist hatred of the British public.

  28. The bottom line for leftists is to get non-whites into white countries by any means possible, whether they be taken from Libyan waters and brought to Spain or Italy by the Irish navy or a Soros-funded boat, whether they go to Syria and get pupped and have the ‘right’ to be funded by the British taxpayer, or whether they have their caravans from central America funded similarly to get them to the US, just get them in!!

    Europe is a very small place compared to Africa, and Africa is huge – yet we are told to have fewer children so as to make space for Africans:


  29. Just in case you’re not aware my family live in that part of Ireland that’s currently in the UK. I don’t believe that she should be able to return but have no faith whatsoever in Syrian ‘justice’. Therein lies the dilemma.

    Hand her over to Assad if you wish but never speak ill of the death penalty, torture or sexual violence again.

  30. After the suffering that Syria has gone through, I’m not disposed to give lectures to Mr Assad on how he should administer justice to foreigners who caused so much suffering in his country

  31. Then don’t pretend to care about the injutices which I speak of above. It probably won’t do your credibility on tyranny much good either.

  32. Corbyn is just playing to the gallery.


    . . . because she was born in the UK.

    Sorry to correct you mate.


    She wasn’t born here.

  33. Mark

    The story in the link says she was born in Tower Hamlets.

  34. …which may be full of Bangladeshis but is very much located not far from the Tower of London !

  35. There’s a a fair bit of if, likely, probably supposition in that Altnews article.

  36. //The story in the link says she was born in Tower Hamlets.//

    Yes, but according to this lot that’s still not part of Britain.

  37. Noel, has obviously never been to Tower Hamlets.


  38. Tower Hamlets is as British as… Bradford 😉

  39. Paul McMahon,

    There’s a a fair bit of if, likely, probably supposition in that Altnews

    I read quite a few of the articles on Altnews, and I have to say that’s true of many of them.

  40. Isn’t it remarkable how Rightworld is so keen on “The Rule Of Law”?

    Until the day it doesn’t suit them. Then they are all for breaking it.

  41. Peter.

    Oh yes mate. I’ve pointed out that double standard many many times. Usually to Pete Moore.

  42. How crystal clear is -British- law on this?

  43. I don’t think it’s a matter specifically of British law, its the international rules on citizenship and the duties every country agrees to regarding such matters, they help regulate such issues as residency and deportation.

  44. Its the international rules on citizenship and the duties every country agrees to regarding such matters

    Article 15 UN Universal Declaration Human Rights

    (1) Everyone has the right to a nationality.
    (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.

    Ratified by UK IN 1951.

  45. British law allows the Home Secretary to remove a person’s citizenship unless doing so would render the person stateless. So if a person has dual citizenship (actual dual citizenship – not the contrived version that Sajid Javid is trying to use) then they can have their citizenship removed. If they do not have dual citizenship then they cannot have their citizenship removed.